There’s nothing in that ancient forest, and I haven’t heard that Fengyun Jianzong will arrange any activities there. Listen to you. You were alone at the beginning. Stuart Hao slowly said here that his expression suddenly became colder than the cold. Don’t try to lie to me. There are so many people here. If I find out that you are lying, I’ll be careful.

Middle-aged Han didn’t expect Situhao’s mind to be so keen, but he could think of so much in a moment. He couldn’t help but stand there in Situhao Hewen.
Situhao jumped down the steps directly on the side of the middle-aged Han, and quickly said that you had finished going to Gulin.
Shirley HeWen let middle-aged han was forced back two steps.
The middle-aged Han’s statement is really abnormal. Situhao is sure whether this matter is true or not. He must ask the middle-aged Han to go to Gulinmu.
Otherwise, if the middle-aged man gets his promise and makes it up, it may mislead him to another way for him to investigate the mystery of his mother’s disappearance, so he will look further and further.
I-I told you, you can’t kill me.
It’s the truth. I promise I won’t kill you
I-I just went into Gulin to peek at your mother.
Duke Stuart, you said you wouldn’t kill me.
Situhao nodded slowly and said gloomily, I won’t kill you. I won’t kill you.
Situhao has come for nothing at this time. Seeing that ghost at the bottom of the precipice is his mother’s mother’s extraordinary beauty. It is also a very common thing for this guy to peek at her.
Motive, which means he didn’t make it up.
What was the light and shadow that shot down my mother at the bottom of the abyss?
Situhao’s mind flashed on this matter and he didn’t see the middle-aged man again.
Duke Stuart, you promised me the technique
Middle-aged Han asked Situhao stupefied again
Situhao saw this guy still thinking about his own techniques at this time, but he was furious. He suddenly stepped forward and flashed to the middle-aged Han. His right hand gave him a loud slap. You fucking disrespected my mother and still thought that my techniques never killed you. My techniques are a great boon to you, but after I taught you the techniques, I will kill you.
The middle-aged man vomited one mouthful blood, and they immediately saw a few teeth from the blood on the ground.
Seeing that Situhao asked this question, the middle-aged Han couldn’t even shake his head. I couldn’t. Situ Gong forgave the middle-aged Han’s body had already retreated into the crowd when he spoke with horror.
Situhao finally found some news about his mother today. Maybe because of his sadness, his mind turned out to be a little groggy, and he was not in a hurry to leave Fengyun Jianzong. Don’t think so much here. You have nothing to do with the branch, and I don’t want to make it difficult for you. Let’s go.
Get SiTuHao that people just dispersed and SiTuHao is timely stopped ChuTianBo three cronies brother find they want a room back to the room to rest.
Situ Hao returned to his new house to think about the mystery of his mother’s disappearance.
Middle-aged Chinese should be true, but his story is really weird.
A group of mothers with humanoid light and shadow hit each other and shot her down without a few moves. Is that light and shadow a person or something unknown?
Listening to my grandfather tell me that my mother’s strength reached the ninth-order martial arts level in that year. What kind of strength can beat her in a few moves in a fairy land?
What will that light and shadow kill my mother? Does she have any great hatred outside?
The weirdest thing is that the light and shadow can disappear after killing the mother. Did the light and shadow also practice GongSunReLin’s teleport secret method?
One by one, doubts in the heart congealed in Situhao’s heart, and he couldn’t help twisting his eyebrows into the first chapter to release power.
Situhao stayed in Fengyun Jianzong like this. He carefully analyzed the description of middle-aged Han people and still couldn’t understand the way.


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