Empress Cao waved her hand and lamented, "How long can I protect you when your children and grandchildren have their own blessings?"

Xiao chanting was sad for a moment and finally said, "I will detain him in the East Palace, and I will not be allowed to enter or leave the Xiejia squire at will. I always think that my mother was in a difficult time, but now the queen often fears that I have fewer children in my life, so I will pamper her more if I have three difficulties, and I can’t bear to criticize her."
Empress Cao hit the nail on the head and pointed out that "your fault is not that you love him, but that you love him too much."
Xiao Yong also knows.
When my father favored two yuan, he came out with two too. He saw it with his own eyes.
Both of you are highly qualified, but both of you are dead.
Two great brothers, he is far behind. He used to be jealous, but when he sits in this position, he thinks that even if he is qualified, what about it?
Xiao Yong readily promised, "I will teach him this time when he knows that he has taught him a lesson."
Empress Cao finally couldn’t help asking, "Can you really buy off your nine sides?"
Xiao recite mind by her a disturbing immediately face some mess.
Empress Cao knows very well that he is partial to Tai Yin and is single-minded with him, and he also takes the lead.
Empress Cao saw that he was stubborn and refused to listen. Out of sight, out of mind and out of mind gave a hand and said, "Go to work."
Xiao Yong knew that his father would not spare his mother easily this time, "I hope the mother will bless Qi Er."
Empress Cao thought she didn’t want to discover it, but she didn’t say that the emperor was still deceiving himself. It was better to pick the pustules, otherwise it would be a disaster in the future.
Empress Cao asked, "I asked Yan Er before that it was time to take a concubine. Do you guess what Yan Er said?"
Xiao recite some father nai looked at her eyes.
She said with a look on her face, "Yan said that it is not too late for him to take a concubine after his wife and children are married. Do you really think he knows nothing? That’s his wife and children! How can you fool him! If one day their brothers kill each other, it will be your day! Are you white? Ask yourself, have we Cao family really been disloyal? Can’t Cao Yin afford to be your respect when he is in court for dozens? Do you dare to say that you thank the Queen Gu for Cao Guifei’s refuge in Hualin Garden? "
Xiao recited that the Empress Dowager Cao repeatedly knelt down with tears in her eyes and called it "wrong."
Empress Cao lamented in her heart that she had taught too little when she was young. Now she is like this. She didn’t expect him to be the best at that time. There are so many outstanding brothers in his face. She hoped that he would be rich and smooth, and he would be a rich man. Who knew what would happen later?
"Jiangzhou curse is that you are not upright. What are you afraid of when you are enthroned in the Taiji Temple? What do you have to be guilty of? No one dares to touch you if something happens to you! "
Xiao Yong was ashamed.
After all, Empress Cao is old, and her character is resolute, but her son’s temperament is not like her, and she is not like the throne. Thirteen is still the case in front of her.
Xiao recite recently in front of the mother face simply have something to say "mother know I this emperor do like a decoration, I again tough? Nine sides will recognize Bei Gong but not me! When I was about to go to Beijing, my father, the emperor, congratulated me on his birthday. It was like a situation in which the monarch and the minister brought out the best in each other. What about me now? Father didn’t give me any face. Third brother made him kill his uncle and he made him regret it … "
"the emperor!" Empress Cao was furious.
Speaking of this, I simply let go and said that I had a good time and asked the queen mother, "Mother also thinks I can, right?" Do you know what I became when I became king? Father is addicted to monastic flowers, countless gold and silver, disasters in the south and drought in the north. I rely on my family to make both ends meet. An open emperor is too poor to pay for silver! I’m so angry that I want to borrow Cao Yin’s mouth to ask the Cao family in the north for a bargain so that the people in the north can survive the natural disaster year. Do you know what Cao Yin told me? Cao Jia is afraid to know that there is no Cao Jia’s good command in the north! "
Without life and death, resentment can’t be where it is now.
The Empress Dowager Cao was silent, and it was not Cao Yin or Xiao Yong’s fault.
Because at that time, the Cao family was really chaotic.
Cao Bing and Cao Wenyan, the former householder, were Cao Yin’s cousins. He was just as famous as Lv Kuangyuan in those days, and he was the best friend of Hewang. Princess Hewang was his twin sister, and then he came to save Hewang from fleeing the capital and died.
At that time, the Cao family was in chaos for a hundred years, and the clan was accused of treason, which was hundreds of lives.
At that time, Cao Yin took Cao Bing’s body to plead guilty. He was willing to let Cao’s brother go on behalf of his brother. Even then, Cao’s family was still dead, and a group of brothers calmed the matter down.
This is the only bloody thing in those days.
Outside the temple, the queen came to see the queen mother
Cao Empress Dowager put away her look, Xiao Yong also put away her anger and mother’s tacit understanding, and her emotions were no longer tense.
Xie Huiyin came in to see the queen mother with her. She bowed down. "Is the queen mother better today?"
Empress Cao "lost the queen’s concern for people who are old and miss."
Empress Xie didn’t dare to think twice and immediately said, "Mother’s immortal life is prolonged …"
Empress Cao didn’t answer the words, "Well, I’m tired, too. I won’t keep you because I have things to do."
Xiao recite this just got up and left with the queen.
After waiting for people to leave, Empress Cao and the old mammy around her said, "This is what I have worked so hard to raise."
The old nurse pinched her temples to persuade "you can’t be too god"
"I don’t want God to catch up with me and refuse to leave. Cao Cao has to be the blade for him."
The old mammy persuaded that "we also have difficulties"
Empress Cao said, "Who hasn’t? Didn’t Cao Jia have it? If he can’t afford this difficulty, he shouldn’t have sat in that chair. "
The old mammy never spoke again.
Cai Zhen followed Li Lingyu back to the temple to see her packing and reluctant to say, "I didn’t expect Mr. Lang to be promoted so soon."
Li Lingyu came to Beigong for nearly half a year.
Now it’s September and autumn, and she comforted Cai Zhen,’ It’s just a change of place. I’ll come to see you if I’m on duty.’
Cai Zhen: "Adults will be more and more busy and will definitely not be able to come."
“? Everyone in Su Da is kind and I am lazy. "


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