"… this is all thanks to the knight Surdak," said an elderly village man casually.

"It’s a good year this year. In recent days, I’ve gained a lot in the mountains, such as wild radish, sour pear, jujube and hawthorn. Even if I see them, I’m afraid I can’t recite powerful words from the mountains. Who doesn’t pick up trees, rice and mushrooms?"
"Since we have a carriage, let’s look at the four carriages that can be loaded with mountain products assiduously. Every day, we have to run a few back and forth wagons in the mountain pass. That thing is too expensive. If it is broken, it will be in trouble. Everyone in the village will repair it …"
The night in Woer village is particularly quiet. Many villagers are reluctant to light oil lamps in order to save money. If there is no such dinner party in the evening, everyone usually goes to bed early and soon. After the villagers are gone, the square in the village is left in a mess.
At such times, Selena will pack up in a hurry and go home early in the morning. She would rather leave the cleaning work until tomorrow than stay in the square too late, because there are always some idle people who can’t sleep in the middle of the night, wandering around the village square, and occasionally secretly aiming at her, making her feel uncomfortable and daring, and will follow her all the way to her door.
Selena deliberately dragged it to the end after the harvest festival dinner this year. She wiped the wooden square table with a rag and glanced at her eyes from time to time. She was drinking with a group of young people. Surdak Signa had fallen asleep by the stove. She ate too much tonight. Selena was worried that she would accumulate food and drank a glass of hawthorn water for her, but now she is not in a hurry to go back to that cold stone house.
When little Peter was sleepy, old Sheila went home with Rita and Natasha on her back.
Surdak, on the other hand, has been discussing the construction of the reservoir with young people like Charlie and Luke. After the harvest, bricklayers in various villages will continue to rush to the reservoir in Woer Village to build horses. Tomorrow, people will be organized to pull volcanic ash at the edge of Pustuca Mountain and grind those loose limestone, which requires some manpower and material resources.
The old village head was drunk, and Charlie was carrying the old village head home. There were only a few people left here, such as Luke and Val. Surdak found that Selena actually waved to her, tucked Selena’s blanket, tidied up a little messy hair and untied her long skirt before she quickly walked over.
Selena is wearing a long thick woolen dress and a woolen sweater, and her steps are brisk. She tries to avoid swinging her waist because she thinks that a woman with a dissolute personality will twist her hips when she walks. She doesn’t want to be thought of as that kind of woman by Surdak.
Surdak was wearing a linen shirt, tight legs, breeches and riding boots, and his arms were covered with ferocious scars. He took the initiative to get up and went around behind her. She pulled the armchair and asked her to sit down.
"As it happens, you and I were just discussing the construction of a reservoir in the village. The specific construction plan has been decided, but at present we need special personnel to count and pay salaries. I think you can win this matter …"
Selena lifted her head and looked at Surdak with a kind of worship. At this moment, she felt that the way he discussed things was simply charming. She didn’t catch what Surdak said. Anyway, she just told her to do something every day. She was willing to do it.
Several young people felt that this atmosphere was not suitable for continuing to talk about the reservoir, so they made excuses to end the discussion hastily.
Soft moonlight sprinkles the mountains and sprinkles the fields in the village of Woer. The village is covered with reeds and marshes. In the land along the village, Nakakoji Surdak is asleep on her back. Signa walks in front and Selena and Surdak leave a dark shadow on the moonlight behind her. She puts out her foot and steps on Surdak’s shadow.
The shadow kept moving forward and she chased it happily …
Selena always thought it was too long to get home from the village square, but now she found that the road was too short. When Surdak stopped, she almost knocked down his back.
Surdak handed the sleeping Signa to Selena, then put her hand on Selena’s greasy face and kissed her sexy lips.
Selena hoped that Surdak could stay even if she was overbearing or eager to pull her into the stone house, but Surdak said "good night" to her lightly.
"Good night!" Selena has a weak voice, mosquitoes and flies
Surdak courtyard gate watched Selena walk into the stone house before turning around and walking along the village road.
Selena carried Signa back to the stone house and put her back on the wooden bed. Signa licked the soft-lipped bed and turned over. Selena helped her build a quilt.
