The exercise came quickly and ended even faster. In less than two hours, both sides announced that the confrontation exercise was over.

Chapter five hundred and six Deterrence imbalance
December 3 rd
At this time, all parts of the ball hurriedly called an emergency meeting to discuss the after-effects of this exercise. Obviously, in this exercise, the Mi army was extremely disappointed by all its allies.
The two aircraft carrier battle groups cooperated with the bases in Japan to face the first detachment of 17 ships, but they were helpless.
The two sides simulated the war damage, and the rice army base was destroyed.
Sasebo base is stationed in the northwest Pacific region, and senior generals of the Mi army arrived here urgently this evening.
The conference room is smoky.
Lieutenant General Edward, commander of the Seventh Fleet, spit out a cigar and said with a dignified expression, "We underestimated each other and overestimated ourselves."
Bower, the dejected chief of staff, is also bitter. "The hypersonic weapon has failed, and the nuclear submarine is easily locked by the other side. None of our cards can fight the enemy."
Victor, chief of staff of the Third Fleet, produced an assessment report.
Levi’s has a headache. "This possibility is very great, and now it’s too bad."
Everyone tastes that they are not worried about each other’s defense system, but they are almost weak unless they have a nuclear bomb.
The problem is that doing so is equivalent to self-mutilation before hitting the enemy, which is the Seven Wounds Boxing.
And the other side is not wood. Once it is started, it must be the first time that a nuclear bomb will paste its face. How many counterattack capabilities will there be then depends on luck.
After the re-deduction of the war chess, Levi’s and others fell into despair, except for the self-explosion, and their winning rate was almost.
And the board of directors of Noah’s society also received the results of this exercise, and they were all silent.
The former Noah’s Congress did not expect that the gap between the two sides was so huge that the entire Seventh Fleet, the Third Fleet and the first detachment of the Japanese garrison actually presented a one-sided situation.
Levi’s and others were under great pressure at this time, but there was another advantage of this exercise, that is, the hawks finally shut up.
In the face of this one-sided situation, no matter how tough the hawks are, they should be silent, because no one will have the courage to fight to the death if they have no chance of winning.
It was the board of directors of Noah’s Society that also gave them an order to find ways to break through the sky defense system and the laser defense system.
This is one of the reasons why they are sad at this time.
In particular, Bauer and others of the General Staff have made three successive derivations and found a scheme.
Bauer said calmly, "We have to restart the research and development of super-large equivalent nuclear torpedoes to maintain a certain deterrent."
Levi’s nodded after reading a list of simulation situations. "This is the most deterrent scheme at present."
Everyone else showed approval.
According to the deduction of the general staff, they need to prepare 5~1 large Ivan-class hydrogen bomb torpedoes for long-term arrangement in the central and western Pacific Ocean.
Once there is an emergency, the hydrogen bomb can be detonated immediately to set off a super tsunami and destroy the Pacific coastal areas.
This seemingly mutually assured destruction is actually very beneficial to Noah’s society
Because of the super tsunami in the Pacific Rim, it has a devastating impact on East Asia and Southeast Asia. However, the rocky mountains on the west coast of North America block a small number of coastal areas such as California, but the central and eastern regions will not have much impact
Because of the conversion rate of cobalt 59, the actual lethality of cobalt bombs is very limited.
Lieutenant General Edward shook his head. "It’s not just a nuclear torpedo."
"What do you mean?" Levis asked.
Edward said coldly, "Plate, we should arrange super hydrogen bombs in the fault-prone areas around the Pacific seismic belt, especially in the Japanese archipelago in the western Pacific, and we must never give up here."
Levi’s immediately agreed, "Edward is quite right. The Pacific Rim seismic belt can indeed be used. If Gary doesn’t have enough deterrence, the other side will definitely push your luck."
All the officers are very white, and now they are all suppressed by ordinary forces and strategic forces.
If we can’t raise the strategic deterrent as soon as possible, the consequences may even be forced to withdraw from strategic places in the western Pacific.
Soon they reported the "Super Nuclear Torpedo Plan" and "Pacific Rim Fault Plan" to the daytime soil overnight.
A group of directors of Noah’s Club quickly passed the two plans.
At this moment, Noah is really too insecure. We must make up for the decline of strategic deterrence through these two plans.
In the end, they still found that Mao’s family was stupid and black, which was more deterrent.
In addition to Noah’s meeting, his three hooligans also discussed this matter at this time, but their reactions were different


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