But now let master Deyan wonder who stepped into the first floor.

If Zhou Tong’s burning city is a complete failure, the Fushi Pagoda will change its owner, but if Lin Dong moves, it will still belong to the burning city.
When Master Rock is nervous, the fist in the Han Yun sleeve robe is also clenched, but his face is a little ugly. He knows Zhou Tong very well. If he can stay on the seventh floor, he is really convinced, but if he wants to enter the first floor, his chances are extremely low.
That is to say, the person who successfully entered the first floor is probably the extremely humble Lin Dong.
The thought of the corner of Han Yun’s eye here is unbearable. hu Chu got up. He didn’t expect that the victory was in hand, but it would be such a change because of the forest movement.
This is a guess, which may not be true. Maybe Zhou Tong suddenly broke out and entered the first floor by chance. Then Lin Dong I saw that it was nothing. How could it enter the first floor?
At this time, Han Yun can also comfort himself in this way, but I don’t know that in this way, I comfort him, but the anxiety is getting stronger and stronger.
When the incident happened outside the Fushi Pagoda, the physical party Lin Dong was at a loss.
The area of the first floor of the Fushi Pagoda is slightly smaller than that of several floors, but although the area is not large, the jng coercion is horribly strong, but it is strange that the jng coercion, which was previously deadly, does not feel much for Lin Dong now.
It’s the cause of life and spirit.
Lin moved a little and thought it was white. This was mostly because of the two life charms in the Mud Pillow Palace. Soon he closed his eyes slightly and sank into the Mud Pillow Palace. However, seeing the two life charms was already a whirlpool of two life charms
And the most shocking thing about Lin is that this life charm is actually devouring jng’s great pressure like those viscous liquids here.
This charm is really weird.
In this case, Lin can shake his head with a wry smile after a short pause. It is also because of the strange function of the talisman that he was able to break through the jng wall before, otherwise he would definitely not be able to come in smoothly even if he could walk to the jng wall.
It’s a bit rash to think of what happened earlier, but I can’t help but feel a little scared if it’s not the last life charm change. I’m afraid he will be injured today.
However, there is nothing he can do. Once Zhou Tong is lucky enough to rush in, the base here in Tadouyan City is lost. Speaking of it, he is also so hard by B.
Let’s find the mysterious skill of jng, which is called gas level, first, and then give a wry smile. If you move, you will raise your eyes and protect yourself. Previously, jng’s great power was fatal. Overwhelming it is some lack of fear. Since this is the case, you will find the reward for his trip first.
This floor area is not large, and there are not many things in it. After a glance, Lin’s eyes stopped at the front not far away, and there was a towering stone tablet.
Lin moved slowly to the stone tablet, and now it is no longer as difficult to walk as before because of the charm of life. In a moment, Lin moved in front of the stone tablet.
There is nothing strange about the height of the stone tablet, but Lin Dong still noticed a subtle jng god fluctuation on the surface of the stone tablet
Staring at the stone tablet, Lin hesitated for a moment, then his eyes closed and his fingers gently pointed to the stone tablet.
Just as Lin began to point out the stone tablet, the jng god fluctuation of his cloth suddenly spread, and soon it was a large complex trajectory in front of him. In that trajectory, you can also see some floating dngjng god fonts faintly like law.
Metaphysical symbol array
Lin’s eyes kept a close eye on those floating dngjng fonts. Soon, Xu Xin’s rock master appeared in his eyes. He didn’t lie to him. However, in this first floor, he was wearing a mysterious skill of gas level jng.
This kind of secret skill is literally able to know that this is far from being comparable to those shallow jng mysterious skills he got before.
Lin Dong read every word of those jng fonts, and then sank yn for a moment. This was only a stroke of the palm of his hand. Those jng magical metaphysical trajectories flew into his mind.
When these tracks were drilled into Lin’s mind, an I-shaped symbol array with a size of nearly ten feet emerged in his mind. This symbol array is extremely obscure and abstruse. At first glance, Lin felt a headache, but at the same time, he was able to detect that if this symbol array was really built successfully, it would not be a sharp spiral wave. This jng-level jng mysterious skill is comparable.
Lin moved with his eyes closed and studied the metaplasia symbol array that he had just succeeded in. It was only about an hour before he slowly opened his eyes and sank slightly. yn’s mind moved, and jng’s divine power poured from the mud pill palace and then outlined the strange tracks in front of him to see that the signs seemed to be the metaplasia symbol bursts.
It didn’t take long for the outline of Lin to be drawn, but it was a place where it was fine now. When it was a symbol array, it immediately dissipated.
See this knot Lin also can’t help but gave a wry smile-this thing is not jng level jng mysterious skill than the science of uniting the difficulty alone is high for several chips.
Take your time. I don’t believe it. I’ve already got your nng, but I won’t.
The first failure was not unexpected. After a short time, he was once again absorbed in his mind. I was carefully controlling jng divine power and sketching the strange jng symbol array.
There is a great difference between the first layer of baptism and the seven layers of doubt. Almost all the time, the jng power of Lin is rising at a slow speed, and the life charm is constantly devouring here, and the jng power is pressing the rising speed is even more remarkable.
Staying here for one day is several times more effective than usual.
On the ninth floor, Lin did not go to lun Chuang rashly this time. Although he was helped by a precious charm, he is not in a hurry to take risks now that he has won and has obtained the mysterious skill of jng.
After a very fierce rush, Lin Dong finally came to peace and enjoyed all kinds of good things brought by this floor.
The fiercest climbing tower ended, but all the towers seemed to become quiet quietly. Many people grasped the time when the tower was opened, among which jng’s power was getting stronger day by day, and it was not until all the people were finally squeezed that the tower was completely closed.
However, this kind of silence is quite painful for Master Yan and others who are waiting outside the Fushi Tower. Until now, they still don’t know whether it is a person who successfully stepped into the first floor.
As they waited in this torment, day by day passed, and every day, many young operators were unwilling to be taken away from the operator tower with a face full of unfinished business. Among them, the pressure of jng became stronger and stronger, which made them unbearable.
These operators were shocked by the dignified surface S of the rock master and others outside the tower after they arrived at the Operator Tower. But after they inquired a little, they just looked up with a hint of sudden astonishment. They fixed their eyes on the first floor. It was a place that no one had set foot in for many years. Was it finally successfully broken into this year?
Yes. Who the hell is that man?
They looked at each other with shock with a strong sense of doubt. Chapter one hundred and forty-two The outcome.
It’s been six days since the blink of an eye, but the number of people outside the Fushi Tower has not decreased, but has been increasing. Their eyes are all looking at the first floor of the Fushi Tower, where a light spot is motionless.
For six days, Master Yan’s throat rolled slightly at the top of the crowd, and his eyes were staring back at the first light spot like everyone else.
They think whether it’s Lin Dong or Zhou Tong, even if they can rush into the first floor by force, they can’t be strong for too long, but this time the facts make them white again and they guess wrong again.


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