If people don’t stand in the world, they will certainly support their hearts and beliefs. These pillars are things but things but feelings. Only after people have a solid pillar in their hearts will they have enough motivation. The pillars in their hearts can do many things beyond their physical limits. Because of these thoughts, fragile human beings can break through many difficulties and March forward.

Living a deliberately arranged life day after day, facing others, the enemy has already arranged. Although he has enough power, he is still pulling a puppet. Generally, he can’t help but move forward, and he doesn’t even know where he is going. How many people are willing to endure this life?
In this way, Tang Yi’s resistance to external forces has faded since he reached the strength. Ten is that you know that you have gained strength, increased strength, and encountered so-and-so danger. It is all in accordance with the development of a certain drama that has already been set, but it is strange if you are still in high spirits.
It is really important that Tang Yi can still move on without abandoning the two girls around him. They have unconsciously become the driving force for his heart to work hard.
I want them to live a quiet life and never take part in these forced arrangements to fight again. I want them to go to the seaside to play. I want them to go to the snowy mountains to watch the sunset and snow.
Ah, ah, roar, pain, regret, roar, golden pythons, which are full of anger, roar and mutual agitation, weave and resound through the ruins of Kailas City. The golden thunder dances wildly, and the friction is crackling, and then it turns into a thunderbolt. The golden snake keeps showing black cracks everywhere. Obviously, the force has risen to the point of tearing.
Sharp but firm but gentle pure and thick pitfalls suddenly broke out, with a sharp sword stabbing at the figure in white in front. Four powerful poor Gu Jian poured heart and faith into Tang Yao, and a blow broke out. The sword body contained source power, but seeing that Gu Jian had crossed the azimuth and even collapsed, Tian Yuansu also became confused in an instant, leaving four lines about ten meters wide in the sky, which seemed to be light purple and light gray muddy traces.
Although there is no array and the power of the four swords is far from reaching the standard, it is still full of refining, fire, water and wind to restore chaotic power in the main plane, but it is impossible to restore the sky in a large scale because there is no array.
To be fair, although Tang evolved from the split of negative emotions in Tang Yi’s distraction, he didn’t admire Luna Feili’s feelings and his seemingly bad and weird but cold personality. Even if something happens to these two girls, he is unlikely to take it to heart, but Luna is in contact with Tang Yi’s scattered soul.
Once the girl dies, she will get in with him, so she can’t help but save. Even if she kills four swords at a time, she still has to bite the bullet and push the power of the four swords to the maximum and bet all her beliefs and fighting spirit on this blow.
Na died, Tang Yi died for a while, Tang San died, split personality, and he couldn’t live alone. He died, but he couldn’t escape the fate. Life is always staggered in many complexities. Perhaps this is also called providence. Even if you don’t have much feelings for Luna, you still have to fight hard when you should fight hard
The two of them at this time, even Carandina dare not light the front, but this company can tear and chaos to attack the root method even a little distance from the Father.
Whether it’s a black crack or a frenzied golden snake, the sharp shock wave catalyzes the murder of all things, or the chaos of the sky is blocked by a layer of light-transmitting curtain, which is about a finger thick. It’s not allowed to say that it’s really close to the curtain, and it will dissipate as if the ice and snow were thrown to the sun and steamed in an instant, leaving no trace.
Let’s disappear. There was a flash of scorn in my eyes, mocking the father’s right hand and slowly closing it into a hand knife. In Tang Yi’s eyes, Tang Yi was shocked and angered to the extreme, and slowly reached Luna’s chest and then stopped as if considering something.
Well, I’ve changed
The mocking eyes gradually turned cold and cruel, and finally evolved into naked madness and monstrous jealousy. Looking at those eyes full of madness and jealousy, Tang Yi scattered a shock in 39 and stopped slightly because of the father’s god’s movement, and the attack became fierce again.
The golden python suddenly opened its mouth when he was in charge, and then vomited more than 70 golden thunder balls with a diameter of seven meters in one breath, which were continuously bombarded to the same harsh square. The golden light instantly lit up the day again, and the bright sun light was completely covered, and the high temperature gas released by the explosion of the thunder ball was almost instantaneous.
