Bellow continues, but no one else has mutated successfully except the archduke, and they have turned into skeletons and fallen to the ground.

Blink of an eye, and the whole field will be deserted.
The young man in Tsing Yi came forward with a smile on his face and looked at the Grand Duke as if he were watching a perfect art. He murmured, "It’s a success. It’s finally a success."
The archduke’s eyes flashed with a terrible cold light, and his hand caught it. Boom-boom, carrying unimaginable extraordinary force, directly caught the young people in Tsing Yi.
Tsing Yi youth disappeared instantly, and he actually grabbed it.
Dagong face a change.
Tsing Yi young man appeared behind him, and his sleeve robe swung and swept him out, like sweeping an ant. "This is my territory, and everyone moves magical powers except me. Do you want to kill me? Isn’t it a joke? "
Dagong fall in the distance face a fiercely no longer move.
The young man in Tsing Yi looked at him and said flatly, "Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you. Since you are mutated, I will fulfill the treaty and tell the master what you want, and the master will satisfy you."
"Thanks a lot"
Dagong’s mouth sounds like stone, and the friction is very harsh.
Chapter two hundred and seventy Start work
Tsing Yi young people didn’t continue to ignore Dagong, but suddenly looked at Xiao Yu and others, and their faces were cold. Deep in their eyes, there were thick dark murders.
They all face a step back and know that the young people in Tsing Yi will never let them go.
Is Xiao Yu motionless is very cool.
Archduke scanned all sneer at rivers.
"What? Do you eat it yourself or should I feed it to you? " Tsing yi young people insipid way
"This “`"
Everyone’s face changed dramatically.
Everyone knows that this kind of Dan medicine is more terrible than hundreds of people taking it at the same time, and even one person lives. They can’t guarantee that they will live if they eat it.
A monk crustily skin of head said, "Can we not eat this man?"
"Don’t eat?"
The young man in Tsing Yi suddenly burst into laughter, raised his hand and slammed his finger. The monk fried his flesh and blood on the spot and said coldly, "If you don’t eat, you will die!"
They suddenly look like soil.
"I’ll eat"
Suddenly Xiao Yu walked out of the crowd and came to the front of the young man in Tsing Yi and looked at him and said, "Do you want to eat it?"
Young people in Tsing Yi said flatly, "It’s good to eat and die, even if you complete the examination."
Xiao Yu said no more, grabbed a blood god Dan and filled it in his mouth, gulping silently and walked aside.
Dagong looked at his figure and sneered, "A dead end!"
Others don’t know that the blood god Dan is terrible, but he has a deep understanding. If he didn’t have a fierce knife key to help him at all times, he would definitely be broken by that kind of god Dan.
The imagination of the painful root method is like burning in a layer of fiery blood, and constantly adding a lot of powerful force to the blood will simply explode people alive!
The average person’s blood has almost no strength, but the life force to add strength to it will destroy their own life balance, which is counterproductive!
So he concluded that Xiao Yu was dead.
Unless he also has a peerless artifact to protect him.
Others see even Xiao Yu ate a pill, but they dare not hesitate. They crustily skin of head stepped forward and pinched the pills and swallowed them with their mouths open.
Young people in Tsing Yi stared at everything coldly.
A moment later
Someone screamed and glowed, his face twisted, his blood gurgled and boiled violently, and then he made a thump, and his blood vessels exploded into a pile of dead bones.
No one else was lucky enough to scream and struggle. Many people jumped on the young people in Tsing Yi and roared, "If you want us to die, I will die with you!"
The young people in Tsing Yi turned to dust with a single shot.
All the people left didn’t survive the screams and fell to their deaths.
Xiao Yu never moved, neither mutated nor burned by the power of Dan medicine. His face was dull and he didn’t seem to encounter any abnormality.
Dagong and young people in Tsing Yi are aware of the weird qR1 with a frown.
"What’s your name?" asked the young population in Tsing Yi.
Xiao Yu
"Come and have another pill," said the young man in Tsing Yi.
Xiao Yu gave him a deep look and didn’t say much. He walked over and grabbed a grain of Shendan again. The young people in Tsing Yi stared at Xiao Yu and swallowed Shendan.
But the result is still the same as before.
There was no response. This grain of God Dan swallowed it like eating a jelly bean, and it didn’t respond to him. He was dormant all over, and there was nothing unusual in appearance.
The young man in Tsing Yi frowned and said, "You shouldn’t. How did this happen?"
Dagong’s eyes flashed and he shouted, "Xiao Yu, do you have any heavy treasures? How dare you cheat and hand them over quickly!"
It seems that Xiao Yu can eat two pills of elixir in a row, and it’s all right. He must be pregnant with a treasure, and he has dissolved that powerful drug.
Otherwise, how can he be a mere mortal to withstand that powerful medicine?
Xiao Yu Gherardini looked at him and said, "Does Dagong have to cheat to resolve the drug? How can the Grand Duke bear the elixir? "
As soon as he spoke, the young man in Tsing Yi looked at the archduke with a flash of his eyes.
Dagong’s face changed slightly. I didn’t expect Xiao Yu to be so difficult when he came. He even wanted to drag him with him. He immediately sternly shouted, "Are you presumptuous? I have to ask you if I am born lucky and lucky, but I can’t bear the medicine of Shendan?"
Xiao Yu laughed. "Dagong really got an unimaginable treasure. At that moment, you solved the drug, which is far from being comparable to others."
Dagong’s face changed dramatically. I didn’t expect Xiao Yu to even know this. "Xiao Yu is dying, and you dare to slander me and I will send you the way!"
His body flashed with a stronger breath than the instant approaching Xiao Yu’s big hand, and he directly pinched his neck to crush Xiao Yu’s palm.
He succeeded in mutating, his veins were strong, and his whole body was covered with scales, just like a wild ancient beast, five or six times stronger than before, and his grasp was shaking.
But he was doomed to tragedy.
Xiao Yu face sneer at conveniently stopped archduke palm force a twist like a twist a branch on the spot will archduke palm twisted into a hook.
Archduke bellow a surprised and terrible quickly will retreat from here.
Xiao Yu kicked the archduke in the middle of his chest and slammed him for hundreds of meters. All the scales were shattered, and a large bone in his chest was broken.


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