This is the right way. The sword has actually failed to resist Li Zhichang.

She’s still here. She can’t be depressed.
At this moment, her heart seems to be
It seems to be full of everything.
The five senses have disappeared, but I can feel a figure in front.
That’s the wind
The wind bypassed the person, and a special image of the person formed in her mind.
Li Zhichang didn’t disappear. He still
All these thoughts happened in an instant.
Suddenly Li Zhichang moved, and he moved and disappeared again.
Because he melted into the wind and the wind parted from each other
Is he the wind or the wind?
There is a knife in the wind, braving the cold.
This cold makes Shi Guanyin very cold.
She was absolutely sure that the knife could kill her instantly.
A flick of a finger is sixty moments. A flick of a finger can make her die sixty times.
But after all, she is a person with a life.
Since the evening breeze comes and goes, it is impossible to stay.
Camellia outside the promenade has also been blown off a petal. Since it is a flower, it can’t fall off.
Where there are flowers, there must be flowers falling.
Where there is life, there must be death.
Death is not Li Zhichang, then it must be Shi Guanyin.
View from the bodhisattva deep prajnaparamita for a long time to see the five aggregates are all suffering …’
The corridor of heart meridian sounds for a long time.
Three days later, it’s still Aunt Hua’s tavern.
The colored glaze of white porcelain jars painted with twenty peonies.
This is a real flower carving for 20 years. Hu Tiehua and Li Zhichang have already drunk an altar.
Hu Tiehua said, "Do you really have the heart to kill Shi Guanyin?"
Li Zhichang said, "It doesn’t matter to me if I don’t kill her, but it will be a disaster for those who know me two years later."
Hu Tiehua said, "What is this?"
Li Zhichang said, "Because I have less than two years to live in this world." Without Li Zhichang Shi Guanyin, there would be no constraints.
Hu Tiehua was shocked. "How is it possible that you don’t say anything about living for another 100 years, but living to 90 years is more than enough? Are you poisoned or healed by some method?"
Li Zhichang smiled faintly. "If you don’t think much about death, it may not be the end."
Hu Tiehua Avenue "In this case, how can we drink this altar of wine enough? We have to drink another altar. After all, you are going to die."
Li Zhichang said, "Aunt Hua will have another altar of carved flowers."
The same white porcelain jars are painted with twenty peonies in the same colored glaze.
Aunt Hua said, "If this altar wine is cheated by one million taels of silver."
One million and two hundred taels was taken out by former Li Zhichang to find the bonus of Shi Guanyin. Unfortunately, of course it is not.
Li Zhichang killed Shi Guanyin without a penny.
Hu Tiehua was furious. "Just now, this jar of wine was only twelve thousand silver, but now the same jar of wine costs one million two hundred silver and one million two hundred silver can’t buy any wine."
Aunt Hua sneered, "Dear son, do you know who brewed that jar of wine just now? It was brewed by Du Kang, the god of wine, a hundred years ago. There are two jars left before you drank one jar. This is the last jar."
Li Zhichang said, "Since it is the only one, two, one altar, it is not surprising what the price is."
Aunt Hua’s eyebrows and eyes laughed. "This is natural."
Li Zhichang said, "I also want to drink a seal for one million taels of silver."
Hu Tiehua drank a bowl with a strange color behind it. "What’s the same jar of wine? This jar of wine is much better than that jar of wine just now."
Li Zhichang faint way "probably because this altar wine is one hundred times more expensive than just now".
Hu Tiehua laughed and said, "This is reasonable."
The two altars were carved with flowers, and Hu Tiehua and Li Zhichang were drunk.


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