The old man grinned, "This little trick doesn’t work for me."

Talking agarwood sword has hit bone finger.
Bone refers to a slight tremor, and after a few times, the agarwood sword collapses, and the speed of the mountain force does not decrease. Grasp the small fire on Sun Hao’s back.
Small fire all over the hair has stood up and looked at the blaster and squeaked in the mouth.
Seeing the old man’s small fire felt a fear from his bones, but he was angry at Sun Hao’s small fire.
Neither Sun Hao nor people are good people.
Knowing that he can’t live long, Xiao Huo, although afraid, still forcibly overcame his psychological pressure and kept expressing his anger at the old man.
Bone fingers pinch to small fire.
Looks like the old man is going to put out the small fire
Sun Hao’s eyes flashed off and a layer of silver light appeared. He drank "small fire back" in his mouth.
Talking and grabbing the little Vulcan has put the little fire in the bag.
The old man is worse than Sun Hao, and he is no match. The small fire simply can’t pick up the bones and fingers.
The small fire disappeared from Corleone’s shoulder, and the two bone fingers were ruthlessly pinched to Corleone.
Two bone fingers of the Silver Warrior are like tofu being pinched through.
In the old man’s strange laugh, two bone fingers took up a large piece of flesh and blood and flew back.
Sun Hao stuffy hum a true yuan move a dead god throw body.
Look at the opposite Sun Hao and complain in his heart.
Awesome, old man
Sun Hao in front of the old man is like a small ant in front of an elephant.
How can the old man fight when he can’t stand the battle with a pinch of Sun Hao?
Bone refers to recover the old man tut tut praised Sun Hao two sentences, "tut tut is really touching, even trying to protect the young man who is about to be scrapped. You really make me sit up and take notice."
Sun Hao’s face is a little pale, but he still has a faint smile. "The elder is really a good means and a good avatar Sun Haopei."
"Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack.
Spirit beast bag mouth small fire small head leaned out again.
She understood this sentence of strange old man.
Before Corleone could answer, a small fire rushed out and one of them rolled over and fell into the magma in front of Corleone.
Then look at Sun Hao’s little face with his eyes, and it seems that there is a smile and a small fire, and he staggered over to the old man.
This moment Sun Hao understood the meaning of small fire.
Small fire makes Sun Hao accept the old man’s condition.
Small fire admitted that her time was running out, and she was very grateful that she could not spare her life in exchange for Sun Hao’s life.
Sun Hao’s heart is filled with fear.
This is a small fire, an ordinary small fire
Willing to die by yourself, little fire
Is almost instantaneous Sun Hao eyes flashed a clear divine light.
Small fire didn’t expect that she had just stepped out of two steps forward and a huge attraction came up behind her.
Involuntary small fire, the body does not advance but retreats, and then the body is light, only to find that it has left Sun Hao’s left hand.
Turn your head and look at Sun Hao’s small fire and find that Sun Hao is smiling indifferently and looking at his eyes firmly and gently shaking his head.
Small fire turbid eyes felt a hot squeak, and the little head kept rubbing against Sun Hao’s left palm.
"Pa pa" huge bone palm back to the old man’s side flapping his hands as if clapping "touching is really touching, ga ga ga, but the old man won’t eat this set of guys. You choose. Are you trying to save this little guy’s life? Still have to protect yourself. "
Small fire Sun Hao struggled in his left palm to get up and rush out.
She finally felt that she was not sorry for her life.
Sun Hao held her tightly in his left hand and said slowly, "Small fire will comfort me for a while if you exchange it for me. This road repair is also completely ruined. You can die with me in the hands of your predecessors, but you can’t die by yourself. Today, you and I live and die together …"
Speaking with a firm face, Sun Hao bowed slightly to the old man with his hands holding a small fire in the oblique drift of the agarwood sword and said, "Please enlighten me, elder."
Small fire stupefied to see Corleone turbid eyes emit red tears and then turned to look at the old man yi tooth mouth make roar again.
"Good, good," the old man clapped his hands again like watching a good play. "Touching is so touching. I’m so touched. I’m moved to tears."
Sun Hao was unmoved, and the imperial envoys, Aquilaria sinensis, carried the silver battle body and waited for the storm to attack.


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