And he will still kill Zhu Faqing, but Dharma tells him not to make moves, and he will naturally keep this promise.

Because even Dharma probably doesn’t know that Li Zhichang has another successful player that he didn’t expect.
Li Zhichang’s figure was like a light smoke falling from a high cliff, and suddenly he reached an ancient temple hundreds of miles away from Bianhuang.
Li Zhichang gently waved a large piece of soil from the ground to reveal a young man who was only about twenty years old in grade.
The outline of a man’s face is carved from crystal clear marble, and his brow seems to be born with free and easy temperament.
Red face but not breathing.
Even the heartbeat has stopped.
Li Zhichang knows that this young man has entered the realm of Taoist dream of seeking fetal interest, and his body will become a Taoist dream of seeking immortality after a hundred days of fetal interest. The foundation is purer and stronger than that of Li Zhichang’s body.
All this is because Dan robbed the wrong place and was digested by young people.
Li Zhichang looked at the young man’s body and revealed an admiration to himself, "Dan’s robbery alone can have such a miraculous effect, which is not only effective but also twice as effective as Dan’s robbery, and the elixir is like this."
Li Zhichang captured the young man’s body and said leisurely, "If you are lucky, I will lend your body for one year to let you feel what is the real immortal experience."
Taiyi Daozun’s identity is now too big, and many immortal figures appear. Li Zhichang naturally won’t be forced to run amok, but this perfect Taoist body can give full play to the strength of other departments, and only Li Zhichang can really control the power of Dan robbery.
After Li Zhichang leaves this body, the young man will fully gain the experience of Li Zhichang, which can be said to be a great success.
There is still a period of time before the end of the hundred-day fetal interest, and Li Zhichang has a way to speed up this process, but all this will have to wait until he returns to the general altar of Taiyi.
The fact is that if Li Zhichang hadn’t arrived at the immortal Kadandao Grand Master’s experience, he would never have sensed the body of this young man with fetal death.
Because Dan Robber will lurk until the flesh and Dan Robber merge into one, and then people will feel that Dan Robber’s master is already quite immortal.
Chapter 33 Dengxian Road
Taiyi Temple, the general altar of Taiyi Sect, erected a mountain front near Taiyuan, writing three characters like a dragon and snake-‘Nantianmen’
The boldness of vision is like a fairy’s pen, but painting is by no means human.
Behind the mountain gate is a shortcut to climb the mountain.
Before Liu Yushan’s gate, he quietly said that he was shocked.
Xie Xuan sent him to contact Taiyi Sect precisely because Taiyi Sect is the only Sect that can deal with Tianshi Daomen Sect.
The strength of southern Sun En is chilling.
Even Xie Xuanneng had to have a headache for Sun En.
What’s even more frightening is that Sun En has already killed Xiaoyao Jiaoyao and single-handedly turned over a sect, which is frightening enough. There is a hidden posture of winning the first place in the world, but in fact, no one can steal the limelight of Sun En recently.
The situation has changed dramatically since Taiyi Sect closed the mountain gate one month ago.
Tianshidao and Mu Chui joined hands to occupy Bianhuang, echoing the north and south. Even though Xie Xuan’s prestige and diplomatic difficulties after the water invasion, especially Huan Xuan’s joint efforts with three gangs, four religions and one big country made the situation more and more difficult.
At the same time, Maitreya also went deep into the south, and even joined forces with Jinshi to eradicate Xie Xuan, the representative of the northern government army. In the face of such heavy obstacles, Xie Xuan had to find allies.
Xie Xuan deeply felt that it would be different when he faced Fu Jian alone. At that time, Fu Jian came to the south with such strong pressure to unify the north, and only when he went to the south for help could he unite as one and fight against the enemy together.
However, once Fu Jian was destroyed, the situation was very different. Everyone saw that the situation in the sky had changed dramatically, and people with strength wanted a piece of the action at this time.
In particular, Huan Xuan and Sima Dao turned a blind eye to the arrogance of Tianshi Dao regardless of the overall situation, but deliberately suppressed the northern government army
These days, I don’t know how many people say that Xie Xuan is domineering and doesn’t look at Jinshi at all, which is by no means the case.
Today, it is still independent, and Taiyi religion is the best choice for Xie Xuan.
Worrying, Emperor Wu of Song stood on both sides of the mountain gate outside the hiking trail, and the towering stone pillars into the clouds made Emperor Wu of Song feel a lot better.
It’s a difficult thing to help the poor, and now it will be the best support for Xie Xuan if he runs a good alliance with Taiyi.
Emperor Wu of song set foot on the path to continue his journey.
The path winds as if to reach the peak.
The grey-blue night starlight in the half moon adds to the mystery of the path.
It is not easy to cut such a path in the mountain, and it is close to the abyss. Sometimes it goes around the mountain, and sometimes it runs through ancient trees and high forests.
Liu Yujue wandered around the mountains in a daze and finally returned to the worse gate.
Suddenly Gao Yuehua spilled Liu Yufu’s mind, and he felt that he had received a call in his heart and followed the direction of induction.
It took less than an hour to tread the path again and cross the forest and stream, but there seems to be no difference in front of this path. If you take him to the top, you still know it.
After passing through an ancient forest densely covered with strange trees, there was a sudden crash of water, and a waterfall at a height of more than 10 feet on the left plummeted and nearly 100 feet formed. In the fog, a long suspension bridge crossed the waterfall in front and connected to the other side of the path. The suspension bridge was suspended and the mountain wind was swaying. The timid must have seen that their feet were weak, let alone set foot on it.
And there is a stone tablet standing next to the suspension bridge, and writing three words seems to be actually a finger depicting the texture, which hinders the three words "Dengxian Road" in one go.
There are two lines of fine print next to it.
Long bridge lying wave is not Yunlong;


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