Ouyang Tianyi looked at the cloud chasing the moon with some incredible sadness. She actually pushed him. Ouyang Tianyi shook his head in pain and suddenly thought that if he or she died today, would he be so sad?

"Do you know what’s on his mind? Have you thought about his life? He can face failure and life and death calmly, but his family is a poison that personally ruined his life. He drank the cup as light as boiling water, and took courage to live to face hatred. His father’s family is like a cone that pierced his dream that was just about to sprout. Finally, he will get everything. His father regards him as filial and can achieve his goal. His father personally gave him medicine. He lives in hatred with a mask on his face, but when he wants to take it off, it is too heavy to kill him … "
It’s a pity that Chu Ling-cold died. He is not bad-hearted. She hopes that he can get rid of hatred and let everything live like a normal person. She only has this hope. His life is more bitter than others. When he really comes out, his life is short. He died like this. Chasing the moon is not worth his life … Chapter 224
Ouyang Tianyi suddenly Bai Yueer why would she be so sad? Yes! He felt that Chu Lingling deserved to die. He never thought that he didn’t want to do these things, and he never thought that he had lived in darkness for twenty years with a mask. Who would understand his pain? ? They are bitter and have not lived in the dark for more than 20 years. They are brothers, but this is born in the royal family, and the wrong step is this kind of field.
Ouyang Tianyi quietly looked at leaving Chu Lingling with a smile, not Ouyang Yixuan. Although he felt painful in the past, his death was instantaneous happiness.
Without the cloud chasing the moon, Ouyang Tianyi suddenly looked down and saw that the cloud chasing the moon had fainted. Ouyang Tianyi’s eyes were shocked and afraid of overflowing and quickly squatted down to pick up the cloud chasing the moon.
"The moon has a moon …" But there was no response after calling several clouds to chase the moon.
Ouyang Tianyi picked up the cloud and chased the moon and ran to find Hanxiang.
At this time, the pursuit of the cloud led everyone out of the cloud to chase the moon
Ouyang Jingkang met Ouyang Tianyi with Helan Siyu, who had been healed.
"Moon" looked at the dead clouds in the arms of Bei Ming’s headquarters and chased the moon. Ouyang Jingkang’s heart ached and Helan Siyu almost fell to the ground.
"Sister" looked at her sister’s injury and looked at the cloud chasing the moon with a crying voice.
"How did the moon hurt like this? Also Xiao, come and show it to the moon."
Muqin lovingly looked at the cloud chasing the moon and she knew there would be such a fruit. She knew it.
Xiahou Jinxuan watched carefully, but he knew that she was not so fragile, and she would stick to it. He knew that she would always be so strong.
Helan Ling Xuan looked at the clouds and chased the moon. I didn’t expect that the Monty Palace was really destroyed by her. It is not impossible for a woman to seize the sky.
Rio Tinto colophon also xiao didn’t speak quickly walked beside OuYangTianYi seriously for cloud chasing the moon pulse.
It took a long time to say, "Shifei has lost a lot of blood, and now the situation is very bad. Send her back to the government for treatment immediately, or her life will be in danger. Now it is a foregone conclusion here and there is nothing to worry about."
"good!" Ouyang Tianyi nodded his head impatiently holding the cloud chasing the moon and flying quickly in the direction of Anping Wangfu, which made his heart ache to the extreme.
Ouyang Jingkang was relieved when he heard that there was Tuoba Yixiao in his heart, forcing himself to hold Helan Siyu to his bedroom.
At the dawn of the day, the war broke out in the palace. Xiang Xuan and Fan Ran Atractylodes macrocephala Li Re took the lead in cleaning up the mess. Every corner of the palace was dyed red with blood. The corpses of the whole palace were everywhere, and the bodies of mysterious beasts were everywhere. It was hard to move. It can be seen that the intensity of the fighting was terrible this night. How many people were killed in their sleep? They woke up with a deafening sound and announced what they saw last night in the capital.
Cold ling Chu died, and the Monty Palace was destroyed by the clouds chasing the moon, saving the whole streets and alleys of Daqi …
Three days later, Yun Zhuiyue woke up. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Ouyang Tianyi looking at her carefully.
His face was gaunt, his beard was unshaven, and he smelled bad. He was still handsome that night before he entered the palace to wear that suit, and his handsome image was gone at all.
"It’s great that you finally woke up, Moon," Ouyang Tianyi said excitedly. He waited for this moment for three days and three nights without sleeping for a moment.
"Hey, did I sleep for a long time?" Cloud chasing the moon to think of it, but her arm injury and shoulder pain made her sleep again.
"Don’t move. Your shoulder was stabbed and hurt badly." Ouyang Tianyi held down the cloud and chased the moon for fear that she would hurt herself again.
"How is the phoenix dance?"
"She was also badly hurt and said that she would not be able to recover her human form for a long time. She has taken her to Ego for healing, and it may take a year to come back." Ouyang Tianyi knew that she was careful and told her.
"How can it hurt so badly? How painful it is to leave! " What did Yun Zhuiyue think of with a sad face? Hands touched his abdomen.
"Yi our children …?" Cloud chasing the moon looked at Ouyang Tianyi nervously.
"Fool, don’t worry, cry. Our child is well protected. Our child is fine."
It’s okay that the cloud chased the moon and picked up her heart. It’s okay that if something happens to the child, her generation will not forgive herself.
