Liu Yingtao saw Gao Lao’s illegal campaign and quickly sent someone to call Gao Lao to the office door and reprimanded him. "Gao Lao’s election of the village leader is fair and just. What do you mean by giving red envelopes to the villagers?" Go and get it back, or you’ll be disqualified! "

"Liu Cunchang has a red envelope. Does it mean that it’s not illegal? Besides, I didn’t start! " When Gao Lao spoke, his eyes were green and he stared at Liu Yingtao.
"What didn’t you start? Then who started?" When I heard that Liu Yingtao was not surprised, I said, Oh, my God, it seems that the voting is not perfect either. It is probably the kind of activity that is mixed.
"It’s the city selling vegetables! He gave a red envelope of 100 yuan to every villager in Liangkeng Group! Then, the big tree farmer gave each villager a red envelope of 100 yuan. I didn’t see it right and added it to 200 yuan! " High old throw a big bang way
"What bravery is too big! If boss Pi knows, he will skin you! " After learning the truth, Liu Yingtao was shocked and said, Oh, my God, how can this be done? If I am a real villager doing practical things, the village leader is selfish, arrogant and overbearing with a criminal record!
She knows that Pi two dog hates village tyrants the most.
"Liu Cunchang, I didn’t have the idea of giving a red envelope at first. It’s all because he is a jian businessman! If he hadn’t started, we wouldn’t have painted a tiger like a cat, would we? " High old a face of koo looked at liu cherry way
"Gao Lao, you go out first!"
Gao Laolai’s office didn’t leave to see him holding a mobile phone and opening WeChat for a while, and then he sent Liu Yingtao a big red envelope of 9,000 yuan. Liu Yingtao flew into a rage when he saw Gao Lao repeating his old tricks. "Gao Lao, do you think I am a leather cannon?" When I became a village head, I didn’t make a fortune for myself, but I wanted to make the poor Da Nai village rich and make everyone live a well-off life! Understand? "
"Yes, yes, Liu Cunchang is so great that I am Pepe!" Gao Lao saw that he couldn’t get cheap and went out in a despondent way.
See high old leave liu cherry is to dial a word to skin two dog truthfully child.when reported, "two dog this afternoon, I called the villagers to open an election meeting, and the leader of Changkeng Group and Dashu Village was elected. When it was Liang Keng Group’s turn, someone sent a red envelope to the villagers for illegal canvassing! Two dog, it seems that this election method in Da Nai Village won’t work! I suspect that the village leaders of Changkeng Group and Dashu Group are not net. Do you want to cancel it? "
Chapter 523 Plain English search
Pi two dog’s initial idea was that it was more fair to hold an open vote in Da Nai Village, which was more in line with the people’s hearts in Da Nai Village. After listening to Liu Yingtao’s report, he could not help but doubt the adaptability of this advanced election method to Da Nai Village.
Da Nai Village is a poor and ignorant village. Most villagers are poor because of ignorance and backwardness. Poverty can stimulate personal selfishness, lust and greed more.
Of course, most villagers are simple and kind, but at the same time, they have the limitations of farmers, that is, they are short-sighted and have a strong sense of small farmers. Some people will lose their position and abandon the principle of doing things with others.
That’s why Gao Laoliu can buy them off with a mere 200 yuan red envelope.
Touching the dog’s head and thinking about it, two dog said to Liu Cherry, "Sister Cherry is still relatively backward in Da Nai Village, and it is not suitable for holding elections. You can suspend the election of the leader of the new village. Please list a list of recommendations and let’s discuss it!"
"Well, then my horse stops!"
Liu Yingtao quickly followed Pi two dog’s instructions and announced that the election meeting would be suspended. It remains to be seen that the two village leaders were selected.
Ten thousand villagers were a little disappointed to learn that the election meeting was forced to be suspended because of the red envelope incident.
