"Whether there is a key everywhere is not certain. The place is inseparable from Shuihuangcheng." Dan Tai Li answered Gu Zi’s conversation.

"Shuihuangcheng shouldn’t be that big. Maybe Shuihuangcheng is in a smaller position in Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea or East China Sea." Xie Yiming expressed his views.
"Maybe the Water Emperor City is not in the water but somewhere in the absolute position." Wang Dalang also opened his mouth at the moment.
"It’s not too late to guess now, but there is nothing to guess. It’s not too late to search for a position first and then guess it." Lao Ma concluded his speech
I didn’t say a word. I listened to Dan Tai Li and Xie Yiming at the coffee table. After Wang Dalang and the old horse took turns to speak, I looked at Gu Zi’s father.
"This is the place where the head of Yichengmen buried the bones in the past dynasties." I looked at Goo Tsai’s father, and Goo Tsai’s father raised his hand to point out the sy position on the map standard.
"There is an ancient tomb in this place, and I brought it out from the ancient tomb." After listening to Gu Zi’s father’s words, I raised my hand and pointed out the location of the solar boundary on the map.
"Will a place be an ancient tomb?" Goo Tsai lay on the tea table with a face of thinking.
"If there is still a chance, we will go through all the places first, and we will definitely find a chance in it." I smiled and reached out and squeezed a pair of baby fat cheeks.
It’s not a short-term thing to look for the Water Emperor City when I’m twenty-four years old. I won’t leave the ghost market easily until I’m twenty-four years old.
I thought I didn’t know if I could survive the 24-hour robbery safely. Before I saw Yangzhu get the water, the excitement in the Imperial City quickly subsided.
"Well, we’ll start when Sister Ran dies. Sister Ran, please put away the map and don’t lose it." Goo Tsai Maliu folded the coffee table map and handed it to me.
"The non-Yin-Luo brothers and the Yi-Cheng brothers trespass on these places, which will be like" warning me to take the map and sit on my leg to ask Gu Zi’s father.
"I know that there have always been leaders who have taught me not to be evil, and the younger brothers who are sincere have entered the places where the leaders of the past dynasties buried their bones, and no one can leave alive." Goo Zi’s father answered my question.
"But I have been to the ancient tomb in that place on the solar boundary with Wang Zhoupeng and Duanmu Sen, and nothing happened to Wang Zhoupeng and Duanmu Sen because they entered the ancient tomb." I know there is something wrong with the ancient tomb in Mingze Ice Cave.
I don’t know if I can survive my 24-year-old life. I don’t know if I have the opportunity to find the specific location of Shuihuang City. I want to tell all I know at this time.
If I can’t survive the 24-hour robbery, I can go to the Shuihuang City to find out the merger method of Yinzhu and Yangzhu, and I can merge Yinzhu and Yangzhu against Zuo Si and Zuo Si’s father Baiyun.
I’m going to talk more and ask more questions, which is bound to make the operation of finding the water emperor city after the field go more smoothly by taking fewer detours.
"A place may be true or false, not afraid of 10 thousand, but afraid of one thousand. It is most appropriate to be careful according to the map." Goo Tsai’s father shook his head gently
Just before I got here, I got a Dan Tai glass order that those who left the underworld return to the club to help the minibus.
After entering the club, the man from the underworld kneels in front of Dan Tai Glass and tells Dan Tai Glass that the forces of the underworld have been brought by him, and the door of the underworld is still closed.
Dan Tai glass nodded as the underworld people left the club, and Ma and Wang Dalang left behind Dan Tai glass.
"Brother Ming, look at my lovers’ beads" Goo Tsai walked from my leg to Xie Yiming with short legs and showed off his neck beads again with a sad expression.
"Then," Yi-ming xie smiled and stretched out his hand and touched Goo Tsai’s head.
"Brother Ming, why don’t you envy me?" Goo Tsai looked at Dan Tai Glass with big eyes in black and white.
"Because you are a little goo boy" Xie Yiming emphasizes the pronunciation of fine print.
"Sister Ran yelled at my brother for bullying me." Goo Zi immediately wronged her eyes and looked at me.
The interaction between Xie Yiming and Goo Tsai made me laugh. I got up from my seat and went back to my room to call my grandmother.
Lock the door, I turn into a father’s voice, take out my new mobile phone card after my former father left, and dial grandma’s mobile phone number.
Call grandma, and I’ll contact her again immediately. Grandma can hide the paper man.
I can see my grandmother sitting on the bed in the room alone at the moment, and I don’t know what to think.
When the bell rang, grandma picked up the phone and stared at the screen of the phone. She was slightly surprised and answered the phone.
My dad told grandma that I accidentally lost my mobile phone and changed my new phone number when I bought it.
Grandma’s face brought a comfortable smile when I spoke.
Grandma gathered her messy cheeks with white hair and said with a smile, I’m such an adult and I’m still forgetful. It’s really careless of me to go out for so many days and not know to report my peace to her.
I will pay attention to ask grandma about her recent health after I tell her.
Grandma said she was all right. Ask me where I am now. Have you found any traces in the white clouds?
Why didn’t you directly kill Zuo Si and Zuo Si’s father before? What are your plans? Or did you kill Zuo Si and Zuo Si’s father in one fell swoop because of the ability problem?
I randomly made up a position tape with a starting point of chagrin and told my grandmother that I had not found any trace in the white clouds.
I didn’t directly kill Zuo Si and Zuo Si’s father. I have my plans, so I will tell my grandmother carefully later.
Grandma laughed and said that she seemed to hear someone say with chagrin that someone seemed to say that he was a father, but he was still so impatient.
I’m embarrassed to say that I’m too, which is why I’m so exposed in front of grandma.
Grandma laughed and said that you should pay attention to your health when you are running around. I know this.
Grandma asked me if the leg wound was healed, and I said it was a big difference.
Grandma said that she would see me again in her lifetime. She can laugh in her dreams now, and I won’t lose contact after I say it.
Grandma told me that Goo Tsai had been treated. I said that it was so beautiful. My attitude towards Goo Tsai was hard to accept if something happened to Goo Tsai.
Grandma said it was true, and she couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. It’s not a good thing that I am too grateful to the people around me.
I said grandma doesn’t have to worry. With me and ghost servants, I can protect people around me from harm. People around me won’t be hurt. Naturally, I won’t feel uncomfortable.
Grandma smiled lightly and said with dim eyes that sometimes you can’t hurt yourself if you don’t protect yourself from harm. Some things are irresistible to human beings.


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