"Bastard! Asshole! You forced me! You forced me, Duke Marcus! I changed my mind, and you’re going to pay the worst price! Forever and ever "

This is a dragon skin contract full of dark and cold breath.
Rao can clearly feel the cold breath coming out of his face hundreds of meters away, and he can vaguely hear the wailing of Qian Qian’s ten thousand murders in his ear.
The analysis of unified elves makes Duke’s heart thump.
"The scanned contract has the blood of Chief Naiozu."
Chief Naiozu?
Isn’t that what happened after the end of World War II?
Before the big explosion, Nai ‘aozu was still the chief of the Tangtang tribe, a living person.
Duke knew that Nerazu was caught and abused by Kilgardan according to the original history. Not only did he die, but his soul was compressed and packed into an ice skeleton.
I didn’t expect that there would be a soul contract forged by his true life and animal blood.
Duke clearly saw the remaining half of the contract, which was clearly written in Irida.
However, it is hard to say that Duke, who is proficient in Irida, was presented with a complete contract in less than one second.
"This is …"
That’s right. This is when Kilgardan forced Naiozu to sign a soul contract, and this miserable chief’s oath of true life was branded on his face.
Ner ‘ozu swore eternal loyalty to the Burning Legion’s soul, and the words were branded one by one.
It can be said that this contract is the basis for Kilgardan to safely send Nero Zu, the lich king, to Azeroth to do things.
This contract contains the strongest Areda law, the town is locked with a number of imaginary lords’ will to help suppress the surface, and Kilgardan has four fingers handprint theory. If Nero Zu tries to break away from the contract, this demon handprint will fly across the ages to teach Nero Zu to be a man.
Even if the harsh terms of the blood oath contract have expired, Duke can’t help shivering when he just looks at it.
Nima seems to be a guy named Dao who broke away from the soul contract of the Burning Legion and killed all the twisted and imaginary fortresses. After that, the Burning Legion’s strictness on the soul contract reached a peak.
According to this contract, if Nero Zu violates Kilgardan’s orders, 99% of his soul will receive the most terrible revenge.
Fortunately, the remaining 1% is just to witness his eternal pain.
However, Nero Zu still chose to rebel against his own soul, and it was very costly to dilute his soul …
Chapter 122 Thorn!
Suddenly everything can be explained.
Even if Nero Zu was a coward from beginning to end, he didn’t have the courage to go to the pit and his compatriots didn’t have the courage to kill the devil, but …
Beast! People! Yong! No! ! Slave!
After years of miserable human torture, Kilgardan played badly in his body, and he never gave up a free heart.
On the other hand, the devil commander’s contract is not so easy to violate.
This is why after Archimonde died, Nai Aozu chose to jump ship and stand on his own feet, and his magic decreased greatly.
Even the soul is almost consumed by the contract itself. Only the weak have ghosts.
On the other hand, no one expected that Arthas would be so loyal that he really ran to success. The savior not only killed a lot of people who stood in the way, but also defeated Illidan, who worked for Kilgardan. Illidan finally ascended the frozen throne and merged with Nero Zu for many times.
An orc soul, a knight who used to be a human death, is perfectly integrated, and it is also drunk to think about it.
Duke didn’t know what Kel ‘Thuzad wanted to do when he took out the remaining half of the contract. Will there be any good things?
When I didn’t respond to Duke,
"Hula!" Kel ‘Thuzad’s purple hat in Phnom Penh seemed to fall with the wind. The part of the bones that should have been between the eyebrows actually made a little finger-sized door by themselves.
There is a gray white light flowing by the door, and the hazy feeling is like he grinds his bones into ashes and flies out.
It’s more like he poured out the most profound and mysterious evil spell in his spiritual world directly.
When his eyebrows were gray and white, he fell to Nai Aozu’s blood oath, and all the elves were able to analyze the mystery on the spot, and the whole dragon skin blood oath felt three points lighter on the spot.
Suddenly, the whole hall was filled with frost several times.
A soul sound is compressed into less than one tenth of a second and rushes into Duke’s eardrum.
If Duke was an ordinary person, he would have been deaf because of this noise-like compressed audio. When Duke naturally decoded this audio, the outside world passed slowly, but Duke clearly heard Kel’ Thuzad’s declaration of yin and yin’s death.
"Ha ha ha! Only one person, the Yi Long Natural Disaster Corps, is not afraid of the whole death world enemy? It’s really a league hero Duke Marcus! I have punished you for your arrogance three times. Yes … You are tasting three serial traps that I have painstakingly arranged. "
Three? Duke couldn’t help frowning
"Hey hey! The most mellow poisonous wine must be delivered at the last moment, and that taste is the most fragrant, so you die here … in the name of the Lich King! "
"well! ?”
Duke can feel bad in the face of the overwhelming terror. He pulls the reins to make Onik Thea retreat quickly.
At the same time, he can come up with an ice barrier successfully.
It’s not a matter of time, because that’s the past, the attack is over, and the trap has taken effect!
There’s something on Duke’s chest that swells up more than the rapid situation.
Broke through the chest, bones, flesh and blood burst out, impressively …
"Ice prism! ?”
Duke wears the lowest equipment of Mount Hyjal. If it is put into the second Dark Gate War, all kinds of physical injuries to semi-artifact swords, hammers and axes will be harmful to sunrise magic theory.
Now even for semi-artifact and sunrise magic attacks, most of them can do half the damage reduction.
But the only exception is attacking from the side.
Not to mention the state of this ice prism after puncture.
At this moment, Duke is like a flying insect flying in the sky, rushing around at will and falling into a terrible spider web chain trap woven with ten or twenty layers.
No matter how strong he is, no matter how hard he struggles, he is just a black widow poisonous spider bait.
"Duke! ?” Onyxia let out a scream and felt the shock and fluctuation in her soul. She didn’t rush at it. The dead suddenly bent back the tall dragon neck and saw the chest explode Duke.
Duke’s stiff neck was like rust, and the machine moved him hard, touching his chest as if in disbelief.
There’s a rare epic robe. It’s pierced through the ice prism, and there’s a beating heart hanging from the top …
"Frost … divinity! ?”
Kel’ Thuzad finally burst into laughter. "Stupid people! Have you forgotten that I am different from you in quality? I don’t need to breathe! "
Looking around, at the same time, the divine fragments burst out in the void and turned into hedgehog-like strange ice hockey. Duke understood everything.
Yes! That’s right! Is the frost divine attack!
It seems that the divine power of Duke’s flame expelled Kel ‘Thuzad’s frost divine power, but Duke is alive and needs to breathe, feeling a little cold and floating with a very small amount of frost divinity.
In order to fool Duke Kel ‘Thuzad, Duke didn’t pay the most attention to shadow divinity, but the mage also had frost power.
It’s normal for a demigod frost wyrm, a double lich of ice and shadow to have a small amount of frost and divinity leaking out.
Then this practice of casting a wide net succeeded.
Duke is directly recruited!
"No" feeling the rapid decline of soul connection Onyxia was shocked. She never cared about fighting again. She actually shrank into a human figure at a high speed on the spot and hugged Duke covered in blood. "Bastard! You lied to me! Aren’t you invincible? Didn’t you say you were going to change my destiny? What … "


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