Smog Bai yinting couldn’t help wrinkling his nose, but he quickly adapted to the environment in the bag.

"Boss?" Lin Hao was also slightly surprised to see him inside.
He is surrounded by Mingyi, who is very exposed today. He is not as reserved and proud as a TV host in the past.
On the other side sat Qu Tianhao, Bai Yinting’s uncle Rui Zhenqiang and the secret Ali who was dismissed by Bai Yinting for a while.
Almost everyone saw Bai Yinting and showed panic. Qu Tianhao was calm because he thought it would be a mistake this time.
This time, they also prepared for a long time to set a lot of traps for Bai Yinting, and the tea art also turned against Lin Hao, the best assistant around Bai Yinting, and it didn’t help that Bai Yinting was dying again.
"You people get together is really rare? Especially you, Lin Hao. Why? Entertain them for me? " Bai yinting sat behind a separate sofa with two bodyguards.
"Just get together casually," said Lin Hao, seemingly guilty.
"Really?" Bai yinting sneered, "at first glance, it seems that all of them are people who don’t like me very much?"
"Bai yinting, what’s your attitude?" Rui Zhenqiang is, after all, my uncle, but he is still tough despite his uneasy attitude.
"Isn’t it interesting that I don’t come to such a lively bureau?" Bai yinting sneer at
Mingyi leaned over to Lin Hao and asked him, "Will he find anything?"
Lin Hao didn’t speak, but Ali.
A impatient, she got cocky and took two steps in front of Bai Yinting, holding her arms and saying, "Bai Yinting, you don’t know your present situation, do you? Embattled! I’ve been your secret for two years, and you just let me go. Have you forgotten how detailed I know about the company? "
"Oh, so you are a business spy now?" Bai Yinting’s cold face was too lazy to look at her again. "Did you take the blame and resign before, and Manager Shao made the company lose millions?"
A suddenly shuddered. How did Bai Yinting know that?
"I gave you a chance. If you don’t cherish it yourself, I’m afraid you won’t be so lucky this time!" Bai yinting cold finish will Ali
A pushed aside, and she sat down on the sofa trembling and dared not speak again.
Bai Yinting went straight to Qu Tianhao, stepped on the coffee table and leaned forward close to him. "President Qu" gave you a chance to be a man. Why do you have to be a dog? "
"Bai yinting, I don’t think you know the situation, do you?" Qu Tianhao glared and smoked a cigar.
Bai Yinting grabbed his cigar and threw it into the glass before he spit out the smoke. "Smoking is harmful to health. President Qu still has to live a few more years, otherwise how can he fight with me?"
Rui Zhenjiang squinted at Bai Yinting and suddenly felt something was wrong. "Didn’t you go abroad an hour ago? How can … "
Qu Tianhao didn’t react until he said this. Yeah, that’s what he reported to him over there. Bai Yinting should go abroad and have signed a contract with Bob according to their layout. That’s huge profits and illegal activities. At the same time, if they want to report Bai Yinting at the right time, they can spend their lives in prison.
And all this is done by Lin Hao. Bai Yinting will never have doubts unless?
Everyone’s eyes were on Lin Hao. Lin Hao got up and shook his suit, revealing a charming smile.
"Lin Hao, are you lying to me?" Mingyi felt humiliated, raised her hand and wanted to call her.
As a result, instead of hitting Lin Hao, she was slapped back by Lin Hao, burying her face in tea art and believing that the man who always loved her and wanted her to die cheated her.
"I’m still a good actor, right?" Lin Hao said and went to Bai Yin court near two people high-five to celebrate.
"I’ll send you a certificate later." Bai Yinting’s eyebrows are full of pride.
Others began to look ugly. Lin Hao not only played the tea art, but also played them.
In fact, Qu Tianhao was also skeptical about Lin Hao at first. After all, he always respected Bai Yinting, but during a conversation, Lin Hao got drunk and cried and said that Bai Yinting was not good to him. Even the dog in front of Bai Yinting was not as good as telling the truth after drinking. He believed it.
Of course, among them, they know Bai Yin-ting that he is really an inhuman and indifferent lover, but there are just a few die-hard people around him, don’t you think?
"What if you didn’t sign the contract?" Qu Tianhao felt that even if the plan failed, there was no loss.
But at the moment, he feels some pain in his heart. Damn it, he is also in the lake. I didn’t expect to be played so badly in the end. It certainly doesn’t feel good to be trampled on.
Bai yinting took a few hands and Han ya came in with the file from the outside, and then put the file in her hand before qu tianhao and Rui Zhenjiang respectively.
Both of them were shocked to see what was in front of them. How?
"Mr. Qu, 31% of your company’s shares have been acquired by Shengrui Group, which means that besides you, Mr. Bai is the largest shareholder of Tianhao Group." Han Yawei said with a smile.
Qu Tianhao’s heart hurts even more. He didn’t get any news and heard a little wind. Isn’t it over that he has created a foundation for so many years?
Han Ya then turned to Rui Zhenqiang. "Mr. Rui, our Shengrui Group finally decided not to invest in your company after the meeting, which means that you will not only face tens of millions of high compensation, but also face bankruptcy because of the normal operation of his engineering law."
Rui Zhenqiang gave a chill. It’s really stealing chickens and costly. I didn’t expect to be put together by Bai Yinting in the end!
Chapter sixty-three Bai Yin court you malicious
Sudden changes make everyone wrong. Bai Yinting especially likes to see them panic and face their own sins. If he is soft-hearted, he is proud of them now.
Bai yinting doesn’t like fooling around. Han ya helped with the legal process this time, even if they wanted to find out what loopholes were difficult.
"Bai yinting counts you!" Qu Tianhao covered her heart and began to have difficulty breathing. Obviously, she had a heart attack again.
"I’m afraid some of you can’t accept the ambulance at the door." Han Ya said and called them to come in quickly
Rui Zhenqiang didn’t care about his uncle’s identity. He knelt directly in front of Bai Yinting. "Uncle Yin Ting is also confused for a while. Please help me look at your mother’s face and forgive me this time!"
Bai Yinting squatted and lifted Rui Zhenqiang up. No one could guess his mind.
Rui Zhenqiang wiped her tears when she had a chance, only to hear Bai Yinting say, "Uncle, my mother has passed away. Can’t you let her rest in peace?"
His attitude is very firm, and there is no room for discussion. Unfortunately, no one cherishes the opportunity.
It’s over! It’s all over!
Mingyi and Ali
A wants to fight for a chance by herself, but seeing Rui Zhenqiang hit a wall, they are even less weighty.
Bai Yinting glanced at them and felt dirty. Finally, she looked at Han Ya. "Go through legal procedures and deal with it."
"Good" Hanya professional smile
"President Bai!" Ali
When A heard what he said, he jumped at him and grabbed his arm.
"Let go" Bai Yinting hates it.
"President Bai, I was wrong. If I go through legal procedures, my life will be ruined. My parents are in poor health and I have a daughter. How can they live?" Ali
A cried bitterly.
"Where?" Bai yinting urged Ali
A pushed away. "It’s your choice, isn’t it?"
A heart can’t say fear. How did this happen? What, so many people can’t beat him in the end? Bai Yinting is too cruel!
What Ming Yi hates most now is not Bai Yinting, but Lin Hao. In the end, he lied not only to her body but also to her feelings.
"Lin Hao, you are a rogue." Mingyi rushed over and beat Lin Hao’s body hard.
Lin Hao grabbed her arm and controlled her sofa with a sneer. "I was wrong about Mingyi, too. Since you know that I am a hooligan, you should think of today, right?"


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