Do we have to fight another war with our own people after more than one million troops have been caught in the Asian battlefield? Ulanova couldn’t figure out that Ogarkov simply said to her with a hint of bitterness, "We can’t lose Chechnya …"

But the Soviet Union can’t lose Chechnya. Georgia declared independence and fell to NATO, and then losing Chechnya means that the Soviet Union’s throat in and out of the Caucasus will be completely blocked, and the Soviet Union has spent a lot of money to pave the oil and gas pipeline to Central Asia, and once it loses Chechnya, the consequences will be unimaginable. Besides, now all the participating republics are clamoring for independence, and Chechnya is even more daring to point its gun at the Soviet Union. If it doesn’t set an example for the Soviet Union, it will be completely finished! The Soviet Union had to use the bloodiest means to suppress Chechen rebels so that those eager to split the country could see clearly what it would be like!
But ….. this will kill many people!
Ulanova consciously shook his head and threw these terrible thoughts behind his head. No one noticed that he quickly walked out of the already scarce tourists and came to that remote corner.
The old man is really here
He just squatted there with half a bowl of corn kernels in his hand and a small handful in the other hand, but I don’t know what pigeons just wouldn’t fall. He squatted there staring at the white pigeons hovering in the Red Square, with a trance-like look and wandering eyes. ulanova noticed that his forehead wrinkles were deeper and there was another place. Qing Wu walked over to him like a bruise and asked softly, "Did he fight with you?"
It took several seconds for the old man to turn his head and smile and say, "It’s not as difficult as walking carelessly and bumping into old eyes."
Ulanova wry smile "don’t lie to me, he is my husband, I don’t know his violent and stubborn temper? Does it matter? Have the doctor seen it? "
The old man said, "It’s okay. What kind of wind and waves have I never seen in my generation? Will I still pay attention to this minor injury?"
A white dove finally fell. ulanova grabbed some corn from the bowl and spread it out in her palm. The white dove jumped into her palm and pecked at the corn. She was not afraid of her at all. She asked, "What did he want to talk to you about?"
The old man said, "He told me that if one day he asked me for the nuclear box, then he must have lost his mind and refused him if he wanted me to talk about it, so I did."
Ulanova covered her mouth and let out an exclamation, "I am the emperor … he …" I felt a chill, and I couldn’t even speak clearly.
The old man looked at the gloomy sky and looked bitter. "Sometimes I really envy him for daring to fight, dare to fight, dare to love, dare to hate and never relax once he has set a goal, and I can’t do it … Why can’t I be as crazy as him?"
Ulanova lost his voice, "Please don’t say such hair-raising words again!"
The old man laughed and shook his head and asked, "What’s the situation now?"
Ulanova is depressed. "It’s bad enough. The world has declared war on us. The republics have declared independence one after another. NATO has pushed eastward and has crossed Poland to approach Ukraine and Belarus, but we can’t stop them!"
The old man muttered, "It seems that there is no hope for the Soviet Union. It is no wonder that he is in such a hurry … Although he has long been disappointed with this country, it is really uncomfortable to watch her fall to pieces … Sonia, we must stop this tragedy or it will be the end of the world waiting for us!"
Ulanova absently fiddled with the pigeon and said nothing.
The old man scattered corn kernels on the ground, and finally a few white doves fell down and ate them listlessly. His voice was low. "I know this is cruel to you, but please think about a desperate and meaningless war in the Far East. There are millions of troops and this vast land, and more than 200 million people who are about to be involved in the war!"
Ulanova nodded heavily. "I know what to do. I won’t hesitate, but, God, let it all end as soon as possible!"
The old man looked at the pale sun in the sky and was speechless.
This disaster is not so easy to end or it has just begun.
