Surdak answered and smiling.
Gabriel didn’t say anything, and immediately ordered his staff to clean the temporary residence. The most important thing was to make a fire to make the room completely warm like a cold storage. His members didn’t need him to tell all the departments to get busy.
"There is still some time before dinner. Tonight, everyone is going to prepare broth and wheat cakes …" The old village head said to Colonel Gabriel.
Gabriel nodded at once.
At this time, people are still gathering in the village of Wall, and businessmen with a keen sense of smell will put their booths at the entrance of the village again.
"Carl mid-team leader, here they come." Surdak pointed to the mountain pass and said to the old village head beside him.
On such a cold day, Carl and the reserve knights didn’t wear metal armor. They wore leather armor and thick fur cloaks and hung heavy armor on the saddle. Looking at the green faces around Carl, the young people’s eyes were full of novelty to the outside world.
The old village head frowned and the village entrance said to Surdak, "Do you think those children can take care of themselves in such cold weather in Wall Village?"
Surdak touched his nose and said to the old village head, "I want to take them to experience-after all, it is rare to have such a good opportunity."
The old village chief Brett turned around and stared at Surdak with a serious face and said, "Dudak is not born with one enemy and a hundred warriors. Your cavalry needs to grow more than them. You should also create such conditions for them. After all, you are their squadron leader."
Surdak saw that the old village chief was so serious and quickly said, "I know that Andrew and I will take care of it personally."
The old village chief warned with a long face, "Don’t underestimate those robbers!"
Surdak hey hey smiled and said, "I didn’t look down on them. You saw them, and I spent a lot of money to invite a mercenary group …"
Gabriel saw this group of young guard battalion reserve knights before he left Hailanza, but he didn’t expect them to come to Wall Village. He knew that they had walked together. Seeing these immature faces, he couldn’t help but think of himself who had just graduated from college and didn’t know his little place.
Gabriel glanced at it and sighed slightly in his heart. Now there are so many rich families in Hailanza who graduated from Knight College and want to come to the guard camp in a formal knight costume. It is impossible to prepare these reserve knights out of their own pockets without sixty or seventy gold coins!
Squadron Leader Carl and a group of young reserve knights entered Wall Village, and the old village head and villagers quickly made way.
When the young reserve knights entered the village, they whispered and secretly looked at Surdak … the chief who controlled them for the next four years.
Chapter 656 Those soldiers
Surdakar embraced a face with a very limited smile.
"Hey duck! Look at the distance. I’ll send these hands for you. You should be careful! " Carl patted Surdak on the shoulder and said
Carl saw the townhouses in the village and said with emotion that when he came over, these townhouses had just built a framework. I didn’t expect that they had already lived in the village before winter. The construction speed of the village was really amazing.
The village road is also paved with a flat cement road that extends all the way to the village square.
Carl led this group of guard battalion reserve knights to Wall Village, and Andrew and Gulytem were driving a group of horses to the village square to distribute war horses to the veterans who joined the cavalry battalion. Besides the war horses, there were more than 70 camel veterans who had just taken over their horses, and they were not familiar with them, so they were not as good as the coachmen in Wall Village.
These horses were not so obedient. At that time, the village square was in chaos, and people were constantly standing in the horse square.
Seeing these scenes in front of them, the young reserve knights showed great superiority to this group of local green faces on the back of their horses.
"Are these all recruits from your cavalry battalion?" Carl happened to be on the edge of the village square and looked at these ragged villagers and a group of people who refused to tame their horses easily … There were all kinds of horses and seventy tall dromedaries. Carl didn’t know what to say at the moment.
Surdak next to a face satisfiedly asked "how?"
Surdak was a self-made man, and he did it in just one and a half years. Carl thought that he would definitely not be able to do it.
Carl said, "It looks ok. Speaking of it, I can’t expect you to perform in battle."
Surdak smiled and said, "That is, you don’t like them either!"
Carl felt that he should speak more tactfully, so he said, "Well, I admit our differences in this respect. I agree with Captain Amy Tejue of Sauron. Although these young people in the college have received professional riding training and lack of technical and tactical training, it is only a matter of time …"
Carl was interrupted by Surdak before he finished. "In time, these reserve knights will become knights of those guard camps in Hailanza city …"
"Well, you have to remember that you are one of us," Carl whispered with his arm around Surdak’s shoulder.


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