Burned out, the crystallized surface braved the blue was instantly melted and boiled again at this high temperature, and it became golden red, like magma erupting from a mountain. The black cracks kept appearing, but before the disorderly force spewed out, the violent thunder eroded along the 39 cracks and then forcibly closed the unstable cracks.
It’s almost the end of the world, and the huge power fluctuates to dozens of kilometers away, turning this tens of kilometers of Fiona Fang into an eschatological melting pot. Not only Kailas City has completely disappeared, but the southern sea of Liancheng City is also exploding here, bringing strong high temperature and evaporation for six or seven meters. The sea surface is close to Kailas City for three miles, and even the sea water is boiling up. It’s not a small fish and shrimp, but a huge deep-sea monster. It’s almost the end of the disaster, and there is not much resistance. The sea water evaporates in an instant, causing high temperature. The boiling of the water level difference caused an unexpected reaction to the horses in the sea area. The strong wind was constantly generated on the sea surface and then quickly turned into a hurricane. The boiling sea surface of Kailas City set off a huge wave. In just a moment, the height difference was over 30 meters, and the wave roared and spread, turning it into a large-scale tsunami.
Bright and harsh light Tang Yi closed his eyes. Although Leili is full, he doesn’t need gas for the time being, and he is not afraid of the high temperature exceeding 10,000 degrees. However, this harsh eye will still make him unable to bear an arm in front of him.
Seconds later, the explosion continued, and the temperature in the surrounding area continued to rise. The wind pressure in the distance was getting more and more intense, but whether Tang Yi was scattered or Tang Yi, he felt his heart getting colder and colder. In their induction, the thin light curtain was broken, but it was not even turbulent.
Tough Ross, this thin curtain of light has been a perfect defense for them.
The strong golden light is gradually fading, but the crazy jealousy and laughter of the father god are clearly handed over through the thin screen. I want you to know how it is so simple to let you die when you lose someone. Since you are another me, you must feel my same pain. That’s fair enough, right? Hahahaha.
Right hand luna in front of the gas gently grabbed the father’s hand, and suddenly there was a golden semi-transparent, as if with something written on this golden surface, which was full of pure golden runes. It was very clear that these runes were impressively similar to those on the halo surface of Cavendish that day, which made him feel exactly the same as the runes in front of him. On that day, those runes represented the guardian reflection, but now this light-band rune represents the agreement.
This means that the agreed rune shows that Bikadi’s guardian rune on that day is more neat. If you say that it is just beginning to make a half-finished speech, then this one in front of you belongs to maturity and ultimate perfection
Ha, ha, ha, do you have the soul agreement? Keep your eyes on this article that connects Tang Yi with Luna’s bare belt. There is a smile of nostalgia for Myanmar, but this expression has been replaced by ridicule and hatred in just a few seconds. Let me break this precious agreement.
With the slightly weak and thin right palm exerting force to hold this band representing the highest soul contract in the world of Almondo, a strong golden light suddenly released, and then cracks kept emerging in the band as if under great pressure.
Crisp and broken sounds as if the glass was broken, with a dreamy beauty. With the rupture, there is something important missing in the fullness of the heart. I want to find something to fill it, but I feel that the deep sadness and pain are constantly overflowing from that hole, and nothing can be stuffed in.
You know, the crazy tone of Father God suddenly became calm as if nothing had happened, just like a calm conversation. In his voice, there was a kind of dust settled, calm, deep depression and sadness. In fact, both you and I were implicated in this. When the world was invaded, you and I were doomed to be executed. Even the simplest call, even the lowest contract mantra, would bring us into the world and then ask us to carry out what was imposed on us while giving strength.
It’s not a high-level contract mantra, but even ghosts and gods can’t easily interfere with the termination of the highest contract, and the fate of the soul is agreed in this agreement. Even the two souls have been entangled in death, and there is no way to separate them unless they hum and laugh.
Haha, it is the world that needs me, so I want it to be able to fight against supernatural beings and demons. The most ironic thing is that when I was fighting ahead, I contracted that my wife would be killed by an inexplicable little person, and even her soul would be shattered and dissipated. This little person was more than one of his own people, and he betrayed this world. Hahaha, before my wife died, this contract witnessed by Armon was inexplicably broken, so do you still need me as a soldier to continue to play the role of savior?


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