Wei, who is hurt and charming, never fails to raise his glass.

The elegant invited the four parties to say, "Then the public will do it for you."
In the end, he looked at the scenes of Mozhuang’s past "fooling around" and smiled at each other with memories.
But the smell of epiphyllum male folding fan with one hand and glasses of wine with one hand makes you elegant, elegant, romantic, magnetic and touching.
"… the wine is not the road, so the world of mortals is like a fog, and it is like asking you the way? Road? You need money to pay for it and stay with Brother Mo and return to your old home ~ "
This fu is really eloquent and affectionate!
They have raised their glasses to show their moving colors. Mo Zhuang is looking forward to saying,
"I wish Brother Mo all the way home."
At the moment, Mozhuang was moved to tears. He nodded and all the friends drank it off.
Then a deep farewell ceremony.
The next day, apply for three minutes.
Mo Zhuang Bai Lianxing, Wei Shang and others sent off all the way to the Kyushu Chamber of Commerce, and they entered the Qian Shan Sea from Zhuxianmen.
Soon after, he took a virtual shuttle from the central Shoushan to the strange fire world.
Wei Shang and Bai Lianxing have been sending each other to the top of the sea in Qian Shan until the huge shuttle disappeared in one fell swoop, and they reluctantly withdrew their farewell eyes.
Wei sighed sadly, "I don’t know when we will meet again."
Then he looked a little disappointed and envious. "Ah ~ But then again, he escaped quickly and went to the plane to be a shopkeeper of cutting and enjoying himself."
Bai Lianxing still looked up and muttered, "Although the hidden dangers of mountains and seas are worrying, the plane is not peaceful. Feather once said that the Mohling Lord had already sent the magic statue to lead hundreds of dead and dark guards to invade the fire spirit, and it was not so easy to come to Mogong."
Wei Shang nodded with his head. "Yes ~ In recent years, the center of gravity of Yanyu Pavilion has been biased towards the outside world, and it seems that the situation of the fire and spirit plane is not much better."
Bai Lianxing withdrew her eyes and agreed that "evil cultivation can not eradicate my mountains and seas, and it will never be peaceful."
With that, she gave a slightly relaxed smile. "But it’s a great blessing for me that Mohling’s Lord has gone now."
"Yes!" Wei Shang looked at the sea full of memories in Qian Shan. "How many Qingyun guests have buried their bones in Qian Shan since ancient times, and how many Shanhaiwei have spilled blood one after another on this mountain? Today, the devil’s suffering is my mountain and sea, and it is a great comfort to the soul."
At the same time
God has given the vast stars of the mainland the Haidong Pole.
Giant trees, such as pillars of heaven, stand in the sky and have branches, but only the top crown and independent branches can not reach the sky
This wood is called Fusang.
This island is called Fusang Island.
Now Fusang has somehow become withered and withered, and the huge Qinglong is petrified like a sculpture!
And a figure shrouded in ink and smoke is standing on the reef of Fusang Island against the background of the giant wood of the stone dragon Fusang.
He is so quiet, but the blue sky behind him is like being infected by dark clouds.
Then the gloomy Jie smile sounded like the prince of nine ghosts!
"Shanhai … Block is back, hahaha …!"
The evil laughter has become more and more crazy and excited, which has made the world change color. After the evil wind roared and the waves started, the hibiscus wood shook and moaned, and the leaves fell like snow.
The huge petrified dragon suddenly burst into rubble and dust in this cold and evil smile!
When fusang island returns to calm …
The sky is still blue and the stars are shining;
The sea is still blue with waves.
But this Fusang Island reef has disappeared, as if nothing had happened!
Chapter 77 There is a vision in the northwest of Shanhai Peace Phase
Seven days is fleeting.
Luo Yu, who crossed the mountain, is still sitting still. Chi Pan is facing the streamer’ circle’ and is as motionless as a fool
At this time, the word yin and yang in this ring has changed into the mysterious and white colors, and a little shadow of the word’ zhong’ emerges.
And his eyes are focused on the word "Zhong". As Yin and Yang rotate back and forth, his mind seems to have fallen into the abyss, and like a ray of light smoke floating in the margin, it stops and sinks …
He just looked at it quietly and was fascinated, forgetting the change of the sun and the moon and the passage of time, as if he were in a dark cage and didn’t know the way.
After sitting for seven days, I didn’t move a word. It seems that this mountain has been integrated with the sea of clouds and the carving of knowledge.
At the entrance of the mountain road, Babar and Anu have been waiting silently for seven days. At this moment, they really want to ask a few words, that is, they can move even if their fingertips quiver slightly, which is reassuring.
However, they also know that it is an important moment to realize that there can be no interruption.
And when Ba Bo Er was just about to turn his head, Luo Yu mumbled confusion and came with him!
"The cat was changed? ….. Me again? Since the first-line secret variables are elusive, it should be complicated! But … Heaven and earth have spent a lot of time … "
And he suddenly spoke faster. "… even if I can really know the number of holes, what should I do?" Isn’t that me? Since it is a front line, it will be numerous and extensive? "


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