"Mobile phone … my mobile phone is gone!" Qin Sisi leafed through his clothes and tossed and turned in the scene where he just bought concubines, but he couldn’t find his mobile phone.

For star artists, mobile phones are very important. You must never throw away the photos inside. What if someone goes to the internet with a heart, it will be buried by gossip. If it is serious, the company may even remove her!
"Oh, I lost my phone? Don’t believe it! Look for it! "
"Yes, there are photos in it, right?"
Qin Sisi was sweating profusely. "There are many photos in it …" There are also photos of kissing with her ex-boyfriend. If someone goes online and ps her, she won’t live!
Hua Xiao also said at this moment, "Look for it … by the way, someone won’t take it by mistake!"
Qin Sisi suddenly realized, "Yes, yes, at that time, the tables were all mobile phones … I’m sorry. Can you look in your pockets?" Although Qin Sisi is a third-rate star, he still knows how to live and get along well with everyone.
So everyone present objected to taking out their pockets to see if they had taken it by mistake.
But I searched my pockets but couldn’t find Qin Sisi’s mobile phone. Qin Sisi was almost crying! Hua Xiao looked out of the corner of his eye after rummaging through his pocket, and immediately said to her, "Chi Yao, you also rummaged through you."
"I didn’t take it." She didn’t even take her mobile phone. How can she get Qin Sisi?
Qin Sisi ran to Chi Yao’s side. "I’m sorry. Maybe I took it by mistake? Please find one! "
Chi Yao saw Qin Sisi crying pitifully. Chi Yao turned over his pocket and touched it from his trousers pocket and then touched the left side of his coat pocket … No right side … Huh?
ChiYao hand a huaxiao look at ChiYao "what’s the matter? Not really! "
Chi Yao took something out of her pocket. It was indeed Qin Sisi’s mobile phone, but-when did she take it? Qin Sisi snatched it with joy. "Thank you, Chi Yao!"
When the mobile phone was found, everyone was relieved.
But at the same time, Hua Xiao’s sarcastic words sounded, "Qin Sisi is Chi Yao who took your mobile phone. How can you thank her?" Simple-minded!
"I …" Qin Sisi timidly looked at Chi Yao’s expressional face. Chi Yao seemed a little unhappy. "Forget it, just get it." Just don’t lose it.
"I didn’t take it," Chi Yao said lightly.
"If you take it by mistake, you will take it by mistake. How dare you admit it?" Hua Xiao said faintly, "The other party didn’t scold you either!"
Qin Sisi took hold of Hua Xiao’s arm. She was flattered that this Hua Xiao was actually speaking for herself? "Forget it, Hua Xiao, I don’t care if I find my mobile phone."
"What if someone took it on purpose?" Huaxiao didn’t good the spirit replied.
"…" Qin Sisi bite bite lips ChiYao deliberately take her mobile phone?
Chi Yao picked his eyebrows and looked at Qin Sisi. "Qin Sisi, no matter what you think, I didn’t take your mobile phone."
☆, Chapter 222 My mobile phone is gone, too.
Chi Yao also wants to put on a good show and doesn’t want to stay at home and chat all day. She has almost forgotten the people in this entertainment circle and will do anything to help others!
Hua Xiao is an example! She recognized that Chi Yao was an empty-handed person, and this time when she returned to Z, she announced whether she was a lover or a commander. How can the story behind this not be thought-provoking?
Maybe the commander was forced? Chi Yao is back, and can let the commander be his stepping stone on purpose! Anyway, she is the queen, which is still beneficial!
The more Hua Xiao thinks so, the more he feels sorry for the commander, and the more he hates Chi Yao. Hua Xiao looks at himself painted beautifully and casually says, "I personally think that since I took someone else’s mobile phone, I should at least apologize. If I can’t apologize, I always have to."
Qin Sisi’s expression was so surprised that Chi Yao apologized to himself? Suddenly her head shook like a rattle. "No, no, no!"
"Qin Sisi what are you afraid of! Isn’t there a saying, okay? The common people are guilty of the same crime! " Hua Xiao pointed to Chi Yao. "It’s just right for you to apologize for your mistake, isn’t it?"
Hua Xiaoyuan’s own words can attract everyone’s approval, so she waited for the crew members to crusade against Chi Yao with joy, but when she finished speaking, there was silence for several seconds, and Chi Yao was also staring at Hua Xiao faintly.
"What’s the matter ….." What do you mean, Hua Xiao suddenly felt that she had a hard time? Are these people afraid? "Why don’t you have a sign?"
One of the actresses frowned and said, "It’s nothing, Hua Xiao. You said it was too serious." Didn’t you just take it by mistake? Chi Yao said that he didn’t take it. Maybe someone accidentally put it in Chi Yao’s clothes and then took it away. Hua Xiao put the charge on Chi Yao’s head.
"I also feel that" an actress with a thin voice agrees to nod "at least it’s also a crew. It’s so embarrassing!"
Qin Sisi breathed a sigh of relief and nodded. "Yes, I’m fine. Thank you."
"You …" Hua Xiao was surprised to stare at those actors and let Chi Yao go so easily! I thought I could humiliate Chi Yao! "Forget it, forget it, I’m sentimental. Well, Qin Sisi, you’re hopeless!"
Hua Xiao said and stared at Qin Sisi and then left.
As soon as Hua Xiao left, the actors dispersed in the makeup. The actress who just said that her voice was very thin suddenly sneered, "Hua Xiao really likes to bully new people!"
"That is, she is really a red actress. If she was not sneaked by a director, where would she get the chance to be a hostess?"
Chi Yao got it. It seems that colleagues here don’t like Hua Xiao just now, but they are just talking with Hua Xiaoxiu. If Hua Xiao knows that, the expression must be wonderful!
"Chi Yao, don’t think too much." Qin Sisi said carefully with a mobile phone. "I didn’t blame you for coming, but Hua Xiao said things too seriously."
Chi Yao smiled at Qin Sisi lightly. "Well, I know." The crowd dispersed and the road ahead was smooth. Chi Yao went to his dressing table and suddenly remembered something. He turned to Qin Sisi and said, "My dressing style really doesn’t suit you. You look better in a short style."
Qin Sisi was stunned and then realized that he would laugh and expand "I know"
Unloading the makeup pool, Yao walked out of the proposed palace, and the car Jing Muyun was parked outside. When she got there, Jing Muyun asked, "What’s the matter? Today seems to be later than usual."
Chi Yao sighed, "A little accident happened."
Little accident? Jing Muyun raised his eyebrows. "What’s the matter?" Accidents are usually based on people. Jing Muyun never believes in accidents.
"Nothing is just that a female cell phone of the crew lost and then let’s rummage through our pockets …"
"In your pocket?" Jingmuyun connect a way
"Yes," Chi Yao smiled, "It’s delayed a little bit." By the way, when it comes to mobile phone Chi Yao suddenly frowned and reached out and touched his pocket.
Jing Muyun looked at Chi Yao while driving. "What are you looking for?"
Chi Yao looked blankly at Jing Muyun. "I forgot my mobile phone." Just because of the episode in makeup, I left my makeup on my mobile phone and forgot to take it. Chi Yao’s face flashed a trace of annoyance. How did his memory become so bad?
Jing Muyun looked at her funny. "People say that three years in baby brain really makes sense."
"… you dislike me?"
"dare not"


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