"What’s wrong with the team? I have a time limit! "

"Go ahead, why don’t you go?"
"Call a wool. Didn’t you see that the department stopped? The robber princess came out. Don’t shout and be paralyzed. If Cheryl is brought here, don’t bring us into trouble if you die!"
"The robber princess lie trough! Shh! ! Don’t talk! "
"ShaBi head first look at a hair look! !”
At this time, the five-star robber head already felt that the sky was getting dark. Of course, it wasn’t really dark. He felt that there was a dark cloud in front of his eyes. It came from the robber princess Cheryl-the novel was finished. I don’t know if this is true or not, but it must be true. Just now, he just …
Miss Cheryl snapped behind her. "How dare you touch Caroline! I cann’t believe you want to take her away. you’re really impatient! !” to be continued
Chapter 7 Caroline honey trap!
Nine stars bandit group camp
Nie Shuangcai, a strange robber’s den, didn’t come here twice, but he was inexplicably familiar with it and didn’t know anything about it.
It’s not just the robbers around who set their eyes on him, but the players who are wearing robber clothes are also staring at Nie Shuang with their eyes wide open, puzzled and shocked-
It is not surprising that they will be shocked and dare to directly enter the Nine Stars Bandit without changing the player’s appearance. Before Nie Shuang, the player was an ancient man, and Nie Shuang was the "pioneer"!
He is wearing his own set of clothes, which is full of the golden mage’s head. This extraordinary gorgeous jewel crown has a big jewel staff shining on his head to prove his identity. The three id characters are clearly visible-
Don’t you see!
"What’s the matter with that guy lying in the trough? How can he walk like this in the robber’s den? What about the robbers around? Why not kill him or drag him to prison? "
"Have you seen? How is this id slightly familiar with the feeling? "
"Hey, now that you mention it, I also remember …! I remember that the new deputy gentleman didn’t see this id and led a new deputy ant empire! I also said I would go for a few days! "
"Ah, yes, that’s the’ I can’t see you’ saying, why is he here and can wander around the robbers’ den at will?"
"Who knows? Look at the silver armor in front of him with a sickle. I don’t know who the woman is, but the woman in the long skirt is the robber princess Cheryl with nine stars!"
"Wipe beautiful son? Go for a walk, go for a walk, go away, Cheryl. We are not to be taunted … "
"Say good hurriedly walk words that elder brothers really special yao is strong, incredibly can follow behind Cheryl peace this … cow force! Wait for me to cut a picture. "
If you want to get close to Nie Shuang, the player will suddenly flee like a mouse when he sees the robber princess Cheryl in front, but he will never dare to get close to it, which will save Nie Shuang from explaining his words-
He has successfully entered the Nine Stars Robber Group with Cheryl. Instead of being questioned and asked by robbers, he is respectful and polite, greeting many people.
The five-star robber who tried to kill him and take Caroline has been dragged away by Cheryl’s order. His fate will be like Nie Shuang’s, but he has done his best …
Are you kidding him about robbing a woman?
Cheryl, wearing a long light red dress in front of her, looked very happy with a slight smile on her face. Her lips kept opening and closing and introduced the nine-star bandit group to Caroline. "Look, Caroline, my father made me build a flower garden there specially. He hoped that I could learn more about flower arrangement and embroidery than fighting and killing … By the way, Caroline, what kind of girl do you like?"
Caroline walked forward straight and unsmiling, and from time to time, she replied with "hmm, ah, oh". Cheryl was vague in the past, and her mouth twitched slightly about Cheryl’s eyes-
No, I like men. I like him. He’s behind me.
After reading this, Caroline gently turned her head and looked behind her, hoping to get some help from him-he was looking at the surrounding scenery. Well, although she had said that everything would go according to the plan before coming, she still wanted to ask for help at the critical moment …
Isn’t this a little too boring?
We must work hard to help you!
Caroline firmly established her heart and gently turned her head to Cheryl and thought, "I like girls who are brave, afraid of love, can give up everything and believe in their loved ones!"
I taught her this!
Speaking of it, it’s really a coup d’ é tat. He was able to guess what Cheryl was going to say. He taught her the skills of answering early, otherwise he wouldn’t know how to answer according to his own personality.
Caroline’s gentle words made Cheryl a little intoxicated. She raised her face and said, "So … So Caroline, do you think Cheryl is such a girl?" Do you like it? "
Suddenly Caroline stopped.
Cheryl one leng also follow stop.
Nie Shuang, followed by the maid, stopped after two people.
Caroline turned to Cheryl, lifted her hands and gently grasped Cheryl’s left hand. She stared at Cheryl’s eyes with eyes full of water and tenderness. "Cheryl, I think you are such a girl. You are so perfect. I like girls like you the most … Well, there are many people here. I think you can find a place where no one is there. I want you to have a good’ talk’." Said Caroline, who was a little frivolous and reminded Cheryl.
Cheryl, where can’t stand Caroline’s offensive? As soon as Caroline’s words are finished over there, she has rushed to nod and promised to drink everyone back and drag Caroline to a place.
Nie Shuang has Caroline to lobby, but she can watch from a distance.
Nie Shuang didn’t expect nine stars. The bandit regimental headquarters not only has a flower bed, but also has a big pond. The pond is irregular and round. During the sparkling period, the fish play with ripples from time to time. There is a small pavilion in the middle of the pond, which is connected by a unique bridge and surrounded by quiet beauty. It really doesn’t seem noisy at all. It’s really an excellent love …
Caroline in the pavilion is also beautiful, and the two of them are sitting in it next to each other and chatting together. Although Nie Shuang’s heart is slightly uncomfortable, she can endure it for a while.
Now Nie Shuang has to wait quietly …
Cheryl has the treasure of the nine stars bandit group. This is the absolute key. How to take out the clue set!
Nie Shuang couldn’t help it at first, but then he saw Cheryl’s attitude towards Caroline, which made him feel a breakthrough-
Maybe others can’t, but Caroline can
No matter what means yin and yang are cruel and soft in the game, it won’t matter if the player can get the fragment information or be complete. At this time, Nie Shuang intends to make a more cruel and despicable means to get the information-
Yes, it’s medicine!
He went to great lengths to get the powerful coma fluid from old liu Meng Alcher!
The powerful coma liquid can not only make np players stunned, but also consciously say something during the coma. It is very important that Cheryl can drink the powerful coma liquid even for a minute, so that Caroline can get information and escape.
The difficulty lies in that if Cheryl is allowed to drink the powerful coma liquid-Cheryl is a robber princess, but she has many enemies and is very vigilant. Ordinary players such as Nie Shuang can’t do anything in the past. Caroline is the unexpected turn of Nie Shuang.
Caroline was loved by Cheryl!


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