Wei Sansheng wondered, "Master Zun’s Chinese characters sound … as if they are not domineering."

"Is …"
Yun Zheyue and others have nodded in agreement.
Bai Lianxing looked at everyone and laughed. "Is that because you are ignorant?"
Everyone was surprised to hear that this’ Han’ actually has such beautiful meanings.
But see Luo Yu agrees, "Yes, Xinghan is brilliant, and the Tianhe River is the vast Milky Way."
Therefore, Chinese characters come from the yin and yang of heaven, and every word contains three dimensions. The profound evolution law is hidden behind Chinese characters in the mystery of the whole universe. Moreover, only Chinese characters have the perfect combination of sound, form and meaning in this world, which can best describe things and things accurately and almost resemble the natural way. "
Then he pointed out that Yin and Yang echoed in the sea of clouds on the top of the mountain. "In the wild period, great wisdom people can often understand the jurisprudence of Heaven and Heaven through the analysis of a certain word. That is to say, some people can predict the fate of an individual by measuring words, just as Canaan Road is willing to pronounce a mantra from the heart to resonate with the great wish.
Chinese characters are beautiful in form, sound, meaning, sight, form, and beauty.
The teacher’s Chinese characters are heavenly symbols, such as the mantra of leading the array, the pattern of eyes, and the magic of heaven and earth.
Therefore, whether it is the vicissitudes of life or the rise and fall of thousands of languages, only Chinese characters are the closest to Taoist collections. "
Fang Yi has been interested in spells in recent days and often goes to Danzong for advice.
So he asked curiously, "Teacher, since the proverbs of Great Wishing in Canaan Road have the same effect and the Chinese characters are close to the Taoist scriptures, I wonder if there are any proverbs of our generation, such as Jian, Dan and Array?"
White love star news flashes, "So I have read a remnant chapter in an ancient remnant, and there is a complete proverb in it, that is, learning has not changed at all."
Seeing the curiosity of her brothers, it seems that she simply put her hands together and recited the formula "Pro, Bing, Dou, Zhe, All, Array, Column, Front and Line".
Read stop tactic check Yun Feng slowly …
Obviously there is no change around.
A face of Meng force all seem a little disappointed.
White love star with a smile and some nai to los feather to ask for eyes.
Luo Yu’s memory is not to mention that he really knows a proverb.
He still looks like a spring breeze, saying, "This is the nine-word mantra of Gucci’s" Embracing the Park "."
"Nine-character mantra!"
Suddenly, everyone was surprised that their eyes had been expected to come.
Bai Lianxing has always liked to study classical books. Seeing that her husband knew that she had been pleasantly surprised, she said, "Love Star remembers that there really seems to be an ambiguous seal character’ Park’!"
Obviously, Luo Yu can quote us the source of the nine words, which will surely tell the mystery.
Sure enough, he just thought about the sidewalk and said, "This nine-character mantra" Baopu "is a proverb, and those involved in it are traveling through mountains and rivers. Therefore, it is advisable to know that the secret wishes of Liujia say," Those who are fighting in the army are marching in groups. "Every nine-character mantra is often made into a mantra, and then it is called" near, soldier, fighter, all, array, column, front and line ".
When people smell these nine-character mantras, they can actually call the evil spirits and ghosts to be afraid to get close to each other. Boy, it’s terrible!
But they turned around and thought about it. It seems that nothing has changed just after Jenny finished reading the mantra.
Think of this, they will look at the big and say that their master is obviously confused.
Fang Yi was interested in this and asked, "Since the nine-character mantra is so sharp, can’t Jenny be present?"
I have to say that he asked everyone what doubts in his heart, even the bully son and Anu behind him looked curiously.
See Luo Yu’s explanation: "Although the nine characters are not wrong, the strategics are also wrong, but this sound is out of breath … It takes a slight deviation of Yin and Yang to naturally go a thousand miles."
With this, he spread his arms and folded his fingers, which was much slower than Bai Lianxing’s previous experience. He read and gestured, "The mind and body of the person who is in the presence are stable, and the will is not confused; Soldiers’ ideological energy is poor in vitality; The fighter intends to urge the spirit to resonate bravely and boldly, and when encountering difficulties, it will surge against the four sides; Those who mean to integrate and freely control their own bodies and external forces need to sink their hearts, urge their spirits and resonate with each other in one go, so that all things can be combined and separated. "
Immediately before everyone thought about it, his hand tactic changed, and then he said, "The fifth word is all tied to the outside, which is the crisis-induced flu, and the operator’s ability to solve all the problems and meet the first four seals. Therefore, the seal needs to be independent, slow down, and then drink out, line up, and do so to become a nine-word mantra! Wait and see. "
As he said this, everyone expected their eyes to "bang" and cross their hands to change their fingerprints. At the same time, they kept their minds on the platform and slightly urged Dantian to be solemn and lock their eyebrows as if they were drinking low, saying, "Pro, soldier, fighter and all ~!"
They stared at Luo Yu’s first, second and fourth falls, and nothing seemed to change.
But when he paused and then pinched the fifth word "all"!


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