My heart suddenly started as if I had been stabbed by a cold ice.

Is the eunuch a ghost who lives and eats with us this year?
Thought of here, I wiped my forehead with my hands.
What a surprise.
When we got to the school gate, Momo and I took a taxi!
Momo and I didn’t talk after the car! The car started … and the driver didn’t ask where to go.
I feel a little curious!
Looking at the driver’s seat, there is a middle-aged man in his forties sitting in the driver’s seat! I said, driver, do you know where we are going? You just take the car?
The driver didn’t speak and the car continued to move forward!
The timing didn’t answer me, which made me very unhappy! But there’s a ghost girl sitting next to me, and I can’t be as good as this ghost girl!
I won’t talk at all!
I put my hand in my pocket and turned my head out of the window.
At this time, Momo, a ghost sister, said to the driver, Master, let’s go to the St. Blue Hotel.
I can’t calm down when I hear this!
Because I fucking searched the so-called St. Blue Hotel on the Internet, it had already disappeared in a fire and many people died at that time!
It was Momo who took the tour group one person alive.
And the hotel has been rebuilt! I sighed and shouted at Momo and said that the hotel …
Actually, I want to tell Momo Hotel that it is no longer available!
But before I could finish, the driver in the front row suddenly said yes …
Oh, my god, what’s wrong with this driver? In order to make money, I really dare to take any job!
I ha ha sneer at one! I thought to myself, you can take the goods unless you take the taxi to the grave.
If you can’t find it soon, Momo will scare you to death!
After several intersections, the car stopped at the roadside! I took the money out of my pocket and asked the master how much it was.
The taxi driver told me the price, I ordered one, and then I ordered a sum of money and threw it to him, and I was very heroic and said, keep the change!
However, the driver didn’t charge me, but told me that we accept Yin coins.
I was stunned when I heard this!
Momo took out the money from her pocket when the taxi light went off! I saw myself through the mirror in front of the car, but I didn’t see the driver
I rubbed my eyes and took a deep breath. Shit, did I just sit in a ghost car?
Then I turned to look out of the window.
St. blue hotel appeared in front of me with four big characters!
Momo and I went into the hotel after the car! Although it is already late, the hotel is quite lively.
After Momo, we went to the sixth floor of the hotel!
I already told Momo when I got off the bus that I would go back to school first to send her here!
But Momo was very kind to invite me to sit in her room!
If Momo is a human being, I will naturally understand the meaning of doing one, that is, spluttering. After all, I am not an idiot but a handsome one!
But Momo is a fucking ghost. If I do it, I estimate that I will lose ten years!
I really don’t want to be eaten by a female ghost and get a thorough death!
But I’ll bite the bullet if I’m invited!
On the sixth floor, it seems the same as that day. Momo said to take a hot bath, too. Let me sit down for a while!
Momo went into the bathroom, and then there was rushing water in the bathroom!
I can peek at a beautiful woman taking a bath, but I really feel distressed when I peek at a female ghost taking a bath.
However, I am very entangled in my heart. The internet says that the St. Blue Hotel can’t be found, but what can we find!
Then I remembered the ghost driver!
After about twenty minutes, Xiaotao walked out of the bathroom around a bath towel and sat down in front of a mirror.
I turned to look at her, then turned my head back and took out my cell phone from my pocket and watched it for a while.
When I was looking at my mobile phone, Xiaotao said to me, Hey, little you.
I didn’t look back and stare at my cell phone! But I still answered a what thing?
Momo said, Are you afraid of me?
This question is that everyone is afraid of ghosts! But I didn’t answer so directly! Very tactfully said that sometimes I am afraid and sometimes I am not afraid!
I made Momo Momo, who was fixing her hair, laugh!
Momo said to me, Hehe, are you afraid of me now?
I don’t know what white peach means. I turned to look at Momo!
I saw that Momo didn’t have his own neck, but his own hands!
Hold your head in your left hand and comb the hair on the back of your head in your right hand! Seeing this, I collapsed from my seat!
I stammered and asked you, what are you doing?
Momo turned the head in his hand at this time.
The back of my head was facing me, and now my pale face is facing me.
Facing me, Momo said, I comb my hair.
When I heard the word comb my hair, my heart was shocked. If it were normal, I would have been fucking frightened out of my wits!
Of course, it’s not much better now!
I slapped myself on the chest and shouted at me. Don’t scare me.
Momo put his head on his neck and then turned and smiled at me!


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