Looking at Su Lie’s still awake eyes, the bartender has unconsciously paid some respect to Su Lie again.

"Have you had anything interesting in recent days?"
Su Lie took a golden bean from his pocket and threw it at the bar.
The bartender’s eyes lit up as he rubbed his glass.
He swept the golden bean into his pocket without coloring, and then his face smiled more than three points.
"That depends on what you think is interesting."
Su Lie sat at the bar for a short time and heard a lot of news from the bartender.
Unfortunately, none of them is what he wants.
As soon as he was ready to leave, those laboratory personnel passed by Su Lie.
"Hurry up and settle the bill. We have to go shopping."
"Yes, Director Zhang doesn’t know that this small fortress can’t be sold if it’s not an ordinary thing."
"It’s a good thing that director Zhang accompanied Mr. Yuan Shu, otherwise how could we come out and have a few drinks here?"
"It turns out that Mr. Yuan’s name is Yuan Shu, but this name is quite strange."
As they talked, they came to the bar to check out, but they didn’t notice that a slovenly man sitting next to them was shaking violently because of their words.
It’s already late.
Looking at the roof of the municipal building, Tianyang saw a vast sea of light.
At a glance, there are thousands of lights
This kind of grand occasion can only be seen in Fort Glory.
Holding the fence, Tianyang gently spit out two words "how nice"
Now we can still see such a peaceful scene, and only Fort Glory is left. It has only a few fortresses.
Just today, the fallen fortress has added several more. In the face of this situation, even if the’ Golden Chamber’ has the heart to save the day, it is also quite powerful.
Tianyang has spent two days in Glory Castle.
He is going back to Lieyang Castle tomorrow.
Yu Xun and others’ glorious castle is far safer than Dailie Yang Castle.
Just then Tianyang suddenly gave birth to induction.
He looked at the entrance to the platform, where he suddenly turned into a red tent.
It’s that this tent is not real, it’s very unreal, and it seems that a shadow is projected from far away.
Someone came out at the tent door.
Undead Hong Shang!
The old man has a pipe behind his hand and a pipe in the other.
A little bent came out.
His figure is the same as that red tent.
Some illusions are not real enough.
Tianyang heart is tight.
With the help of the old man, the expeditionary force has been able to leave the boundary since the second meeting.
And Lin Jianbing can wake up with his’ doll’
Tianyang knew that the old man was hiding deeper than he thought.
No one knows the origin of the’ immortal Hong Shang’
I don’t know when he appeared.
But I have known his deeds for a long time.
If it’s that same person all the time
Then the old man has lived for hundreds of years.
Even if a dog lives for hundreds of years, it must be extraordinary
The situation is that this old man has many magical things
Adjust the breathing day Yang walked past.
He vaguely guessed the old man’s purpose.
"Good evening, old gentleman" Tianyang took the initiative to greet.
The old man vomited an imaginary smoke ring and said, "Aren’t you worried about your fortress when you come to Glory Castle?"


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