Li Yu’s heart moved and recognized this person’s body fire. The ancient flame ignited and swept all the distortions around him, like when there was a strange concept to draw time distortion.

In an instant, the whole world was dark and opaque.
In the dark world, there is a burning fire, and there are thousands of creatures praying and chanting in the past and present.
The extended evolutionary path directly dissipated and was beaten back to the original point by the birth and distortion; All the visions around us disappear, but they are constantly distorted only when they are around.
Luo Tianxian, a woman with great history, is in charge of the eye node of the future Gao Yunling’s evolution. Although she is the ancestor, she also has extraordinary strength.
"What do you want to come here?"
She asked questions, and there was no smile. She looked at the figure of Tong Tianling, happy and sad, and the black dress fluttered and hunted as if it were going to leave.
Li Yu ignored it, but looked at the poor and high places, as if he had sensed something and made a judgment. In front of him, people were the ancestor nodes in the historical process, not the manifestation of Gaoluo.
Seeing that he didn’t say a word and looked up to heaven, he seemed to despise the mouth, and Luo Tianxian couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows and hum.
This woman is too strong. As she stepped forward, the pace of heaven and earth actually trembled more and more rapidly. The drama of heaven and earth shook thousands of ways and the sound of chanting runes swept through. That was the rule, the order and the trial.
Whoosh The ancestral material was boiling, but a creature with a crested wolf rushed out, whistling with a strong black cloud and driving a bloody flash.
Li Yu wondered how suddenly he made a move. Why did a Taoist have so much courage?
Seizing the origin, the Shihe River ran out of the fire, and when the ancient flame rose around it, it was deformed, and a shape field spread and distorted everything!
The ancestor materialized into a living thing and dissipated on the spot. Even when Luo Tianxian called, her arms were scattered into dancing paper all over the sky, and she herself withdrew and hurried back, vaguely protected by some kind of power.
The breeze blows, and the ups and downs of the pieces of paper also show some characters. The eucalyptus is very mysterious.
"Young man, you are not very calm."
Li Yu’s light and fluttering paper grabbed her hands.
"It’s normal for you to appear in my territory inexplicably for questioning, and you shouldn’t be rebellious."
Luo tianxian looked back at her arm and actually disappeared. She could feel that the motivation was crushed into paper.
This method is a bit weird, which has never appeared before, and it has attracted her attention.
Li Yu wanted to think about the future generations, and Tian Ling was indeed a high Dojo. He broke in inexplicably and shook his head, throwing back the page-by-page paper overlap and polymerization.
"It’s as miraculous as ancient history. Who are you? You don’t mean to be famous. Those evolutionary ways and practices are so powerful that you shouldn’t be named silently."
Luo Tianxian pinched it, and it turned from paper to arm, which was a little strange. It seemed to be a morphological change and some kind of qualitative influence.
"I came here unexpectedly from all the days."
Li Yu’s body Ren Huang’s blood is boiling all over the sky, and the red fog is floating and sweeping, revealing the breath of the heavens and the earth. The clouds of fog are deep and strange, and they are inexplicably screaming from the depths, full of erosive wildness.
"Unknown creatures? !”
Seeing this scene, the other party’s look changed suddenly, just like seeing the enemy. It seems that when the celestial world wiped out the world of mortals, it was all a lake. The order of heaven and earth was torn off by her, like no, she was shining.
Li Yu picked up the complete book and patted the dust. Are people so impulsive at this time?
Does he look so weird?
How can the world be so merciful and upright in pursuing the truth?
"Young people take you to the top of the mountain to calm down."
Li Yu picked up the book and walked leisurely to the mountain. He could vaguely feel that there was a gaze on himself, especially the book in his hand was frozen for a long time.
The rough stone temple at the peak of Tongtianling stands with some special materials, which are dug out from ancient ruins and can generally withstand the fluctuation of Taoist level.
He looked at the sun shining on the sky, pressed Luo Tianxian into a book and put it here to converge his own red matter; If you make a little publicity, maybe these years will really be regarded as the red ethnic group in Ecuador, that would be bad.
"Totem body needs to be perfected, and there are also splendid evolutionary paths to learn from."
Six totems, Red Dragon, Cangfeng, Eternal Night, Daozhong, Jieqiao and Immortal Tianyang, are all dancing around, each of which derives its own concept, and the road marks are like six gorgeous evolutionary roads, all of which resonate.
The paper has ancestors, which have risen into ancestors, dragons, ancestors and even peacocks, and the sun has emerged. These totem resonances seem to have something in common.
"oh? The ancestral material can also be turned into a totem when it shows the living things. "
Li Yu’s light yi has been enlightened, and these ancestral materials can be collected to condense totems. Although they are not conceptual, they are also ancestral totems. The combat power is very strong, and it is not bad to specialize in fighting.
He sat thinking and turned over the pages of the totem body gestating the mountains and seas, all of which were transformed by totems or creatures or evolved by the road. All of them were strange, and it was really time to collect some animals.
But somehow, he thinks that the mountain and sea classics have a tendency to develop recipes …
After this series of mountains, there are some special areas, some of which are relics and some are habitats of ancient ethnic groups
Li Yu’s in-depth exploration actually saw some traces of miraculous creatures, such as Cao Cao’s driving a flood to ride a snake against the wind; If the body is born with feathers and looks strange, the snake will swallow the yin and yang, and the two gas candles and nine yin will have residual marks.
He collected these ancestral materials and traded them with the remnant ethnic groups in exchange for their totem of blood coagulation.
In a short time, a heavy totem of god beast was cast around the human face of Tongtianling, and it was a shame to look straight at it, but it was a slap in the face, and it was a slap in the face.
The totem of mountain and sea animals is a candle and nine shades; The left eye, the right eye, the left eye, the right eye, the left eye, the right eye, the right eye, the night, the eyes are all open, the mouth is closed in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and the breath is the rotation of everything.
Then, the second totem is derived from the foot, and the wings spit thunder and fire, and the virtual shadow is reflected by the wind, which is more like a cage.
Mountain and sea animals totem two snakes; The Lord’s false alarm and strange things are also the Lord’s prison fire god’s divinity is soft and his mouth is poisonous to fire, strangeness, panic, dreams, evil spirits and bewitching things
The third totem follows closely, like a human face, licking a bird’s wing, while the snake sounds like screaming at the water in the city.
The snake likes to wriggle like a baby crying and scolding like a woman, but he seldom pronounces it. Once pronounced, it will attract the concept of flooding.
"The triple totems are all divided into the concept totem of the chapter of animals."
After a hundred years, Li Yu revived and looked forward to the new three totems, which included them in the Shanhaijing and formed a chapter of animals.
Only then did he realize that the book had followed him here for a hundred years and the sun had never recovered …
And then, my eyes are fixed on it, and there is a kind of indescribable meaning
"This … I will not be implicated when I return to the contemporary node."
Li Yu thought he was defending himself.
Shake your hand and shake it, and the book has returned to a personal fall. It took a moment to react.
She has been suppressed by people for a hundred years! That hateful man even forgot that she threw the mountain and basked in the sun for a hundred years!


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