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"This …?" Mo Xingtan has some ideas about bodhi old zu, but bodhi old zu has his own ideas.

Thinking of this, he replied, "Mo Tong didn’t say anything. Mo Zhuang once …" With this, […]

Taking advantage of the’ female’ soldiers’ stupefied efforts, Zhang Yi roared, "Damn a tiger, don’t run!"

Two people jumped backward and rushed towards the outside of the courtyard. Before they came to […]

And he will still kill Zhu Faqing, but Dharma tells him not to make moves, and he will naturally keep this promise.

Because even Dharma probably doesn’t know that Li Zhichang has another successful player that he didn’t […]

Wei Sansheng wondered, "Master Zun’s Chinese characters sound … as if they are not domineering."

"Is …" Yun Zheyue and others have nodded in agreement. Bai Lianxing looked at everyone and […]

"What’s wrong with the team? I have a time limit! "

"Go ahead, why don’t you go?" "Call a wool. Didn’t you see that the department stopped? […]

But they woke up too late. Sun Hao cut them off on the spot without mercy.

Blood ancestors and samurai, that’s all true combination, real power and great power in the later […]