Once again, a large number of magmatic monsters have gathered in the abyss of fire. Sun Hao just sat up in the magma. Sun Hao’s face showed a faint smile and smiled at his shoulder with a small fire. "A small fire sees me show my great power." In the speech, the gods moved, and a small purple flame emerged and scattered with a bang, and sparks fell into the magma.

After seven turns of the real fire, the power of the small flame has increased a little bit. Mars fell into the magma and got into the magmatic monster. These monsters, which used to force Sun Hao to be partial, were absorbed by the small flame and turned into ashes and sank into the magma.
Small fire Sun Hao’s shoulders kept flapping his paws as if shouting that a pair of eyes had flooded with nostalgia.
When Xiao Huo just followed Sun Hao, he lived here for more than two years and was full of warm memories.
Sun Hao, who was in the corner of Ann in that year, patted Xiao Huo and smiled and asked, "Xiao Huo still remembers that year?"
Little fire, little head, a little bit
Sun Hao smiled and said, "So little fire, do you remember the origin of that fire spirit?"
Sun Haobi scratched a small fire and saw Sun Hao’s meaning. The little head nodded a little.
Sun Hao said with a smile, "Well, this time, we will follow your route to find the fire spirit of that year, and maybe we can find something in this fire spirit activity area."
There is a saying in XuanYuanHong’s prediction that "people are in flames". Isn’t the essence of fire just the shape of people? In that case, if you don’t directly search the fire essence activity area, maybe you can find something
At present, the fire source of magmatic monster is not so helpful to small flames.
Fire essence is an elf in the fire. If you can refine the fire source, it should be helpful to Sun Haozhen’s fire.
Moreover, yang essence is likely to be generated at the active place of fire essence.
Yang Jing is a special fire jade ancient book "Zhou Li?" Celestial officer? Jade House has a saying that "Wang Qi eats jade together" and "Jade is pure and pure, and people eat water and vapor".
Ancient "Yi? Say hexagrams "cloud" dry jade "so Yang essence"
Small fire tilted his head and thought for a while, then began to show Sun Hao the way with small paws.
In order to avoid getting lost in the abyss of one’s own fire, Sun Hao wrapped the guide bees to locate first, and then began to grope towards the magma river according to the guidance of small fire.
Yang-accumulating hot air makes a fire, and the fire is marrow and essence.
Fire essence is a very strange life. It is the essence of fire. It is born in fire and grows stronger in fire. It is the darling of fire. Fire essence is not a spirit beast. Because of fire essence, there is no ordinary spirit beast. The substantial body is a mass that can be condensed into a human flame. Fire essence is not a spirit. It is a fire essence. It is not inferior to the spirituality of higher spirits.
Follow the magma flow for more than 30 miles. The front is no longer empty, but the whole magma river is red. Sun Hao’s underground emptiness is like a huge bubble in this magma river.
According to the direction of small fire, Sun Hao propped up the protective deity and plunged into the magma river.
Sun Hao’s knowledge of the sea has been greatly strengthened since he became a monk then. Although this is an underground abyss in the magma, his knowledge can still be found at a certain distance.
Sun Hao, who leaned out of the gods, carefully groped forward. According to the small fire, not far ahead was the area where she found the fire essence.
I just don’t know whether the quantity of this kind of fire essence is large or not, and the strength is such as
If it is this time, Sun Hao, the kind of strength fire essence, is not afraid of Sun Hao’s reality to clean up that kind of strength fire essence.
The pressure of drilling into the magma suddenly increases. I don’t know how deep it goes into the magma here. It’s normal for Sun Hao to resist the pressure and move forward slowly.
Soon Sun Hao discovered a fire spirit.
This fire essence is curling up in a huge basalt, and it is hard to find it in the magma. If Sun Hao knew that there might be fire essence in this area, he increased his visiting strength. If Sun Hao’s small flame showed abnormal excitement, Sun Hao would not find this guy.
With a flick of his finger, the small flame sank into the magma and drilled in the direction of fire essence.
With Sun Haoxiu’s ascent, the distance from the body of the small flame is getting farther and farther, and the small flame quickly passes through the magma and poof into the body of the fire essence.
Fire essence body with a shock from the magma a pair of eyes looked around didn’t feel wrong.
Sun Hao opened the magma of the five-inch gods and was far away. The fire spirit didn’t find Sun Hao, but he was very sensitive to the flame. The fire spirit had already felt that there was a different fire in his body.
The fire spirit has many opportunities to meet different flames in his life, and he is not alert to this group of different fires, so that the different fires will be automatically assimilated into a part of his body at regular intervals.
Look around the fire spirit and see if there is anything unusual. Curl basalt again and get ready to continue sleeping.
A moment later, the fire spirit sat up again with a sudden shock, and there was an incredible look in his eyes, and he kept trying to pull out the small flame by grabbing his chest.
He felt that abominable and strange flame devour his fire source!
Small flames, like bone-attached maggots jumping around with fire essence, are still firmly absorbed by his heart, and his fire source is continuously absorbed. Gradually, the fire essence is beating harder and harder, and the whole body light is gradually fading. After half an hour, the fire essence is completely melted, and the small flames rush out of the magma and fall on Sun Hao’s palm.
Sun Hao looked at the small flame with a pale smile and found that the small flame absorbed this fine fire source did make some progress, but it was still quite far from the first turn
The first turn won’t be so easy, and Sun Hao is not in a hurry. With a slight shake of his wrist, a small flame falls on his shoulder and stands side by side with a small fire, and then Sun Hao gradually touches the flow along the magma river ~ ~
Chapter five hundred and seventy-one Shi Yanduo namely
Under the pressure of magma flow, Sun Hao went deep underground while carrying "Proud Yu Shen Ba Fa Lian Ti Bird, Dragon and Elephant Prajna Work". This environment is very suitable for this refined body. Sun Hao has been practicing here for a while if he didn’t need to find Yang Jing and stay away from fire.


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