In just 24 hours, the battlefield situation in North China has been turned upside down. Liu Yunlong will command the second regiment, and after 16 hours of hard work, he will take Xuanhua to intercept the retreat of the outer Mongolian army in one fell swoop, and launch an avalanche attack in Baoding direction. Together, the aircraft, tanks and artillery will kill the circuitous Soviet army in Baoding, repel the circuitous enemy and pursue it, while Lieutenant General Xiao Hua will command the first regiment in Tangshan direction and suddenly launch a counterattack to surround the Soviet army in Tangshan. The 136th Regiment and the 54th Regiment of Mongolia ran amok. Although there were four regiments, they formed a powerful fist because of the lack of ammunition and oil. They beat them fast, beat them slowly and beat them more. As the main army of the northwest theater continued to enter Mongolia, the Mongolian plateau guards left behind were faced with disaster. They had two choices left: to stay in Mongolia and fight with the northwest theater until the army was wiped out or to withdraw from it. Never mind that they were still trapped in the main force of North China!
In Kazakhstan, it seems that before the main force of the Northwest Theater was transferred, people were secretly sent to contact Han Feng to discuss surrender. After learning that so many small partners declared independence, they also declared independence and quit the war!
The outer Mongolian army is in great trouble.
The heaviest blow to the Soviet Union is the goose feather flying from the sky like snow, but in the eyes of the Soviet Union alone, these light sheets are even more horrible than the Chinese army’s love for metal hydrogen explosives. Every sheet means a nightmare to them and the country behind them! From these lists, they learned that NATO had declared war on the Soviet Union. Many republics became independent and declared war on the Soviet Union. Many Soviet soldiers from these republics were dismayed to find that they had become enemies of their country despite their bloody battles! Strictly speaking, they are still in the same trench with them, enduring the heavy artillery fire of the Chinese army, and the Soviet soldiers are already their enemies! In addition to throwing orders, the Chinese army also played them the speeches of the heads of state of independent republics on loudspeakers, which made the Soviet army even more confused. But the orders were forged, but these speeches could not be forged. They were too familiar with the president’s voice of their own country!
Military strikes, cyber warfare, psychological warfare, three-pronged approach, the Soviet Union’s parry is weak, and now the problem they have to face is no longer whether they can break into Beijing, but whether they can return to the Soviet Union alive!
"It’s not easy to win this battle …" Shao Jianhui swatted the fly ash off his shoulder and looked at the dark sky blackened by the war, muttering to himself. His eyes turned faster than the gyro. Everyone who is familiar with his temper knows that this guy is going to play tricks to see if he can win the victory and get back the losses and interests. Although he can’t fight, he has a very incisive view on the war. There is no difference between victory and failure. Sometimes it is worse than failure! The war turned upside down. Northeast China, Northwest China, Mongolia and North China were all in ruins. Millions of soldiers and civilians were killed and injured. It took such a heavy price to win. If you don’t get benefits proportional to these costs, then this victory is meaningless!
The assistant said, "Damn it, Lao Mao killed so many of us. We must let them blood out!"
Shao Jianhui didn’t speak and looked up at blood out. It is unlikely that NATO’s offensive against the Soviet Union will shock the Xishan Strategic Command Center. Now the leaders of the Xishan Strategic Command Center are studying the feasibility of the Soviet Union joining forces against NATO after the annihilation of the outer Mongolian army! It’s hard to accept it, but this is the fact that the Soviet Union has no ability to stand against the NATO Republic on its own, let alone the Soviet Union. If it falls, it will be the turn of the Republic. If you don’t want to die, you can put blood and blood together and fight NATO back for revenge … Only the living are eligible for revenge!
A special plane painted with stars and stripes appeared at the airport and sent a landing request to the control tower. The control tower quickly agreed to direct the plane to land on runway 3. Shao Jianhui vomited a mouthful of phlegm and muttered curses. "Mom finally got here and waited so hard that snails climbed faster than them!"
The assistant looked at the boss with a tangled face, and one hundred and twenty people despised him. Is there a foreign minister like you? Even if you are full of swearing, you still spit everywhere! But it seems a piece of cake to think about Shao Jianhui’s glorious deeds such as hitting people with water cups, throwing coffee in people’s faces, drawing bikini girls during meetings, etc.-it is not impossible to piss him off and pee on you.
