"There are many plants in this world that are more or less toxic to insects, such as pyrethrum, derris and tobacco! The so-called shell is to cultivate these plants in large quantities and grind them into powder, and then hit them near the insect nest. How much effect will be tested before we know that there are many materials in Angolo crater in the east anyway, "Duke replied so-called."

It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work. If you test which one has special effects, you will make a profit.
Although C ‘Thun is not a worm, the alliance and tribe are. Even if C ‘Thun dies, the whole Kalimdor will kneel down if there is another worm tide.
It’s not always possible to form such a gorgeous Coalition.
Duke, a traveler, knows best that Azeroth has a lot of shit to do.
Varian nodded heavily "educated"
After finishing Zaduk, he came to the strange small room attached to Naxxramas, which used to be the lair of the frost dragon and the hall of Kel ‘Thuzad, and the core of the fortress was prepared.
Different from the main control area, this core area is mainly used to hide valuables as a refuge for VIPs.
Thanks to the promotion of modular housing, the logistics forces are busy transforming Naxxramas’ defense and firepower, and Du Mouren is still idle enough to attract a group of masons from Storm City to corrupt himself. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Frost Dragon Nest has built a three-story exquisite palace for himself and its king.
Duke’s own villa claims to be two and a half floors of Duke level.
And the result?
There are two and a half floors above ground and three floors below ground, making five floors in all.
Duke arranged the magic circle in the Duke’s mansion, and first called Khadga, Alonso, Thaddius and Farina, and then Vanessa opened the gate to welcome the guests.
Seeing Alonso Fao, these visitors or helpers bowed their heads and saluted.
"Nice to meet your teacher!" Leo and Gavin Rudd bowed their heads first, followed by Liadrin and Niditas, and then Sally Whitemain.
"Ha ha ha! I’m not a living person anymore, just follow worldly customs. "Alonso was quite happy to see his brother still active in the front line of fighting evil.
After a ceremony, Duke went straight to the theme, "Since all the insects in C ‘Thun are dragging on, we can attack the enemy in the deepest part of the temple of Allah for a while and improve our strength. At the same time, we have to do something. My suggestion is to find ways to purify and absorb the souls of the two emperors into the magic net, and at the same time see if we can take out the divinity of the two emperors for some people who are determined to attack the divine domain."
"Psst!" Even though everyone knows that Duke has always been very kind, no one really thought that Duke would take out his divinity as a battle advantage. In everyone’s mind, that base is the first player in the league, Duke’s absolute field, and it is estimated that Duke will have a success rate of seven or seven if he doesn’t play the double emperor and the queen.
Everyone moved.
Leo is even more awe-inspiring. "I am straightforward. I rarely admire anyone, but I want to say that you are the third person I admire besides my teacher Fao Wu Seer."
Everyone gave compliments in succession.
Duke waved his hand. "Our destiny is linked to Azeroth. If this planet destroys Delano, it is our role model. Even being a demigod has nothing to praise. Just remember that the greater the power, the greater the responsibility."
They’re all allies, and they don’t say anything about the scene. Maybe if Azeroth collapses, the alliance can roll to a planet like the dark gate of the tribe and launch a desperate invasion and attack.
Of course, victory can gain racial continuity, but what about failure?
Tribes are the best examples.
Thought of here, every league hero feels the same way.
Duke continued, "I’m not polite. Just ask who wants to plant demigods. I expect to take two kinds this time. Please ask confident people to come out by themselves. There is a saying,’ If you have confidence, you won’t win, but if you don’t have confidence, you will lose’. Okay, who wants it first?"
There is something called doing one’s duty.
Queen Xi’s long bow with inclined back proudly stands out, her eyebrows are slightly raised, and her one hand is rested on her hips, making her aura naturally disperse.
At this time, the alliance said that there are four major races, but dwarfs are actually dwarves’ vassals. Since human beings already have Duke Elves’ aspect, sylvanas windrunner is out of the queue, so Magny will "count me in" before striding with efreet hammer on his back.
I was quite impressed when I came to Varian, but Varian smiled and stopped laughing after seeing Magny out of the queue.
Duke waved his hand and took out the soul of the double emperor.
It’s not blowing two demigods’ souls that are different from the little surprise of the prophet Skram. It’s Duke’s greatest gain when he hits the temple of Allah.
The body of the Chapter 1325 Promise unyielding
Unfortunately, the soul of the two emperors was cut by symbiosis to make it alone.
Of course, the difficulty of lowering has not only doubled.
If there are difficulties, make them even if there are no difficulties!
Uh, I think I said something wrong. Forget it. Don’t worry about this detail
In a moment, the souls of the two emperors emerged from Duke’s hands.
Emperor Vikras stared angrily at everything in front of him, but his horse realized that his abilities had been lost because he, like his brother Vikrol the Great, had lost their demigods and become pure spirits.
"Hey, do you feel all right?" Duke’s face became bigger and less attractive in their field of vision.
They opened their mouths, but they were dismayed to find that they could roar. They tried to change all this, but they could change the status quo with all their strength. Unfortunately, the soul prison has completely banned all their strength.
The only thing they can do now is to be a prisoner and a prisoner and wait here for Duke, the winner, to judge them.
Duke gently threw his hands into a cage of two souls, and Ran Ran rose until he was imprisoned by the magic circle. Half Duke made a snap of his fingers, and everyone looked at the bottom and the spirit of the double emperor became bigger and bigger … the size of a dwarf.
"Double emperor! Didn’t you say that the winner gets everything? Now the winners Duke Marcus and sylvanas windrunner Windrunner are coming to enjoy our war benefits. "Duke pulled the Queen of Greece and stood side by side."
It’s obvious that the emperor’s face twitched in pain
What I said not long ago reverberated in their four ears.
"The winner’s reward should not be discounted."
"The loser’s etiquette should be the ultimate."
They did say
However, it is not only the emperor’s reserve and pride, but also the absolute confidence of the strong.
Real warriors never think about the consequences of failure because they never think that they will fail.
It is true that they can show their ugliness like those captured mortals, such as slapping the soul barrier in front of them desperately, but this kind of thing is not only showing their abilities, but also losing their manners … They don’t do it! Because for them, this ugliness is more cruel torture than death.
Although the two emperors have experienced their physical pain being blown alive by the strongest holy light in history, it is nothing but mortal torture.
The real torture is the mind.
They lost!
Brothers teamed up to lose a mortal woman and a human demigod who has not yet made efforts.
Once they were stronger than C ‘Thun, stronger than C ‘Thun and perfect.
Even it is as famous as C ‘Thun, an ancient god, and they don’t even look at it.
But now the cruel reality has impacted their worldview again and again.
Anger! Hate! Hate!
Even so, even if you bite your teeth tightly, the two emperors need words and empathy, which has made them make a decision.
Double Emperor echo each other
"Go ahead! Winner! "
"What do you want to fight for?"
Duke nodded. "First of all, if you are divine, I mean, you will be left without fighting and magic."
Its divinity is not so easy to grasp. In addition to representing strength and energy, it also represents the will of a god or a demigod


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