But they woke up too late. Sun Hao cut them off on the spot without mercy.

Blood ancestors and samurai, that’s all true combination, real power and great power in the later stage.
Even they failed to escape the powerful ancestors and immediately shocked all families.
The two ancestors died in the war, and the domain of death was completely shocked. In addition to the fact that the stiff ancestors knew what was going on, several of his bodhi old zu were flustered and pleaded for a second wave of attack on the Terran.
Sun Hao led the elite ancestors to play for the second time.
Gu Zu and Jiang Zu, two wily old foxes, didn’t work hard, and Andrew pretended to be lively and didn’t make any substantive moves.
Love can’t be expressed. Long Zu leads the great god of death into the Terran domain and fights with Sun Hao.
The four spirits of World War I reappeared and Sun Hao threw out the hammer!
See Sun Hao broken day hammer undead dragon ancestors immediately white oneself provoked shouldn’t make people lead their dragon soldiers to fly to escape.
Millions of Jin Liuwei intercepted the death of CUHK and the number of immortal dragons reached 10,000. Among the fallen terrans, including the virtual ten thousand in the Weiyuan epicenter, the individual strength can be ranked in the top ten immortal dragons.
After the service, the undead domain was really weakened, and the nine families were scared.
If it weren’t for the strange undead cloud in the death domain, the nine races would probably sit still in fear.
The immortal dragon ancestors died, and Andrew really took control of the undead domain and reorganized his immortal army.
After discussing with several ancestors, Andewei re-formulated the strategy and tactics of the undead domain to avoid the heyday. The Terran will not support several ethnic groups and gradually gather strength to look forward to confronting the Terran in the future.
According to Andrew’s idea, Sun Hao secretly inspired the idea that the undead domain targeted Morgan protoss, Tree Terran and Flying Terran.
Three clan territory explodes the natural disaster of the undead.
The so-called scourge of the undead is that after the big lich special virus is killed, it will be resurrected into tens of millions of lich or skeleton soldiers, and they will attack the big domain of the three clans one by one, eating into the territory of the three clans bit by bit.
There are also some powerful three-clan monks who may be directly transformed and degraded by evil energy.
The three clans also want to join forces to fight against the Terran.
As a result, the Terran hasn’t attacked yet, and the powerful undead warriors have been killed one by one. The scourge of the undead has made the three families suffer.
After years of fighting, some degenerate black-winged angels have appeared in the undead domain and become the new fighting arms of stiff ancestors; There is also a fallen dark demon tree that has become a powerful new arm of the ancestors; Morgan protoss also has monks who have turned into dark lich.
The original virtual ranking is very high, and the strength of the three powerful families has been gradually worn away in the battle of natural disasters, and the ranking has dropped and then dropped.
When the ranking of the three clans dropped to a thousand, the monks of the three clans finally couldn’t bear the rest, and the three clans jointly requested the Terran to send reinforcements.
Brother Zheng Yuan, the steward of Terran, said with regret, "I’m sorry that our ancestors can’t see each other now. Besides, when you three tribes invaded Terran, you almost let people be destroyed. On the spot, my Terran failed to fall into the well. If we want to send reinforcements, there is no way …"
Sun Hao digested the ancient star nucleus and Yin Qi crystal, polished for a long time, and gradually became more and more perfect. At this time, the end of ten thousand years is coming.
Chapter DiErSanJiu Ancestor anecdotes
Years have passed, and 23 us.com is the fastest.
When Sun Hao came out of Kunxu Palace, he suddenly found that the so-called immortal Kunlun Holy Land had changed dramatically after ten thousand years.
Sun Hao didn’t find a few monks who knew each other when his knowledge was swept away.
Sun Hao found that even the Shiqu Pavilion and Qilin Pavilion … the layout and protective array of these important places have been completely different. Ten thousand years later, the scale of these places has doubled and what they hide has increased several times.
After all, it is too long to stand the test of ten thousand years, and there are too few things.
In the past, many of the distracted monks have fallen into the long river.
Even some monks and Taoist couples around Sun Hao lost their team names and faded from the spirit list.
Sun Hao’s daughter, Zhong Rui, died with a smile thousands of years ago, but Sun Hao never saved it again.
On that day, Sun Hao saw Zhong Rui’s body at a distance, and suddenly saw that she had come to a huge family and the highest monk had reached the height of Du Jie period.
Xiao Zhu served himself as a bamboo princess from an early age. Although she had Sun Hao’s help, she finally spent a long time and fell into Sun Hao’s arms with a smile
This is the earliest time that Sun Hao has fallen around and devoted himself to Sun Hao’s body. Sun Haotian regrets Sun Hao’s true pity for the princess.
Bamboo princess has never left Sun Hao in her life.
Her Shou Yuan is about to run out. In the Millennium, Sun Hao felt pity and stayed with her for a while, so let her give birth to herself.
Sun Hao clearly remembers the ecstasy she felt when she learned that she was pregnant, the caring and obedience from body to soul.
