But these are not the most important things for them now.

She knows that Ji Nanling loves her for him, too.
The problem is Ji’s attitude towards her.
The last thing a person can choose is to come from his parents.
Although her father did many wrong things, she did not regret being his daughter.
She regretted not persuading her father not to do those outrageous things earlier.
Fortunately, I was nervous, and my left hand was licking my right fingernail. Ji Nanling pulled out a hand and touched her hand. "Don’t be afraid."
He knows best that his parents, even though they don’t like to be lucky, won’t embarrass her in public since they have approved their wedding.
The car slowly stopped in Jijia Mansion. Ji Nanling opened the door for her and took a deep breath to slowly take a step.
I’m glad I looked up at Ji Nanling. He has done so much and paved so many roads. It would be too sorry if she recognized the cowardice again. He was too sorry for their hard-won love.
Fortunately, I haven’t walked in yet. A little girl came running from somewhere in the garden, calling "Erbo" first, and then calling "Erbo Niang" for the sake of happiness.
From the moment she came out, I was glad to guess who she was. Ji family loved a little princess Ji Nanfeng and Xia Shengge’s daughter Xiao April.
Fortunately, I didn’t expect Ji Jia to be the first to recognize her identity as this little girl. At that moment, she almost cried out a thank you with her in her arms.
"This is Little April, isn’t it? It’s beautiful." Fortunately, some exciting sounds are shaking.
"Thank you, Erbo Niang. You are beautiful, too. Grandma often says that beautiful people have come to our season home." Xiao April is playful and polite
A word of praise did not belittle the family.
Fortunately, I froze for a moment and then smiled. Ji Nanling looked at my niece and felt that sense of pride. Then she held the blessing in one hand and held Xiao April in the other. "Go in."
When Ji Nanling took them in, the living room was busy. Today is the weekend, and everyone doesn’t even come to Ruanshu often.
Ye Lingshan is the one who has seen the most rejoicing times in Ji’s family. The two of them nodded tacitly and smiled, and then greeted each other with joy.
Fortunately, I was a little guilty when I went to the party and didn’t dare to look her in the eye. Both her parents died at her father’s hand.
I went on strike and looked at her with a smile and called "yisow"
Eyes clean, no resentment or disguise, like a normal meeting.
"Hello!" Smile back when you are glad.
Everyone except Ruan Shu knows how to rejoice and strike a grudge.
Fortunately, at the moment when I came in, everyone’s heart was full of dark waves, and I didn’t know what would happen next.
"I’m sitting and waiting to be taller than me." Ji Nanfeng smiled and teased me with a hug on the shoulder of the strike.
When he said this, everyone was happy. Several brothers in Jijia had the highest southerly wind, and he also liked to compare height with his brothers.
Ji Nanrui can’t stand his brother’s stupidity. "Can’t you grow tall?" A look at it and spoil a lot of food. "
"Fourth brother, is this tone sour and hungry?" The south wind of the season means something.
Others can’t hear it, but how can Ji Nanrui not know what he said? "You need a little beating, right?"
"How come fourth brother is going to play with me in front of second sister-in-law? What’s the bet I have to win?" The bickering between Ji Nanfeng and Ji Nanrui’s family is the worst.
Ji Nanfeng, the smelly little boy, was the youngest brother in the family before he came to this world. His three brothers were very prestige.
Unfortunately, it didn’t last long. When he was five years old, he added this little bastard to his family.
This little punk has a restless family, and his parents, grandparents and even several brothers are all around him.
Of course, this mood can’t be good, so the two of them will pinch when they are young.
After a long time, something went wrong with the device. I can’t meet you as soon as I meet you. I still want to.
When I was a child, Ji Nanrui hated to be bullied by his younger brother, who could bully him and fight for this little fight.
At that time, dad was still in the army, and the army was full of two leng’s. Who cares who your dad is? How many stars and poles are on his shoulders?
I didn’t beat up for this little guy, and I didn’t get beaten up. I’m older and wiser. Do you remember that this little guy took his favor?
However, a bickering is indispensable, and others are used to quarreling as soon as they meet.
Former Shen Jiaran was worried that the two children were like enemies. What should we do after that?
Mrs. Ji said it’s okay. The more quarrelling the brothers get, the closer they get. She was really right.
Ji Nanyao doesn’t think it’s too big to watch the fun. "I bet two million that the old four and three strokes were knocked down by the small five."
Ruan Shu "…"
Is there such a brother?
Yan followed the traditional pull pull JiNa arm "we bet five million small five win"
Ye Lingshan was in a hurry, so she had to go to her own man instead of taking off her jade bracelet and throwing it at the table. She looked at Ji Nanrui and said, "Come on, husband."
All "…"
Showing love is shameful
Ye Lingshan didn’t forget to woo Ruan Shu when she finished. "Ruan Ruan, you have to help me."
Ruan Shuyu, it’s obviously not the first time that they are familiar with the process and openly gamble.
But she’s really not that rich. She’s hesitating about how much to bet. Ye Lingshan just took off her watch. "You bet this."
Ruan Shu tried to stop her from coming. This is Ji Nanyao who just sent her. It is said that it is tens of millions, but so many people are embarrassed to get it back.
Ruan Shu’s begging for help seemed to look at Ji Nayao’s so-called appearance.
Ruan Shu’s heart is bitter. This is a group of local tyrants’ games. She’s a poor diaosi messing around!
Ji Nanling took a lucky look and smiled. "Do you want to play?"
I’m glad I’m at a loss. She really hasn’t played this, but it’s a bit big to watch.
Will it offend anyone if she chooses a good one?
Fortunately, I thought for a moment and smiled and said, "I bet my fifth brother five million professors and you bet my fourth brother five million. No matter who wins, we won’t lose."
Ji Nanling’s expression is spoiled by "listening to you"
Xiao April just bought a bunch of flowers in the garden and didn’t come to give them to the party. Now I go over and put them on the table. "My mother and I bet my father won."
Chapter 764 You can’t lose your pledge.
After all, little brother wins every time. If she gambles too much, she looks like a bully.
But since Xiao April gambled, let’s gamble.
Ji Nanfeng saw those bets. Sisao’s bracelet is good. It’s a good thing at first sight. Fourth brother has to spend tens of millions to redeem it.
Sister-in-law’s watch dial is encrusted with diamonds or the custom-made model of stars is conservatively valued at 60 million, which is more valuable than Sister-in-law’s bracelet.
"Buy and leave, and make sure you don’t change!" Ji Nanfeng smiled and said, "Big Brother, Second Brother and Third Brother, don’t you chase any more?"
This bet is 100 million. This guy is not satisfied. How much does he want to make this time?
JiNanRui saw his one eye, rabbit cub and what’s up?
"If you don’t add us, you’ll be careful." Ji Nanfeng winked at Ji Nanrui.
Ji Nanrui has been overwhelmed by this smelly little stimulus for years, right? No one can control him.
The two of them really punched and kicked, but they all did moves without really hitting.
Ji Nanfeng suddenly pulled Ji Nanrui’s arm very close, as if he had said something too fast for anyone to hear.


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