Gu Qingshan thinks more and more, and feels frightened. He feels that there is a shadow full of malice, and he is quietly watching everything happen.

Time passes quietly.
Zhao Liu couldn’t help lamenting that "Gu Brothers-we can’t always be trapped here like this"
"That’s right"
Gu Qingshan got up again and asked, "Do we have an armament room?"
"I have the key to the armory, but I won’t make the armory never go in. Why don’t you come with me and have a look?" Zhaoliu avenue
"Take me" Gu Qingshan Road
"Okay, this way."
Two people playing arms room door holding a candle four view.
Rows of weapon racks are two people walking from the beginning to the end. In the last row of weapon racks, they saw a machete with a broken handle.
Gu Qingshan according to memory around the wall a find out soon found the dark lock.
Behind the hidden lock is the place where senior officers in the barracks put things.
"The level of hidden lock here is relatively high. It is estimated that there are generals guarding the barracks who have keys." Gu Qingshan said.
"The general died early," said Zhao Liudao.
"Do you know where his barracks are?"
"I know that."
"Go and have a look"
The two men went back to the general’s barracks, found the key, and returned to the armament room with the key to lock the wall. Inside it was a small book and a dirty disc.
Gu Qingshan didn’t look at it and knew that the booklet was a military gas refining method, while the disc was a damaged array.
He put the booklet aside and held the disc in his hand.
Chaos ares interface suddenly came out with lines of firefly fine print.
"Low-level array (damaged) constantly arranges psychedelic array"
"Because you are quite good at the six arts array, the level of this array is far beyond the current world. It’s not difficult to arrange this array, and you need to look at it briefly to be white."
Gu Qingshan glanced at the array and turned it over. At the center hub, the array was immediately beaten.
Light blue light spots scattered all over the floor from the array.
Gu Qingshan and array another place with a more number of light spots fell to the ground.
Zhao six screamed and immediately rushed to pick up.
Gu Qingshan with a wave of his hand, those light spots suddenly flew and fell into his hands.
These LingShi-what can you do?
Once, I wanted to keep the camp hidden.
But now …
"Don’t take Zhao Liulingshi, you won’t. I just want them to build a circle of distress."
Guqingshan avenue
Zhao six some angrily heard his eyes lit up.
"Brother Gu, are you telling the truth?"
"I won’t lie to you."
Gu Qingshan said, and took LingShi and array plate to go out and sit in the open field in the military camp.
The place where Gong Sunzhi and Ning Yuechan appeared is only over one hundred miles away from the camp here.
Now that I’m trapped here, I can’t get out, so the eye has this way to go-
Let them come!
Gu Qingshan will stand in front of the array and look at the damaged place carefully.
-strictly speaking, the time flow in the whole time closed loop is the real main time line of history.
And the dead man who was rescued and reborn created a new time stream by himself and connected the follow-up history at the end of the closed loop, successfully replacing the original main time line.
Gu Qingshan doesn’t believe that anyone dares to touch the main timeline, his historical events and people!
This is a chaotic twin time stream, which contains a real history, cause and effect, time and destiny. Who dares to touch those historical figures except himself?
Gu Qingshan quickly read the array and thought for a while, then drew out the wind-seeking sword to scrape the completely broken places of the array and etch the runes again.
"Brother Gu, do you still know the array method?" Zhao six surprise way
"Know a little" Gu Qingshan Road
"That can do some emergency rescue circle! We are finally saved! " Zhao six happily call way
"We haven’t eaten for a long time if you have nothing to do," Gu Qingshan said casually.
"Well, you are busy with my horse to cook!"
Zhao Liu hurriedly went.
Gu Qingshan shook his head.
-If you want Gong Sunzhi and Ning Yuechan to come here, you must never make a circle for help.
They are all injured, and they are avoiding the pursuit and caring for others.
Trying to lure them here …
It is necessary to build a fairly powerful war defense array, which will allow GongSunZhi to have an army stationed here.
So that they may come to ask for help.
But just to make sure that in case-


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