Sun Hao-hsin has compassion, and Nai herself can help save the day. Even the spiritual list can prolong her Shou Yuan, but she can’t really go against the fate and let her get eternal life.
For thousands of years, Jin Fei, who is competitive, came to the end of her life and fell into Sun Hao’s arms with a smile. Her last sentence was "I made a big profit and ate a little fresh meat, leaving you a pulse. I hope you can remember to spend more time with your children when you take time …"
The ups and downs of the world, the ups and downs of the world, the vicissitudes of life, the limited sighs in Sun Hao’s heart, but the vicissitudes of Sun Hao’s heart have been as hard as iron.
Most monks around Sun Hao are still healthy.
The top ten immortals who are famous in the world are Sun Hao’s exposed combat strength. In fact, Sun Hao has several monks around him to repair their combat power. No, they also have many monks who are slightly weaker than them.
The true female Xuanyuan Red Goddess Xia Qingyu Witch Luo Mei swallowed the sky and the small fire froze her ancestors. The two princesses Milo Hayou and Miha sisters were not among the top ten immortals, but their identities were quite special and their names were relatively low-key when they participated in the war.
Terran department is aware of the strength around ancestors, which is vast. It is the most appropriate thing to exhaust one person’s word that chickens and dogs will ascend to heaven to form monks around ancestors
In addition to these hidden masters, grandson Hao is surrounded by four monks, whose names are no weaker than those of the top ten immortals.
Terran status from a practical point of view is even more than the top ten immortals in charge of fighting.
These four are real Terran high-level officials. Although they are slightly weak, their status is already a little weaker than that of the Terran Zhengyuan and the Witch God, and they are equivalent to the bloody Wang Baichen.
One of the four monks is the great housekeeper of West Kunlun, who is in charge of things and things. Kunlun has a real big zhengyuan and Liu Qi, and he has to give him three points of courtesy.
Although the strength has not reached the level of the top ten immortals, it is also a monk with strong strength
One is to kill demons in East Kunlun, and the lu shan Magic Palace has now become the third largest palace in East Kunlun like Wan The Hunger Island. lu shan is Sun Haodi’s identity and the Terran high-level silently flows.
There are two others, Sun Hao’s real brother, who knows everything. His fighting capacity is slightly weak, but he is respected by hundreds of millions of brothers of Terran.
These are Wu Xianlang and Zhu Dezheng.
No.1 medicine sheng no.1 apparatus sheng
The Terran Friar Zun and the Terran Shengbao are in charge of the Terran Hall and the number of medicine cousins respectively.
The two men inherited and promoted the ancestral mantle, refining magic pills and magic weapons, which were sought after by Terran monks.
It is said that the ancestors rarely personally give their brothers an alchemy, and most of the ten immortals are promoted by monks because of the two saints.
If the distracted monk meets the bottleneck of practice and wants to find the two saints, it will be solved.
Therefore, the status of the two men spread far and wide among the imaginary families.
Terran East Kunlun Wan The Hunger Island Auction House occasionally shoots the two holy refining elixirs and magical magic weapons to become the highest auction event in name only.
Unofficial history heard that Bai Jieshi, a witch with ten thousand blood, was the lover of her ancestors. Otherwise, how could the two saints be filmed on Wan The Hunger Island alone? You know, there are very few two saints in the West Kunlun auction house.
But isn’t the blood witch the first favorite of the two-faced witch god in East Kunlun? Many monks, including many monks in West Kunlun, find it incredible.
But there are also unofficial history who smell that the double-faced witch god is a male and female. The strange monk secretly said that he seems to be the ancestral princess of the agarwood … Of course, these are all gossip, and no one will casually go outside.
Just like those heroes and girls, their affairs will last forever. These are the best topics to discuss after dinner.
It is only when talking about these things that the Terran monks feel that the ancestral agarwood is closer to themselves than a high god.
People have to be human, don’t they? Ancestor anecdotes are not in the official history, but they are also well-known
Once Sun Hao quietly fell into dance academy, a Terran Inn in West Kunlun.
I heard the monks in the inn talking about their glorious deeds in distress. Those monks talked about these things, which made me excited, as if they had become their idol worship target.
As if you are not so romantic, you are not a real ancestor!
Sun Hao also heard another monk disclose a more exciting affair.
Ancestor Chen Xiang married his own sisters and enjoyed the happiness of Qi Ren. He spoke like a decent person, as if he had seen it with his own eyes.
Saying Sun Hao wondered that he was married to Milo Hayou by mistake, but this thing is not the story of death. Why is there a stream of people in West Kunlun?
Let Sun Hao talk about how ridiculous it is to do it himself. It’s a beautiful story through the ages when it comes to the mouth of the monks at the bottom after dinner. It’s a wonderful story and a magical history!
The aura of ancestors shines wherever it shines!
However, if you think about it, it seems that it is so true. Without these stories, it seems that it would not be so grounded and memorable.


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