The first one is that it seems to be the fastest and cleanest way to break one’s obsession and six emotions by relying on one’s own will, but now it seems the most slim and impossible.

And the second way is to conform to the delusion and desire first, and enter the magic and experience the bitter sea. So-called I don’t go to hell, and who doesn’t go to hell to experience the so-called regional color personally can say that he knows the other side?
Obviously, this road is extremely dangerous, and you have to be crazy and struggle to stay with a little heart and fire until the opportunity appears, and then you can go back and forth, and once you realize, you can put a butcher knife into nirvana.
And this key opportunity is not to punish the mainland, but to give yourself the heart of whether it is firm or not.
But … I’m afraid whether it’s the Ganan Venerable Master or the Yoga Man, he knows the first way very well, and this god punishes the mainland to realize the root method.
That is to say, the Venerable Ganan has already understood everything, but still let the yoga man thoroughly refine the drop of blood with the will of the ink spirit Lord.
The true meaning … is self-evident.
One is to use the body of a yoga man to resolve the last rage in jingxie; Even if it doesn’t work, it’s feasible. The second magic sea proves the heart.
Because the Venerable Ganan knows that God has given different gods in mainland China to punish them for their aura and boundedness, once they enter the mountains and seas, they may be able to take this opportunity to achieve nirvana.
Of course, there should be a third deeper meaning in this, that is, yoga men choose to sacrifice themselves for such a short time! And this possibility is the biggest and safest.
I’m afraid this third layer of meaning is the result that Ganan Venerable Master wants to see most.
Because of the profound Taoism, can the 12 Ganan Venerable Ones not forget the deep-seated obsession in the hearts of men? In other words, if he hadn’t appeared, there would have been sarira beads and chaotic violet yang, and he would have become a Buddhist man, and there might have been a possibility of crossing the demons.
Of course, this hope is extremely slim, even less than 10%!
And once he comes to meet him, it is difficult to restrain him if he is a little careless.
However, at that time, the Venerable Ganan did not stop it and even took the initiative to promote it!
It can be seen that the real meaning is to give up the first road that is extremely difficult to succeed, and at the same time, Yoga man chose the last road of suicide.
Because yoga men choose to kill themselves after refining jingxie, not only will there be no more variables, but also the possibility of God punishing mainland demons for invading mountains and seas can be cut off.
In this way, the Mohling Lord loses an arm and the right path represented by the Ganan Venerable will be invincible.
It can be seen that the twelve Kanan Compassionate Honours who have lived for ages not only have compassion but also have thunderbolt-like ruthless means!
However, after all, Gannan Zun is Gannan Xiu. After all, he did not directly punish the yoga man after refining the holy blood, but left two ways to help the yoga man die. He had enough time to think and slowly found out that his true meaning was nothing but life and death.
This life, death
Life is turning evil into magic. Life is better than death. The other side doesn’t know when to come.
Death is a moment of compassion …
But ….. Others don’t know Luo Yu at the moment, but they know that the so-called good and evil in this mountain and sea is nothing but a game of chess set by the high secret and selfish desires.
Good and evil, good and evil, black and white eyes are probably just a small black and white in this chessboard, that’s all!
People with cholera who stop killing, have magical powers, but evil spirits go their own way. All this is just the high throne of longevity. I’m afraid that high genius is the biggest source of all evil in this mountain and sea.
Now I am so weak that I can hide my strength.
Although I don’t want this so-called stage of good and evil to be fiddled with interestingly, I can’t turn a blind eye to all beings in the mountains and seas becoming the muddy puppet of bamboo and fishing rod and silk thread.
What’s more, the woman in front of me is already … How can my woman be called fragrant and dead?
Thought of here, feather look firm flatly "no! When I was in the pool, Zeng Qinglian promised not to live up to you. Come with me into the five elements of heaven in this life. I will definitely help you through your demons. "
Yoga man was moved and filled with sweetness when he heard this, but he still shook his head sadly. "Although there are no five lines of heaven, it is your body, but my demons are also my demons and the demons are obsessed."
After that, she smiled and said goodbye. "Since this sin has been committed by law, it is better to sleep in Jun. It is also a good thing to think about it …"


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