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"Good evening, everyone. I hope everyone can take pictures of their favorite goods tonight!"

Mr. zaks is shy with a square corridor floor. He looks up at the corridor on […]

But these are not the most important things for them now.

She knows that Ji Nanling loves her for him, too. The problem is Ji’s attitude towards […]

Looking at Su Lie’s still awake eyes, the bartender has unconsciously paid some respect to Su Lie again.

"Have you had anything interesting in recent days?" Su Lie took a golden bean from his […]


Surdak answered and smiling. Gabriel didn’t say anything, and immediately ordered his staff to clean the […]

"… this is all thanks to the knight Surdak," said an elderly village man casually.

"It’s a good year this year. In recent days, I’ve gained a lot in the mountains, […]

"Whether there is a key everywhere is not certain. The place is inseparable from Shuihuangcheng." Dan Tai Li answered Gu Zi’s conversation.

"Shuihuangcheng shouldn’t be that big. Maybe Shuihuangcheng is in a smaller position in Bohai Sea, Yellow […]