"Good evening, everyone. I hope everyone can take pictures of their favorite goods tonight!"

Mr. zaks is shy with a square corridor floor. He looks up at the corridor on the second floor. The faces of nobles and businessmen are simple, honest and modest.
At this time, businessman Mara Komlow explained to Surdak that this kind of private party is still very private, and two senior members are needed as referees to be eligible to join the group.
Of course, senior members here can’t recommend new people endlessly. In fact, every senior member has a recommendation opportunity every quarter.
"This indigenous man comes from the Maca plane and belongs to the Nanai tribe. He is about twenty-five years old, almost seven feet tall and weighs about one pound. His body is not too dark. The old injury on his right leg and knee does not affect his walking. Although he is strong, he does not understand the basic skills and tactics of the Green Empire."
Mr. zaks broke off the male slave’s mouth, grabbed his head and turned the booth around.
"As we all know, there is still a big gap between us and the soldiers." He held out his chubby hand and patted the slave’s face. "This is a young slave with outstanding physique. If he has patient training, he can still become a war slave."
Mr. zaks is hoarse when he speaks, but it is not hard to hear, especially when he speaks, it is always easy to bring the surrounding audience into a special rhythm
All eyes fell on him.
"Fifteen gold coins started and thirty gold coins were capped …" Mr. zaks continued.
"How can the auction price be capped?" Surdak secretly asked Maracombe, a businessman around him
"This is to prevent malicious bidding. Bidders want to buy it very much. If they shout out the top price, others will not be able to participate in the auction …" Merchant Maracombe explained to Surdaklow.
The nobles around you have raised the auction price to 22 gold.
I didn’t expect the first slave to compete so fiercely. It seems that Nanai nationality is famous for its soil.
Although Andrew didn’t come here, Surdak took out a number plate from the side and stretched out and shouted "Thirty gold!"
Give a cap price directly and take this Na ‘nai slave back.
"Well … this … this noble bought 3 gold coins at the auction price on the 1st today!" Mr. zaks shouted at the top of his voice
Chapter 7 Grey Dwarf
At this time, the nobles crowded next to the fence on the second floor looked at Surdak in succession, and they were a little curious about the young man who directly called out the ceiling price.
Za zaks pointed to another Nai slave behind him and said, "This Nai native who is also a Maca plane knows a little imperial language. He is healthy, seven feet two inches tall and weighs 195 pounds. He also doesn’t know basic combat skills. The starting price is 16 gold coins, and the maximum price is 32 gold coins."
A maid immediately climbed to the second floor and found Surdak from the crowd. Surdak was looking at the railing with his hands. He heard Mr. zaks quote this price and directly placarded and shouted, "I bought thirty-two gold coins …"
Then he took out sixty-two gold coins from the purse and put them in the tray of the young maid’s hand, and stuffed a silver coin into the maid’s hand.
The maid skillfully folded sixty-two gold coins into ten gold pillars, and put the other two gold coins aside to bow to Surdak, only then did she hold the wooden tray in her hand slowly.
The continuous capping price robbed two slaves, which made his nobles look askance at the private auction.
Everyone also inquired about the origin of this tall young man, and casually ran out of dozens of gold coins without blinking an eye.
It is said that there is such a rich man in Wilkes city that everyone can’t help but know him!
Must be an outsider …
What I hate most is that outsiders don’t talk about any rules, even bidding is so rude.
However, the information about Surdak soon came out from the mouth of two magicians who participated in the auction. He was actually the commander of the Lu Se Legion and had just obtained the Inver cargill Forest. I heard that there was a very good copper mine in that forest, and it was really a bold owner.
Even Mr. zaks in the courtyard on the first floor smiled kindly at Surdak.
When he saw Malacombe, a businessman around Surdak, his eyes immediately showed an abrupt look and he nodded to Malacombe.
He tidied up a little bit for himself. On the first floor, the central booth waved at the iron gate on one side and walked out of a row of indigenous slaves from the iron gate. However, these slaves were not Na ‘nai indigenous people, and their facial features and skin color were different.
"These indigenous slaves come from the fertile Kotz plane. They are all good hunters, and they all know the imperial language. They are a little thin. Let them eat more meals and the horses will become strong!" Mr. zaks said and licked his lips.
One side maid hurriedly brought a glass of wine.
Mr. zaks took the glass and gulped it down. Then he dumped the residual wine in the glass and put it back in the tray.
He continued, "These slaves are healthy and all young male slaves. The starting price of each slave is 14 gold, and the maximum price is 2 gold."
Say that finish, he couldn’t help looking up at the second floor terrace Surdak again.
The nobles next to the fence on the second floor also looked at Surdak in succession, but it was unexpected that Surdak was strong or weak about these indigenous slaves. He didn’t even lift his eyelids and became a bystander behind the balcony fence.
Mr. zaks successively auctioned and sold more than 30 indigenous slaves, Surdak, without taking part in an auction.
This makes the auction site return to the original rhythm, and no one will raise the price as soon as possible to try to scare off other competitors.
These male slaves are always twenty or thirty gold coins, and they want to create corresponding value. If they just work, it will take at least five years to squeeze them back.


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