"Hungry? If you are hungry, let Fontaine bring you porridge. "
Ouyang Tianyi said softly that he was tired and didn’t feel anything when he saw her wake up.
"Yi, I’m not hungry! Go wash and have a good sleep. "
Cloud chasing the moon looked at him lovingly. He must be very careful. He should not even have one eye these days.
"I’m not tired to see that you’re all right, and I can’t sleep without you." Ouyang Tianyi smiled and said, "The remnants of the Monty Palace have been removed from the body of Yu Chu Ling-cold. He is always Ouyang’s brother and let him enter the tomb. You’re not careful. Xiang Xuan and Lingwu are all right, and they have been restored to the Seven Demons Palace and the League. Although the loss is a little big, it is better than we expected. Mother Princess and Xiao Wang also went to spend the flowers. Envoys from other countries left the next day because of these things, and their brother announced that he would marry Helan Siyu and Huaxia in a month. "Ouyang Tianyi told her everything she wanted to know, but she didn’t tell her that Xiahou Jinxuan came to see her when she left.
"wow! How many days have I slept? How did so many things happen? " Yun Zhuiyue looked at Ouyang Tianyi in surprise. She was most happy that Ouyang Jingkang was going to marry Helan Siyu. She believed that he would have a new life with the passage of time.
"After three days and three nights, you must make good compensation to the world, you know?" Ouyang Tianyi spoiled and pinched her pretty nose, and finally after a storm comes a calm, the pressure on him and Moon’s heart was removed, and the mood was really good.
"Sister, you’re awake." Yun Zhui came in with a plate in his hand and heard the sound of Yun Zhui Yue. He was so excited that he almost broke something waiting for me in the tray.
"Look for your son slowly," he said, looking at the things splashing in the cloud’s pursuit plate.
"Sister is so happy to find a son. Sister, if you don’t wake up, something will happen to your brother-in-law." Yun Chasing joked that looking at the gaunt brother-in-law Yun Chasing was full of gratitude. He really wanted to thank him for loving his sister so much. What could be happier than her waking up? Only when his sister is good can he be good.
"You! Did you go to the Ivy League College? " Cloud chasing the moon, beware of him, he missed his study.
"Sister Xuner can study refining Dan medicine at home these days instead of going to college."
"You! Don’t always be careful to find him. He is an adult. You always worry about him. When will he grow up? "
Ouyang Tianyi always thinks that she is so spoiled with Xuner that she is spoiling Xuner.
"Yi Xuner is sixteen years old"
"My sister will be seventeen years old after finding a son." Cloud pursuit is more correct at once, but he still likes the feeling that her sister dotes on him.
"It’s good to be seventeen, but you’ve been really close to that Miss Lu recently. Do you want to wait for your sister to get well and take you to Lujia to kiss you?" Ouyang Tianyi joked that in fact, he thought it was not small to find a son at this age to get married.
"Yi that how line to find son is seventeen years old and what all don’t know how to get married! Marrying a wife is not like a person who has to carry a heavy burden at home to find a son … "
"He’s only seventeen, isn’t he?" Ouyang Tianyi took the cloud to chase the moon. "The moon is 17 years old. Do you want Miss Lu to be an old girl?"
Cloud chasing the moon realized that her thoughts have always been out of tune with this era. There are so many marriages everywhere, but they said that they still have to look at the idea of finding children
Yunzhuiyue looked at Yunzhui and asked, "Xuner, what do you think? Do you really like that Miss Lu?"
The question that the cloud is chasing the moon by the cloud is red in the face.
It took half a day to falter and say, "Sister Xuner and Miss Lu are congenial."
"look! The moon has found a son who knows how men and women are feeling, and you still regard him as a child. "Ouyang Tianyi’s good mood has also unconsciously increased."
"Since it is congenial that really can’t let people miss lu always waiting for it! Let’s ask Hanxiang to say that the matchmaker’s third aunt asked her to be your matchmaker after her sister’s injury is better. "
"ah! Sister, why are you looking for Third Aunt? Don’t say that the third aunt said that there was a man and a hen at the matchmaking door. What a shame! Looking for a son, don’t "cloud seeks a face of disapproval. She doesn’t want any three aunts and six wives as matchmakers.
"Find son is what you don’t want, but we also have to abide by the daqi statecraft! Will Miss Lu’s parents agree without a matchmaker to bridge the gap? Miss Lu’s parents can’t give you a daughter for nothing! " Cloud chasing the moon has generally heard of this great etiquette. It’s hard to say if there is no matchmaker.
"Moon see you be careful to kiss is our Anping Wangfu that master Lu can promise you without a matchmaker! Now is not to worry about this time or to keep the body well is to find a son to bring porridge. It should be cold. "Ouyang Tianyi can’t be careful about this matter. It’s an ironclad thing anyway.
"Oh!" Yun Xun handed the porridge to Ouyang Tianyi and looked at the two of them and smiled. Having a sister and a good brother-in-law is a real person!
"Come to the moon and have some porridge, and then sleep for a while so that the wound can heal faster." Ouyang Tianyi vacated one hand and gently sat up with the cloud chasing the moon.
I blew the porridge again before feeding it to Yunzhuiyue.
Cloud chasing the moon smiled and opened her mouth to eat, not to mention that she hadn’t eaten for three days. She was really hungry, and soon a small bowl of porridge bottomed out.


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