If you really want to withdraw, don’t you just give the earth source to them in the middle of chaos fiend’s arms?

At this moment, Emperor Taiyi really wants to break the vast land so that the three chaotic fiends can be found out and beaten severely.
Break the land of the wild?
Suddenly the East Emperor Taiyi seemed to think and bowed his head and meditated.
It seems that this method of breaking the vast land is really feasible, but it is not for him to decide alone, and he has to consult with the rest of the people to make a final decision.
After reading this, Taiyi, the Emperor of the East, split off a wisp of divine thoughts and went to tell them what had happened here.
And the statue is to continue to stay here and monitor the chaotic fiend while hindering their actions.
Chaos fiend motionless fortunately once ready to continue to integrate into the earth source, the East Emperor Taiyi will attack them.
If you can’t die, you will be sick to death.
That’s what Dong Huang Taiyi thinks.
Not quite a chaotic fiend, such as confrontation, said that their fight against the chaos war and the stroke Zichen Five Saints also entered a white-hot state
The reason is that Feng Zichen secretly moved the time avatar and was discovered by the Five Saints.
Ten Congenital Ghosts and Demons incarnate and fought for dozens of days. Yuan Tianzun drew it out to calculate how long it has been since he joined the array.
Boy, I don’t know if this is a surprise. Yuan Tianzun pinched his finger and found out that he had been in the army for two months
Two years and months, that is to say, there are only four months and 120 days left before the agreed three-year period.
How can it pass so quickly? According to Yuan Tianzun, it feels that he has been in the battle for at most three months. How can it become two months?
This is not right!
When I first worked out two years, Yuan Tianzun miscalculated himself. The whole person was puzzled, but soon he realized that he could not miscalculate.
Even the simplest calculation of the time, the Yuan Buddha, can miscalculate him, and it would be a waste to call him a saint. Since he can’t be wrong, it can be the world.
My heart was suspicious, and Yuan Tianzun’s concept of law and eye really found out that the flow rate was faster than the outside world and many times faster when it was wrong.
It is because of this that he feels that several months have passed, but it has been two months here.
Realizing that he had been calculated by the wind Zichen, Yuan Tianzun was immediately angered and grabbed Pangu’s banner and urged it to be mighty.
Suddenly, a force with tearing chaos, smashing the current power, controlling all kinds of magical powers and creating the earth and the earth suddenly emerged. On the spot, Yuan Tianzun was split into pieces against a congenital ghost.
Then Yuan Tianzun’s backhand was another shake, and Pangu Zan sent out a shock wave to destroy all chaos and chopped him against another chaotic fiend.
However, in the blink of an eye, the two statues were comparable to those of the mixed Yuan Dynasty, and Jin Xian was killed by Yuan Tianzun holding Pangu Zan.
At the moment, this treasure, which can be called the first treasure in the war, finally showed its true power in the hands of Yuan Tianzun.
I saw that the gods of Pangu Zandu in the hands of Yuan Tianzun seemed to destroy chaos, and then a terrible coercion filled the heavens and the earth, which made the chaotic gas frightened.
"It’s really a good way to hook up with Chen Daoyou. If you are being original, you will find out later that you have lost this gambling fight for two or three days."
Hearing Yuan Tianzun’s words, Zichen responded, and the face of Yu Sisheng became ugly in vain.
Obviously, Jing Yuan Tian Zun woke them up and found that the speed of time was wrong.
"Tai Chi is broken!"
Looking around at the emptiness, the saint’s face suddenly sank, and all the mana surged into the Taiji diagram, urging this treasure to go to the emptiness.
Suddenly, the Tai Chi picture is full of rays of light, surrounded by "road prophecies" outside the colorful picture, and the "heavenly symbols" looming in the picture, the colorful light shines on the mountains and rivers, and the colorful spirit shocks the world.
Brush …
Tai Chi shows the world moving, the sun and the moon changing color, and Baowei reveals its legacy.
Then there is a calm fire and water wind, transforming yin and yang and five elements, dividing the mystery of heaven and earth, and covering all kinds of great power from Tai Chi.
Click! Click …
However, I can’t stop hearing that the array is all about whether it is innate divine power or chaotic gas, or whether the strength of the Taiji diagram of two mixed-yuan Luo Jinxian-level innate gods and demons in front of the Taiqing sage is broken
Then listen to the "bang" and everything around the Taiqing saint will be completely disintegrated.
Even when the wind zichen was set, the avatar was too clear, and the blow collapsed and lost its effect.
The flow rate has returned to normal here.
Tianbaowei shows his doubts and enemies at this moment. Even Yu Xian Tianbao can’t match his power.
The Tai Chi map of Tianbao Pangu Zan broke out one after another, and the power of the horse spread, and the power limit of the chaotic array was also shaken violently by the impact.
"get up!"
The stroke of the humanitarian imperial court, Zichen’s hand-knotted Taoist seal, has repeatedly triggered the chaotic array to change, and the congenital Taoist pattern is diffuse, which will stabilize the large array again.
And when Feng Zichen began to stabilize the large array, the Five Saints were not idle, so they joined hands to slay the remaining six mixed-yuan-level congenital ghosts and gods.
Boy, did the sage scare the wind today? Zichen can’t say, but she definitely scared the great magical powers.
Is it so terrible that the real strength of the original saint was so terrible to kill the mixed Yuan Luo Jinxian instantly?
It’s really chilling
It is also from this moment that the sentence "All saints are ants" has officially become the mainstream.
Although there is a flow in the previous sentence, most of the gods disdain to recognize their saints. Even if there is a gap, it is not bad enough to be killed by hand
But now the sage’s tough record tells the world what it means to be an ant after all.
The difference is so great that even the mixed-up Luo Jinxian can kill them, let alone them.
At this time, it was an idea to talk about these great magical powers, but at this moment, the idea of enemies of saints was absolutely rejected.


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