The moonlight outside the window is like snow. Selena is sitting on a wooden bed full of loss. At this moment, she suddenly hears the door of the courtyard knocking at the door. Her heart suddenly moves and rushes out of the stone house. She just sees Surdak leaning against the courtyard wall with a faint smile and says to her, "Would a kind lady like to take in a …"
Before Surdak finished, Selena quickly rushed out of the door and put her hands around Surdak’s neck to hang him.
Selena closed her eyes and smelled his faint soap …
"Hey … do we have to stay at the door like this all the time?" Surdak sounded in her ear.
Chapter 293 Dark words
When I woke up in the morning, I saw at first sight that Signa was looking carefully from the shop. This Gensoul Ducker had the deepest feeling and felt that he really should have a castle-like big house.
Otherwise, every time I lie down with Selena and wake up, there is always a little guy who spoils it. Gensoul Ducker feels a little embarrassed.
Moreover, every time Signa sees those horrible scars on her body, she always has a color of fear.
Surdak has a vague memory of the origin of these scars, but he can only see some broken pictures in his memory. He is struggling in a sea of fire. An overseas magician is riding a magic slap and chasing another sorceress with a child. Every time the picture stops here, there will be a deep stabbing pain in his heart.
Selena’s black tattoo on her back doesn’t always show up.
For example, now her back is white, greasy and bright, lying beside her, showing a soft curve.
Surdak told her about Selena’s changes. Selena was like a lazy cat curled up in his arms and whispered, "The goddess doesn’t always come and bend over the goddess. Of course, there will be no tattoos on her back …"
"Can it still be like this?" Surdak said with some surprise that she didn’t expect her magic tattoo to be hidden.
Selena and Signa nodded affirmatively at the same time, and looked at the mother and daughter with a certain face. Surdak was completely convinced that having a topic to talk about would not make the atmosphere too embarrassing, so Surdak said to Selena, "Did you have any abilities when the Dark Goddess came?"
Probably with this layer of intimacy, Selena blinked and said, "Actually, it’s a very weak ability. It’s nothing to say. It’s like a language curse …"
"Language curse?" Surdak mouth repeated 1.
This reminds him of his’ death whisper’. Isn’t that a language curse? I remembered the power of "death whistle" as if it could make the enemy die instantly in the battlefield, but now he has not figured out the transportation method of "death whistle"
Selena stood up from the humble wooden bed and smiled slightly at Surdak. "Almost, but it’s nothing … Do you want to feel it?"
Surdak didn’t expect Selena to have such a discussion and asked again, "Me? Are you going to cast that curse on me? "
Selena kept nodding and said, "No, it’s just that feeling won’t hurt much. Sometimes I will cast that curse on Signa when she makes a mistake, but it’s nothing now. She is more proficient than me now …"
Hearing Selena say this, Surdak became even more curious about what kind of spell it was, but he caught another point in Selena’s words. "You mean that Signa can curse in that language and is also a believer in the dark goddess?"
Selena stared at Surdak with a strange look, as if to say,’ Is there anything wrong with this?’
"Well, what I want to say is what to believe in … you should let her choose for herself." Surdak thinks that Signa should be given a better belief from an early age. After all, almost all imperial people believe in the goddess of liberty, the dark goddess Green … If you don’t like the goddess of liberty, you might as well believe in magic gods or elemental masters, such as Paglio, the god of fire and Eva, the god of water, rather than Celine, the dark goddess.
"This is her choice," Selena said to Surdak, glancing at the bunk.
Surdak can sigh in his heart and want to say something, but he doesn’t know how to say it. After all, it’s hard to say whether it’s right to believe in this kind of thing.
Selena wore a nightgown, and then knelt on the bed with her hands folded on her chest and prayed devoutly to the dark goddess. This time, Surdak didn’t really see what had changed around Selena. She felt that the portrait of the goddess holding one hand in the underground well reappeared behind her. Then Selena closed her eyes and suddenly opened her eyes. The green pupil became dark as ink, and her mouth spit out a short syllable.
Selena stared at Surdak’s left hand, and Surdak felt as if his left hand had been hit by a blunt instrument. There was a pain from the joint gap, but his hand didn’t change. He tried to stretch his fist without any inconvenience. The only thing was that his hand had a tolerable pain
"This is your language curse?" Surdak some startled to ask a way
"Well, it is said that this is a kind of dark talk," Selena replied with a nod.
It seems that there is really punishment as Selena said. There is really nothing in the real battle. Surdak looked a little depressed. Selena comforted her and said, "There is still a little effect that can make people concentrate on something."


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