In a blink of an eye, it’s been 300 years, and the sky has been very quiet, and there is no new dark fairy emperor to attack and no strange ancestor arrival

On this day, Lu Chen opened his eyes in the dark, and his breath gradually converged, and some qualitative change took place.
According to high world standards, he entered the real world from my own environment, and the comprehensive attributes reached 321 points!
Mysterious blood is still powerful, even if it reaches this level, it can raise the comprehensive war attribute by three points.
He reviewed the personal menu, and sure enough, the charm attribute fell again. Now, even if he doesn’t call it the normal situation, the charm attribute has-315 points. This situation leads him to’ rise’ to the extreme as soon as his state is attractive without making the God Eater ring.
Chapter one thousand six hundred and sixty-three Reunion of old friends
The successful breakthrough of Lu Chen is naturally in a good mood. For hundreds of years, the strange people didn’t bother him again. I’m afraid it was because the Emperor of Heaven tried hard to stop him.
According to Lu Chen’s speculation, I’m afraid that the two strange ancestors who were eaten by themselves before really didn’t come back from the plateau, because it is almost inevitable to hunt themselves if the strange ancestors are still famous and can move freely now.
Cat guanyu killed two strange ancestors over there, but I’m afraid that the two strange ancestors died in an instant and have been regenerated in the plateau. Now they should have returned to the state.
The two ancestors who were exiled before have not yet returned to the virtual state. If he succeeds in eating the two strange ancestors, there will be at most six strange ancestors left in the plateau.
In this case, the Emperor of Heaven can stop three weird people from coming out to kill their weird ancestors, and the number is very small.
There are three strange ancestors who will not be afraid now even if they break the sinner’s talent and no longer give him strength.
If you can’t do it, you can call the cat warrior to come and work. Anyway, the contract is that the cat warrior in this world will help him fight against the strange people
He can order the other party to do anything that is related to the contract, which is quite excessive in quality, because there is always some coquetry if he wants to.
Most of the cat warrior didn’t think he would be the kind of person to deal with the strange clan, and his original purpose was to coincide, so he should come.
Finally, the cat was fighting against the holy war. If we unite with the strange people of the Wild Emperor again, I’m afraid there is no good way to take him now.
All these years, they haven’t attacked again, I’m afraid they are waiting for the exiled ancestors to return.
Actually, Lu Chen admits that he is one-on-one now, and he is not very afraid of the weird ancestors. Even if they can’t win, they will not die. They have entered a state of confrontation with the weird clan.
His comprehensive attributes can temporarily reach 329 points now. If he meets the former eccentric ancestor, he will probably be defeated if he doesn’t consider breaking the sinner’s talent, but he can retreat.
The biggest problem of breaking the sinner’s talent is that it is extremely unstable. If you have to’ sacrifice’ something to burst out with the greatest power, it is not a good talent.
Of course, this talent also makes his spiritual practice faster, which is a long-term gain.
The breakthrough was successful, and his mysterious blood rushed like a milky way. He felt that his strength was like a steady stream. As his basic realm broke through to the level of true self, he felt that his mysterious blood was approaching the end step by step.
The bodhi old zu, who once met the secret blood in his hometown world, is far less pure than himself now.
Now, if you have a little real blood, it will be enough to form something similar to the secret blood stone, and it is also the highest secret medicine to put Wu Shenshan.
Liu Chen looked at his eyes from afar and was silent again. The stars were very quiet, and there was nothing different from Lei Jie because his basic strength set foot in a new realm.
On the one hand, his roots are not the strong immortal, but the connection between heaven and earth is not close. To put it bluntly, the strong martial arts can’t control himself by breaking through the heaven. He becomes stronger and the heaven and earth are also illegally connected and conflicted.
On the other hand, it is difficult to restrict the Godsworn by uniting to this level, and it is too lazy to take that form, just like Shi Hao has never seen such a thing as Leijie since he broke through to the fairy king’s territory.
Liu Chenxiu stepped forward according to the group frequency Chuhang and joined himself in the direction of the pale face.
Soon he crossed the channel and came to this side, the pure land blessed by Ye Fan.
Emperor Wu’s Palace is located very close to the heaven. When he came to this place, Ye Fan realized that he should smile.
"Brother Liu, congratulations on the breakthrough. It seems that the strange ancestors were really killed by you this time."
Ye Fan said with a smile, this is a simple inference, because in the past few years, they have been fighting constantly, and the dark immortal emperor is also constantly invading and fighting with them.
But this 300-year-old pale is very peaceful, just like a truce. Generally, there is no creature calling. It must be that after the strange clan got the news, Zuda ordered not to let the dark immortals die.
This is the absolute strong deterrent comparable to the Dao Jing Liu Dage plus himself has broken through himself and others, and it is no longer strange people who can hold it at will.
The next thing to do is to recuperate and wait for the younger generation to grow up, so that one day they will set sail for the plateau and end all darkness
"Thanks to Brother Ye’s help to stall another ancestor, otherwise the battle would be very troublesome."
Liu Chen said that it was not polite. Ye Fan did help a lot. If he was one-on-one and two-on-two, he would probably let the celebrity’s strange ancestor attribute fall, and it would be impossible to suppress the two ancestors instantly when it broke out.


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