"Li Changsheng, how dare you?"

Li Duanqi stared at his eyes and turned red.
"Why not?"
Li Changsheng looked contemptuous and said, "It’s what Li Guzhu said personally. Li Xuandao can kill my brother Li Liefeng in the ring. I can’t kill you in the ring?"
"You …"
Li Duanqi pointed to Li Changsheng and trembled with anger and couldn’t say a word.
All qi qi tongue-tied Li Baihe was livid.
Li Changsheng made no secret of his murder, and regarded the whole Li family as things. It happened that he occupied Dali, and everyone took him. Besides, there was a monster like Li Zongren Temple, the elder behind him.
Even if Li Changsheng really killed someone, the whole Li family dared to touch him.
"Li Xuandao suffered this time."
"I also blame him for provoking the elders on impulse."
"Every time there are thousands of elders who have to stop, Li Changsheng has the whole temple behind him. That’s a saint who dare not offend a monster."
"Li Xuandao absolutely dare not come to the door. Maybe he has fled."
The younger brothers are whispering.
Almost everyone thought that Li Xuandao would never dare to come.
Some people even think that Li Xuandao is afraid of the consequences and has already fled.
Suddenly there was a dull sound when everyone was talking.
"Now that you have made an excuse for me, can anyone complain if I behead you in the ring?"
Although this sound is dull, it is like thunder and everyone’s ears exploding.
Everyone turned and looked at the young man walking slowly with a long sword, and instantly fried the pot.
Li Xuandao!’
"Here he comes!"
All qi qi exclaimed eyes flashing incredible.
Li Duanqi’s eyes were red and he almost cried excitedly and said to himself, "I know … Seven elder brothers will definitely come and will never lie to me."
"I’m late"
Li Xuandao came slowly and patted Li Duanqi on the shoulder to show comfort.
Li Duanqi shook his head and said, "It’s not too late. The test of Qigemen is not over yet. It’s just right for you to come."
"Li Xuandao, how dare you come?"
Li Changsheng suddenly narrowed his eyes, and his eyes seemed to flash across.
Three days ago, Li Changsheng and Li Xuandao Li Jiayuan met once. At that time, Li Xuandao was still a four-tier strength in gas and sea.
But I haven’t seen Li Xuandao for three days and actually broke through to the fifth floor of Qi Hai Jing.
Three days, first class. What a horrible speed!
You know, the more difficult it is to practice, the more difficult it becomes.
Li Changsheng went out for two years, and after several life and death killings, he cultivated from the seventh floor of Qi Hai Jing to the ninth floor of Qi Hai Jing.
This shows the difficulty and resistance of later cultivation.
But Li Xuandao’s cultivation speed is like a Uber, and even he secretly loses.
But the more so, the more determined he was to slay Li Xuandao.
"I’m afraid to go to a local area without Li Xuandao, and I’m afraid to come to Li Xuandao?"
Li Xuandao smile don’t put Li Changsheng’s eyes.
"What a big breath!"
Li Changsheng was furious and laughed. "Since you’re here, it’s a big day. I’ll keep your body, but you have to pass the door test first."
"Li Xuandao District Door Test won’t bother you, will it?"
Li Changsheng laughed wildly.
"Do you think Li Xuandao will fail the test?"
"Ha, ha, ha. It’s very likely that Li daytime is the fifth floor of the atmosphere and sea, which is similar to Li Xuandao. Isn’t it also a test failure?"
"Isn’t it a shame to say that you want to beat Li Changsheng but even fail the door test?"
There are more than a dozen cousins who deliberately talk about it in a high-pitched voice.
One of the younger brothers even said arrogantly, "Li Xuan said goodbye and made a fool of himself. Go home early. If your strength can pass the door test, I will kneel and kowtow to you!"


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