The landing of the special plane didn’t go smoothly. This airport was also visited by Soviet missiles. Although it was repaired urgently, it was still tattered. The runway of the special plane jumped around like a kangaroo, which worried the Secretary of State and a large number of civil and military officials. They were too scared to open their eyes and kept chanting that the emperor blessed the plane. Don’t fall apart! They may not know that there are less than a dozen people at the end of the runway, and they are eagerly watching the plane eager to see a brilliant picture of a tire bursting or a wing falling off … It’s a pity that the plane finally stopped. Shao Jianyang sighed and it’s a pity that he couldn’t see such a wonderful picture of the flying man.
"Damn it, the yellow-skinned monkeys have built a runway like this. They are trying to murder us!"
A major general of the aircraft cabin, who rocked badly, issued an angry curse. In his eyes, this runway was not qualified at all. It was murder for the Chinese controller to let them land on this runway!
Guo Qing wiped a cold sweat and said, "General Daniel, please pay attention to your words and deeds. You should know that now you are a diplomat, and your words and deeds will have a great impact on our diplomacy … Oh, which son of a bitch sent that rogue to pick me up! ?” In the second half of the speech, the stiff smile on your face disappeared completely and your eyebrows stood up one by one!
Major General Daniel asked, "What’s the matter?"
Guo Qing waved his hand and said that it was nothing. Looking at a bunch of flowers in his hand and coming towards him with a bright smile, it was a bit unusual to look at him like a sword. How ugly it was to twist and twist his face. That jerk was dressed in a serious way instead of sitting in the waiting room with a pistol and a cowboy hat and biting his cigarette. This is not like Shao’s fucking style! The most ridiculous thing is that this ya also brought flowers! It’s hard for him to find flowers in Beijing that are so bright without a trace of smoke. The Secretary of State was moved to cry-
Come on, white chrysanthemums seem to be for the dead! "Dear Guo Qingge, welcome to Beijing!" Shao Jianhui held high the bouquet of white chrysanthemums in his hand with a warm smile and handed it to Guo Qing. "This is a land that has suffered a lot but has always been tenacious and unyielding, just like this bouquet of white chrysanthemums, it is still in full bloom! On behalf of the Chinese people, I would like to present a bunch of flowers to Guoqing Pavilion and wish it a happy visit to China! "
Happy sister, you were given a bunch of dead people as soon as you got off the plane. Are you still happy?
Guo Qing secretly gnashed his teeth for two kilometers, and he could hear 10,000 alpacas growling in his heart. However, the old diplomat is an old diplomat. His skill is not for nothing. He just twisted his facial muscles and smiled and took the bunch of white chrysanthemums to shake hands with Xiao Jianhui. "Minister Shao is so enthusiastic. Hehe, it’s nice to meet you!"
Shao Jianhui said, "I’m also very happy to meet Guo Qingge. It’s an honor. This way, please!" Very attentive. Lead the way ahead
Guoqing smiled and turned around and handed the flowers in his hand to an assistant.
According to the plan, there will be a press conference in the airport terminal, which can be regarded as a whirlwind visit to create momentum. However, the Secretary of State has done his homework and written more than 6,000 words in the speech alone, but when he arrived at the terminal, they were all blindsided.
The scene was a mess, like a gun battle. None of the glass was well covered with bricks and stones, large and small, and there were enough stones to build a grave for the Secretary of State.
Several airport workers were lying on their heads.
Outside, bricks and stones kept flying in like hail. Looking out from the window, I saw that thousands of people were surrounded by darkness. Bricks and stones flew out of their hands and smashed into the terminal. Soldiers responsible for maintaining order could not stop them. An angry roar almost overturned the airport terminal.
"Thief eagle come out to die! ! !”
Shao Jianhui waved off two stones flying towards him and asked a female reporter who was hiding in a corner and turned pale with fear, "What’s the matter? How can a good airport be embarrassing? "
The female reporter said with a sad face, "When I came to the airport by car, the driver asked me who I was going to interview. I said that the Secretary of State of Citigroup was coming to visit and I had to attend a press conference. His face turned black and he told me to drive without saying anything ………………………………………………………………………………………….
Chrysanthemum sets of diamonds …


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