"Ah, this college student liu will be a village head? How good it is to vote! I will choose whoever gives a big red envelope! "
"That’s why this cherry is too bad. I just received more than 400 red envelopes. How much are you?" A woman aggrieved way
"I’m more than four hundred. If it weren’t for Liu Cunchang’s refusal to let us vote, we can receive a thousand dollars without receiving a red envelope this day! Oh, it’s a pity that Liu Cherry is the jinx. Let’s talk to her about good things! " Su Ying, a famous megaphone in Liangkeng Group, is famous for this. She became famous because she was drunk once and the road was convenient, which also caused villagers to watch.
It is said that once I woke up drunk and found that I was sleeping with a bachelor. When Su Ying, a man at home, knew about it, he took a dozen people to get even with him and turned him into a eunuch.
Su Ying immediately broke into the office of Liu Yingtao, the village chief, in response to several women’s kicking, and asked, "What did Liu Yingtao vote for?" Huh? You made me lose hundreds of dollars and pay me back! "
Taking the lead in opening the chamber is a big trumpet. Su Ying, a village woman with less than four waists, is even more amazing. It is amazing to see her eyeing and worrying. Liu Yingtao said unhurriedly, "It is illegal for the candidates to canvass with red envelopes. I will report to the face and stop voting. The leader of the new village will be decided another day!"
"This which line? If you don’t vote, who will pay for the loss of several hundred thousand yuan? " A village woman is weak and weak
"Sister Chunhua, you are so confused. This is illegal income. Where did you lose it?" Liu Yingtao said something and thought to herself, Oh, my God, what kind of skulls are these people? Oh, they know that they have a small profit in front of them, but they don’t know that they will get it back from them when they come out through red envelope canvassing. It’s really sad that they ignore them.
"If you don’t announce the suspension of voting, there will still be candidates who will send us red envelopes to earn 1,000 yuan. It is certain that we have earned more than 400 yuan because you don’t let canvassing, and you have to pay us for the loss of 600 yuan!" The woman named Chunhua said
Suying also shouted, "Yes, you must pay 600 yuan for each of the four of us! If you don’t lose money, we won’t stop with you! "
"Plain English sister-in-law you speak some truth, ok? It’s a bad way to send red envelopes to canvass votes. It’s not white if you don’t get this money, right? " Liu Yingtao gave Aquinas a word when she saw several women being more aggressive than others.
Soon Aquinas broke into the office. He said, "What are the instructions from Village Chief Liu?"
"Aquinas, these people are making trouble, please ask them out!"
"It’s Liu Cunchang!" As soon as Aquinas received the imperial edict, he raised his thick arm and saw his arm muscles bulging into a ball and rolling around. Several women could not help but show fear.
"Liu cherry you call thugs I won’t call me a man? My man Shi Sheng is a famous rough man in Shili Township. He can knock down a wall with one punch. Wait! " Su-ying was afraid of suffering, so she slipped out of the office with a cruel word. Su-ying slipped away, and the three women dared to make trouble and fled in succession.
Su Ying rode a bullet train and went back to Liangkeng Group to get home. She shouted, "Liang Shisheng, get out! I’m not alive!"
Liang Shisheng is a well-known prickly head in the village. When he was a child, he was fighting. Wang Da’s face had a scar, and his face was tall and rugged, especially the scar on his face was daunting. This goods had been done in the city, and the village had opened a furniture factory, and the poor people had been ruthless. At this time, Liang Shisheng was holding his mobile phone and chatting with Saner at dusk. He heard his wife’s yard and ran out to see if she was sitting on the ground with a fart pier. Liang Shisheng said, "Which wife has the guts to bully you?" Tell me I’m going to rip him off, frontispiece! "
"Who else can it be? It’s the new witch village chief! " Suying asserted that Liu Yingtao made her lose 600 yuan today, and she couldn’t wait to peel her skin and eat her meat.
