And the chaos war in outer space is becoming more and more intense.

On this occasion, not only the congenital fierce beasts suffered heavy casualties, but also the universe and the world saw blood.
I saw that there were huge cracks in the immortal dragon city. Although there was immortal power to repair them, the crack expansion speed was far faster than the immortal power to repair them.
And this also makes it difficult to repair the cracks in the immortal dragon city.
The cracks in the immortal dragon city also show that the enemy’s defense is flawed.
Through these defects, the attack of congenital fierce beasts poured in like a tide, which brought great pressure to those Taoist deities.
First, Youdao Zun was injured, and then Youdao Zun was gradually exhausted. He was torn apart by the furious avatar and spilled blood on the spot.
If the first Taoist statue falls, there will be a second, a third and a fourth.
Dozens of Taoist statues soon fell.
Genial smile that a few big families immediately played their due role.
We can see that the first few barbarians, the demon clan and the witch clan, have stepped forward to block the defects of the immortal Dragon City and face the most critical situation.
And with the help of the Terran and other big families, the pressure on the small families is greatly reduced.
However, the pressure of several big families has doubled, especially the Terran, who are facing the greatest pressure.
Among the more than 4,000 innate Taoist statues, Terran Taoist statues are the most, but they are not the strongest, not the realm but the magic weapon.
Terran Daozunji was born after the lich decisive battle, and missed most Daozunji’s hands in the golden age of the wild and were born with Lingbao.
Yu’s clan, such as the demon clan, the witch clan and the congenital clan, was born in the most glorious period of the universe, so it’s not a congenital treasure. On average, it’s not much difference if it’s not two congenital treasures.
This is the advantage of being born early. The Terran didn’t enjoy anything, but it was like this. The Terran still gave birth to hundreds of great Taoist statues, which shows that Feng Zichen has strong means.
On the cultivation of masters, even the ancestors of Hongjun can’t compete with Feng Zichen.
An ordinary innate treasure can bring an increase to Da Luo Daozun, which can at least make the combat power turn over three layers. If it is powerful, the innate treasure can make the combat power turn over several times.
This shows the importance of innate spiritual treasure to the respect of Da Luo Dao.
Terran Taoist deities just ate their hands. There is no innate treasure, but they have the largest number, but their strength is not the first.
Similarly, when there is no innate Lingbao to assist in the face of innate fierce beast attacks, Terran Taoist priests also seem to be more difficult than others
Seeing this scene, Emperor Ziwei in the distance will look through his treasure house to see if he can find some innate spiritual treasures to help the Terran congenital Taoists.
But before the Chinese emperor could act, the sage who was too clear around him suddenly sighed and said
"Alas, they are all heroes who guard my universe. How can I bear to watch them fight with my bare hands? Let them do their bit."
Speak too clearly. With a wave of his big sleeve, the sage took out dozens of congenital treasures and threw them at the Terran Taoist statue.
And his later Yuan Buddha also took out dozens of innate spiritual treasures and threw them to the Terran Taoist Buddha.
Master Yu Tongtian has scattered treasures many times in a row. No matter how rich his family is, it will almost bottom out.
But this time, he bit his teeth and took out more than a dozen congenital spiritual treasures without hesitation.
Don’t look at this dozen pieces of innate Lingbao, the quantity is not far away, and it is not too clear. The sage Yuan Tianzun took out more innate Lingbao, but it is better than quality.
Chapter seven hundred To attack and kill chaos fiend
The congenital treasures in the hands of the leader of Tongtian are all congenital treasures except a few pieces.
While Yuan Tianzun, the sage of Taiqing Dynasty, took out a large number of congenital spiritual treasures, but most of them were middle congenital spiritual treasures.
In terms of value, it is not as good as the dozens of congenital spiritual treasures produced by Tongtian leader. It is no wonder that Tongtian leader will have a pain in the flesh. He is really bleeding
Sanqing Jia took out a congenital treasure together, and there are more than 100 pieces. This helps Terran’s innate Tao to respect the hand, not to mention a congenital treasure, which is almost the same.
But it’s not over.
Suddenly, there was a glow in the chaos, which covered the whole immortal dragon city.
Then I saw hundreds of congenital treasures raining down and falling into the hands of those who did not have congenital treasures.
Hundreds of pieces of innate Lingbao were distributed without blinking an eye. Only Hongjun Daozu can have this handwriting in the wild.
It was his old man’s house who personally sent a congenital treasure to those who did not have a congenital treasure
In this way, everyone has a congenital treasure.


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