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Gu Qingshan thinks more and more, and feels frightened. He feels that there is a shadow full of malice, and he is quietly watching everything happen.

Time passes quietly. Zhao Liu couldn’t help lamenting that "Gu Brothers-we can’t always be trapped here […]

My heart suddenly started as if I had been stabbed by a cold ice.

Is the eunuch a ghost who lives and eats with us this year? Thought of here, […]

Wei Sansheng wondered, "Master Zun’s Chinese characters sound … as if they are not domineering."

"Is …" Yun Zheyue and others have nodded in agreement. Bai Lianxing looked at everyone and […]

"Brother … you and the teacher elder sister finally woke up" flashed in front of them with a charming call of Zhao-yang Xia.

"Finally … it turned out that the deduction was actually seven days, which worried my school […]

The old man grinned, "This little trick doesn’t work for me."

Talking agarwood sword has hit bone finger. Bone refers to a slight tremor, and after a […]

Wei, who is hurt and charming, never fails to raise his glass.

The elegant invited the four parties to say, "Then the public will do it for you." […]