"You said liu cherry? She is a college student and she will bully you. It’s good if you don’t bully her! " Liang Shisheng recently came back from a small restaurant in the city for more than a month, and when he saw Su Ying, he felt like a hungry dog seeing meat and bones.
"Who said who said? The Three Demons braved two dog’s backing, and the village leader voted well. She had a red envelope to canvass, and suddenly announced that the voting was effective. I lost 600 red envelopes! Shi Sheng, you go to the succubus college students to pay for it! Don’t come back for six hundred dollars and don’t even think about entering the house! " Suying irate way
Liang Shisheng was in distress situation when he learned that things had collapsed. "Wife, I really can’t blame college students, can I? Sending red envelopes to canvass votes is called bribery, okay? This college student village head is a good village head, so we don’t have to offend her! Houpi two dog asked the second village to rent land. You offended the village head of the college student. You are not angry that she won’t give you a list? "
"She dare! If you don’t give me the list, I’ll hang it at her house! I’ve never been afraid of anyone since I was born. Pi two dog is not afraid when he comes! "
"Well, if you make me happy, I’ll help you ask for money!" Liang Shisheng knows his wife’s nature best. If he dares not listen to her instructions, the consequence will be to sweep the door. Many times, Liang Shisheng’s bullying in the village is caused by his wife Su Ying’s instigation.
Chapter 524 Liang Shishengtuo
"You damn fool old niang angry which come mood to make you happy? You hurry to ask the old lady for money to come back and let you do things. If you don’t come back, you will be single! " Su-ying’s bullying throws such a sentence.
"Hey, you bitch, I want to be happy now. You are my wife and I can do whatever I want!" After Liang Shi’s anger and blood rushed to his forehead, he moved Suying into the room and threw it on the couch. It was like stripping a woman’s clothes. I never thought Suying was impatient. I picked up scissors and held it against my throat. "If you dare to force me, I will die for you!"
"Hey, you are a melon woman!" Liang Shisheng hasn’t touched his body for a month, and it’s about to explode. His wife won’t let him touch the goods, so he rushes out of the house with a lot of gas and unconsciously walks outside the Chunhua courtyard next door.
Speaking of this spring flower, she has a good life. Her husband, Da Zhuang, has a daily income of 300 yuan in the city construction site. Every month, she sends six or seven thousand yuan to her home, but the good times are not long. Da Zhuang’s construction site is infected with gambling addiction to earn money, so she doesn’t send it home to gamble on three fairs and play mahjong. If she loses several thousand dollars a day, she will not only have no money to send it back, but also reach out to her for money.
Chunhua’s family was in famine, and she was wondering how to get some money to spend it. When Suying’s husband Liang Shisheng turned back and forth outside the hospital, she went back to her room and changed into a suspender vest and a knee skirt, twisting her hair around her waist and saying, "Brother Shisheng, come in and sit down?"
"Chunhua, is your family strong?" Liang Shisheng false mould false sample way a pair of thief eyes is staring at kannika nimtragol, watching the saliva flow three feet long.
"Brother Shi Sheng, you’re looking for Da Zhuang, and the gambler’s class lost to him. By the way, what do you want with him?" When it comes to men, spring flowers are full of anger.
"I open a restaurant in the city, and I come back once a month to find Da Zhuang to drink. He doesn’t talk at home … can I borrow that spring flower from your house for hygiene?" Liang Shisheng drooling way
"Is it polite for Shi Shengge’s family to be hygienic?" Smell speech Chunhua’s eyes are attracted to a pair of almond eyes, and Liang Shisheng’s thick body is aimed at this kannika nimtragol man. He stays in the city for half a year and doesn’t go home. Don’t worry about his wife. Gambling makes Chunhua crazy about men.
"Hey, hey, Chunhua, that’s very kind of you. Then I’m welcome!" As soon as Liang Shisheng’s son went to Chunhua’s house for sanitation and convenience, he came out and saw the kannika nimtragol lamp greeting him and said, "Brother Shisheng, do me a favor?"


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