"Brother … you and the teacher elder sister finally woke up" flashed in front of them with a charming call of Zhao-yang Xia.

"Finally … it turned out that the deduction was actually seven days, which worried my school sister." It was said that Baiyun Tower would take a few words of comfort in her arms.
Brother Zhao-yang Xia was relieved, and he immediately forgot to worry about laughing these days. Yan Ruyu and brother Wen warmed up for a moment before he remembered the business.
"Brothers and sisters, it’s still time for you to return to the world, just in time for today’s final competition."
Baiyunlou nodded slightly and asked casually, "Have you found anything unusual in the field of fixing truth these days?"
Zhao-yang Xia cleverly replied, "Everything is as usual. The undertaker’s concealment is too deep. Three days ago, he began to practice. There was no flaw in the competition. Those monks who did not participate in the competition were not abnormal. There seems to be no movement on the 7 th."
"Brother, I left a distraction and kept staring at No.7, who never stepped out of the cottage except for going to Qintai stupidly twice." The Baiyun Tower immediately saw the situation in Donglai as soon as it was perceived.
At this moment, Xia Chaoyang suddenly said excitedly, "Brothers and sisters have finally started the practice competition."
"Let’s take a look at it together. I hope this move can secretly find out the real foreign inheritors."
The voice of Baiyun Tower has not fallen, and three people have already appeared in Qingyun Cave.
Today, the Qingyun Cave is really full of people, and there are many younger brothers of Qingyun and Chaoyang Chamber of Commerce to help. The Qingyun Gate hosted the practice competition in an orderly manner.
In order to make the results more fair, the preparatory team made a precedent-breaking grading system, and specially elected dozens of professional judges, most of whom were well-known in the field of repair and practice, including Yuan Shanchang and Nishang real people.
Not only that, but the monks also have choices, and the comprehensive score of ordinary monks accounts for 30% of the total score.
Everyone who comes to Qingyun Gate can participate, so this onlookers competition scene is more lively and interesting.
The three people in Baiyun Tower did not play, but lived in seclusion for half a cloud, gazing at the founder and learning from the monks.
In fact, after layers of selection, we can still stay in the field to learn from each other. The strength of the monks is not strong. Fourteen of the sixteen monks are only in the foundation period, and the remaining two have just broken through to the early stage of then.
This practice competition is not to select the strongest generation, but to test the potential of practice.
Just two or three months’ work is very short compared with the long road of practice.
Ordinary monks break through a small realm and add stability to it.
But the monks in the field can break through their own limits and break through the boundary one after another through this three-boundary fusion machine.
A terran monk had been stagnant for many years in the later period of building the foundation, but he didn’t expect that once he broke his obsession, his strength soared like a wind, and he broke through to the early stage of then 3.
These monks seem to have a low level, but they are unambiguous. Therefore, the reward set by Qingyun Gate is too rich. These monks are all doing their best.
And there are digital fairyland godsworn next to protect hand but also need to scruple.
Looking at the scene of the discussion, the clouds and the white clouds in the building have a sense of mystery. That foreign inheritor should not be among these monks.
This conclusion is drawn from a number of complicated qi machines, which is called natural computing power.
If that’s the case … Baiyun Tower sighs a little and secretly recalls the long journey of time half a month ago.
Since the observation of the past memory in the long river of time, the Baiyun Tower has put the idea of understanding the time avenue
After all, the chain is too weird, although it has not met, but it can also be sensed as powerful as the rules.
However, this time, the safety of the human world, Baiyun Tower decided to take a chance. Anyway, after more than two months, I want the chain to disappear
Then the two school sisters of Baiyun Tower helped the platform sword awn to cut the crack of the star nucleus again and then fled into the long river of time to watch it again.
Fortunately, as expected, the nebula-like chain has long since disappeared, and there has been no accident.
However, the observation results are somewhat unsatisfactory, perhaps because the foreign air machine has done a lot, and every time the eyes are full of chaos, the original virtual image will be blurred
I have tried many times to clarify my mind and miss my thoughts in Baiyun Tower, and I will explore my thoughts into the long river not far away.
After withdrawing the idea, Baiyun Tower did not rush to find out, but directly fled back to the small world of knowing the sea
Deep in the sea of memory, the magic light of the sundial barely stifled the illusion, and then the thought was taken out.
The serious thought eroded by the time machine finally left two fairly clear messages
One is that the bearer does not practice competition, but another message shocked Baiyun Tower on the spot.
When the inheritor falls, he will be buried with a city of creatures.
With this short message, Baiyunlou also took two school sisters to calculate the number, which may eventually lead to a quite impressive result.
Originally, I thought that once I found the inheritor, I would try to abolish the exotic avatar, which might have to be secretly protected from accidental fall.
Now that the previous message has come true, Baiyun Tower is more interested in the catastrophe that creatures in that city may face.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and seventy-nine A game of chess
Apart from these two messages, the eroded thought is still clear, and the rest is extremely chaotic and vague.
However, Baiyun Tower still vaguely sensed that the fall of the inheritor may be the beginning of a greater disaster for the human world.
The source of this disaster is God Xuan Ming.
Standing in the clouds, Baiyun Tower slowly withdrew its eyes from Fang Xiuzhen’s grand event and looked up at the sky. All kinds of thoughts flashed out.
The catastrophe of all beings means trying to avoid it from the current layout.
I don’t know exactly where the foreign inheritor is hiding. If we can find the source of disaster as early as possible, even if we are temporarily trapped, we may be able to change the future that has not yet happened …
But … It seems to be against heaven.
Forcibly changing the future may bring unpredictable consequences, so it is better to conform to heaven …
Unconsciously, a few strands of thoughts about heaven suddenly appeared in Baiyun Tower.
Is secretly some doubts about the sapphire qi machine in the sea, and suddenly put it away and immediately swallowed up these wisps of thoughts.
The unexpected movement of sapphire immediately made the Baiyun Tower completely awake, and immediately kept the mind chaotic, and the gas machine surged out to protect the three people in the cloud.
At one time, the clouds were hidden in the cave, and the colorful fairy mountain bloomed, which immediately attracted the surprised eyes of Fang Yi’s monks.
Xia Chaoyang reacted very quickly, and immediately Yuntou showed his figure. "You Taoist friends will get a fairy light quenching once if you continue this competition."
Upon hearing this, Fang Yuan had some stagnant competitions, which immediately became lively again.
With the voice, there is a white awn quietly escaping from the cloud, which is the dream butterfly of the new gods.
Stepping into the chaos, the butterfly seems to feel something, but it doesn’t say much after taking a look at Bai Dazhao with a slight zheng.
Heaven …
The Baiyun Tower secretly lamented that it was mysterious again. This time, it actually attempted to influence the will of the gods in the human world, but it was easily resolved by the sapphire machine.
So it seems that this master sapphire may be the universe …
When I was feeling, Baiyun Tower suddenly sighed.
Sister Yunxiao!
The instant Baiyun Tower was faintly aware of the middle knowledge, and immediately after simply telling the three school sisters a few words, the figure flashed back to the small bamboo building in the backyard of the White House.
Yunxiao, near the window of Zhulou, is sitting in a leisurely manner. A few days ago, I saw someone nodding slightly and said, "How about Yunlou playing a game with sister?"
Baiyun Tower should sit down and habitually raise my hand to the black box, but I don’t want to be stopped by sister halfway.
"holding white"
Upon hearing this, Baiyun Tower was slightly one leng, only to remember that its temporary status now naturally won’t push off a white hand in the chess box on the other side and press it to the vertical and horizontal chessboard of the law.
Fall like a dream


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