Sub-artifact defense law eternal luminous cup

Very suddenly in Yuan Yezhou, a layer of glass-like light curtain appeared. After this light curtain, Yuan Ye was protected in the Asian artifact, Wu Yi, one attack and one defense, and two forces. Today, Yuan Ye’s first defense law is forever luminous cup.
Suddenly Yuan Yezhou was dazzlingly broken to produce a black hole, and then the black hole was flooded by thunder all over the sky.
Cough cough and cough a few mouthfuls of blood. At this moment, Yuan Ye has been slightly injured. The gap between Nai’s strength is too great. The strength of this thunder Yuan Zun’s attack power is many times stronger than his own. The other party can catch himself with one claw, and he has no chance to get close to his body. Moreover, just now, that trick Kyushu Thunder Whispering Theory has been avoided.
Yuan Ye’s strong body defense has been refined by relying on Wu Yi’s armor. Although he was seriously injured, he blocked the blow after all. But as soon as it was all over, Yuan Ye saw Lei Yuanzun’s cold and bloodthirsty eyes. When Yuan Ye resisted the thunderstorm in Kyushu just now, Lei Yuanzun had already chased him.
Thunder Yuan Zun’s terrible hands grabbed Yuan Ye’s left arm at the same time, and then a very afraid force came to his hands.
Yuan Ye’s shoulder Wu Yi armor moans, thunder and Yuan Zun’s terrible power actually makes Wu Yi armor reach the limit, Wu Yi armor is slowly pulled, and Yuan Ye’s arm is also elongated.
I, Yuan Ye, have no regard for my arm. My eyes are malicious. Lei Yuan Zun tries to tear his arm. At the same time, his right hand sword directly stabs Lei Yuan Zun’s abdomen. Lei Yuan Zun’s body armor is also protecting him. However, his armor is obviously very limited in the face of the artifact.
Thunder Yuan Zun is tearing Yuan Ye’s left arm, and Yuan Ye is also stabbing Lei Yuan Zun’s body. Two people are wrestling in the middle of the battle, and they don’t want money or water. I don’t know who the blood is. This scene makes the onlookers in the distance panic. It is so tragic than the two people fighting.
There was a loud noise, and at the same time, two people divided Yuan Ye’s left arm into blood. The armor of Wu Yi has completely changed, showing ten ferocious handprints. The arm also hangs down. Although it has not been directly torn off, I am afraid it has been abolished and temporarily lost its combat effectiveness.
And the thunder yuan statue armor has long been full of holes from which blood keeps flowing, but this thunder yuan statue is too strong for Yuan Ye to stab him like that. Just now, Yuan Ye kept stabbing the same place, hoping to pierce the thunder yuan statue’s abdomen, which forced Lei Yuan to let him go.
Yuan Yezun can’t tear your arm like this. It’s a pity that your physical strength is too weak. It’s just your sub-artifact armor. I can bypass your armor and directly attack your body. It should be enough to kill you. Finally, I feel that the martial arts armor is terrible. Thunder Yuan Zun has given up ordinary fighting. Although it’s embarrassing for a mere quasi-statue, you ordered me to take it to hell and be proud that you died in this recruit.
Is it like a shock sword to bypass armor, or is it another way? Yuan Ye knows that all kinds of variables are possible, and he is a variable, so why can’t his opponent be special?
A Yuan Ye eyes cold up directly to the eternal night light cup to the strongest at the same time, the power of self-discipline.
At this moment, the thunder Yuan Zun’s face is solemn, his hands are holding the printing tactic, his hands are shining strangely, and the ancient seal symbols are slowly changing. Now, the thunder Yuan Zun’s palms are a world of thunder, and the mountains are like falling into the end of the world. Everyone feels the soul trembling. Is this the power of Gao Yuan Zun’s unique skill?
Roaring Xiao Bao Lei Yan
Suddenly a thunderous roar thundered, and the thunder Yuan Zun burst into an unparalleled force. The unique skill of thunder attributes, Xiao Bao Lei Yan, was the second only to the ultimate magic spell of Thunder Taikoo. This unique skill of Thunder Yuan Zun was generally in the decisive battle of Yuan Zun, and it was a big pressure on him because of this move. However, Yuan Ye made Lei Yuan respect this move today.
Such a terrible trick can definitely destroy one side of the world.
Thunder roared all over the sky, Kyushu rolled over the earth every day, and the mountains trembled for several times. People in Taixu Mountain felt desperate because this move covered too much, and now they are also thunderous.
But Yuan Ye, who is at the core, is calm and silent in the face of this moment of life and death.
Yuan Ye waved a layer of black energy ripples in his hand.
The first law of death: death is sad.
At the same time, in no particular order, a layer of white ripples also rippled
The first law of life gives birth to hope.
The forces of the two laws merge with each other and directly transform into life and death, and the forces of heaven, earth and heaven spread instantly.
However, everything is not over, and a killing breath enveloped the battlefield. At the same time, the huge snow Kirin virtual shadow Qinglong virtual shadow white tiger virtual shadow Suzaku virtual shadow Xuanwu virtual shadow seems to form an attack array in the east, west, north and south.
The law of killing kills thousands of miles.
Sub-Artifact Attack Law Ice Soul of Heaven and Earth
Yuan Ye’s strength has greatly increased, and the power of law is the one he has made the greatest progress and the most powerful. Now Yuan Ye will mix the power of law and the power of these laws is definitely the second strongest one in Yuan Ye’s cards.
Attack instead of attack
Thunder Yuan respects himself, which is second only to Thunder Taigu’s ultimate magic trick, and Yuan Ye has also won the second most powerful trick.
Give a reading.
I hope everyone will write more and more brilliantly, and the Buddha will be forced to be struck by lightning in 587.
The earth rumbled and trembled, and the center of the impact point was clearly visible. The ripples spread in all directions, and all the rocks passing by were turned into dust, which was handed thousands of miles away.
Don’t say that the Taixu Mountain is just a bystander, but even an ant can’t live.


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