This currency lingshi is also the most productive lingshi.

When it reaches 10,000, it is also divided into several levels. The celestial realm can disperse immortals, true immortals and immortals, and each has its own rules to separate the roots of Kunlun immortals. A lingshi corresponds to all possible rank sequences of Kunlun immortals.
Lin Chong once created a family of spiritual flesh buddhas through the immortal core of the No.2 serial spiritual stone name.
At present, there is another kind of Lingshi from No.1 to No.1 that has not been published. At present, No.2 Immortal No.7 has been used as other species. 74 It is inferred that Kunlun Xianzong has not yet finished the aftermath and will appear.
No.1 before the sequence is called the advanced lingshi, which can only be made by God.
No.1 to No.1 are Jin Xian.
The yield is not high, and there are dozens of species that have never existed in the world, each of which is precious.
Jin Xian-level talents enable the corresponding target to be Jin Xian-level.
Of course, I did experiments before, and today is the first actual combat.
God’s eyes and the moon are too empty to follow the heart, just like a ghost watching the battle between two hundreds of meters of giant Buddha
When the moon is too empty and the same photo is taken, it was called the first magical skill of Kunlun Mountain. When practicing in the state boundary, the degree of root and fruit integration in the state boundary rose extremely hard, and in the end, the state boundary did not reach 100%.
That is to say, it is still a unique skill of God’s eyes to learn from others.
It’s a pity.
However, although there is no inheritance, it means that this heart formula has always been unique, and the unique root fruit attribute is very strong.
When God’s Eyes and Warring States exhibited this skill, they gained two specialties, one was emperor’s perspective, and the other was weakness detection.
Emperor perspective can see through the virtual world, that is, Jin Xian also found his observation.
When the emperor’s visual angle is maintained long enough, the target will see a’ weakness’ or a’ dead spot’
When the eye of God attacks this’ dead point’, the target will be killed unreasonably.
this is interesting
I’ve been trying to find out whether the target’s weakness is caused by a real blow or by the fact that the moon is too empty for the same photo.
If it is the latter, it means that the specialization of God’s eyes involves’ cause and effect’ and’ changing history’, which is a bit of a step into the limit of God.
The total eye of god is very strong.
In his emperor’s perspective, the snake head, the man, the devil and the Buddha are holding the tripod bare-chested. Although the war is a war, there is a tacit understanding between the two, and they have not deliberately destroyed the warring States period, but they have caught each other and tried their best.
This is the battle of Jin Xian …
The main point of Jin Xian’s battle is a struggle for virtual control.
Seeing that the earth evil spirit Buddha’s body was more and more covered with mud, and the mud spread all over the virtual sea with his every move, so it solidified and became various mountains and rivers according to the wishes of the earth evil spirit Buddha. As soon as he raised his hand, there was a virtual’ seamount’ that solidified and suppressed Xuanjin Buddha.
Xuanjin Buddha is holding a tripod to hold the seamount, and then slamming it, flying out several swords, spears and halberds. One handle rolls up a virtual wave to form a handle, and the sword mountain and the sea chop away at the Buddha.
When I saw the evil spirit, the Buddha changed his avatar, and the virtual sea boiled like a bomb. The number of retrograde black raindrops hit the sword mountain and the sea … The whole virtual sea boiled like boiling water because of this collision!
This one is playing a little LOW …
God’s eyes think that these two may not be so powerful characters?
At this time, with the emperor’s perspective, the two golden immortals have been shaped in turn with their bright white weaknesses.
The weakness is white.
If it takes longer, it will become a black dead spot, and it will become bigger and easier to aim at.
"Have you found a weakness to attack?" God’s eye informed the big spy
"If you are sure of death, you can attack. At the same time, the Vientiane immortal emperor has ordered you to withdraw from the Warring States immediately after the attack," said the spy.
"Yes" God’s eye continues to ambush.
About an hour passed.
Jin Xianwei can exhaust as if he can fight to the end of the world.
From the perspective of the God Eye Emperor, I have seen a deadly black spot in the first place.
And keep moving
It seems that the strength of the Dungeon Buddha is weak. It may be because he was ambushed by Xuanjin Buddha and his arm was blown off just after the battle.
"See …" God’s eyes held their breath and aimed at shooting. The whole process of returning to Luotian did not hesitate.
He didn’t see if he hit it again.
Real men never look back at the explosion, and the ace sniper doesn’t have to confirm whether the target has been hit.
In the virtual sea, the demon Buddha is stupefied. He feels a chill in his chest, and his strength seems to be leaking out from this mouth. This kind of strength, weakness and life hanging by a thread feels that he has not had it for tens of thousands of years … How is that possible …?
When the Dungeon Buddha was injured for a while, he stopped the Xuanjin Buddha’s blow. Xuanjin Buddha released a huge hammer from Jinding and hit his shoulder with a virtual wave. He was smashed back for hundreds of miles and stumbled into the virtual sea.
"That’s all that matters!" Holding a tripod, the shirtless giant shouted and drank like thunder, and was about to make up for it, knowing that this would definitely not kill each other … Alas?
The shirtless giant Han looked at the huge, human snake head floating in the empty sea and couldn’t help but stare at his tripod again and again. Is this … hmm? It’s yourself. That’s right. I didn’t take the wrong one from Master God. Why did it suddenly become so powerful?
But after all, it was killed.
The shirtless giant laughed and clapped Jinding to suck the body of Jin Xian.
Although it’s an incarnation, it’s not a statue, but it can always be refined, and there’s nothing in vain.
Of course, the most important thing is to get the original prayer of the devil.
Think of this shirtless giant who came to the ruins of the total altar of the underworld. He is still a monkey who ignores congratulations to him and surrounds him like flies. The brothers of Xuanjin Zongdi are a giant tripod and suck up the whole altar of the underworld.
But Mata wondered, "Where are the prayers?"
And at this time,
24 days


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