Yun Fan is vulnerable before him.

Yun Fan walked on empty feet, and no one with genes could stop him. Climbing the mountain peak found the entrance to the camp.
Boom boom …
A series of laser cannons blew out from the entrance.
Every laser cannon is enough to kill a strong man with five spirits.
Even the strong at the peak of the Five Qi can retreat in the face of so many laser cannon attacks.
Yun Fan’s true qi, the royal sword, and the sword light darted out one bright sword light after another.
At the same time, the body also moves quickly to dodge.
Some laser cannon attacks were avoided by Yun Fan, and some were split by chopped swords.
Yun Fan forced the entrance to destroy ten laser cannons.
Yun Fan, like a gust of wind, rushed into the entrance for a while, and then the entrance quickly turned into a spiral staircase leading to the underground.
There was a rapid alarm in the camp.
It’s the highest danger alert. Yun Fan’s sub-magnetic gravitational field killed the army chief who guarded the entrance. None of them touched the highest danger alert.
The supreme leader of the Japanese gene people was alarmed, and his voice reached all the fortresses underground through the sound system, so that all the six-level gene warrior departments came to the exit of the main fortress to deal with the strong enemy
Yun Fan has not yet reached the underground fortress, and a large number of genetic people have rushed in.
People with genes swim as fast as snakes.
The sensitivity ratio of light and quiet gait of people with genes such as cats.
People with genes are like eagles with wings on their backs, running like flies, and hands like iron claws.
One by one, the Japanese gene people show their mutant genes, and their strength explodes like a group of demons dancing around.
Yun Fan’s hands double-whacked Xuan Yue’s big handprint, and the handprint was condensed. There was a slap in the channel with more than one person.
The true spirit of the royal sword is bright and bright.
Most of these gene people are six-level gene fighters. Although there are a large number of them, the root of danger to Yun Fan can’t stop Yun Fan’s footsteps
Yun Fan’s repair is as high as the peak of Ling Hai Jing, and it really fills the whole piece of Ling Hai’s repair. It’s very vigorous and continuous, and it’s no problem to fight all day. It’s been ruthless.
One by one, the gene soldiers fell to Yun Fan, stepping on the blood of the dead mountain and marching rapidly to the Japanese gene camp
This time, the massacre of gene life is not only to relieve the threat of human beings, but also to obtain the military merit of class B mecha. Third, I have never met Grandpa Yun and set sail for revenge!
Yun Fan’s indifference is like a statue of killing God, which has been in the main fortress of the Japanese National People’s Congress Palace.
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Chapter 219 A nuclear bomb exploded! (2 more commutation ticket)
Boom boom …
When Yun Fan rushed out of the passage and appeared in the main fortress.
A large piece of laser bombarded with hundreds of doors.
It’s terrible that hundreds of laser cannons are bombarded together, unless it is the combination of spirit and martial arts and the strong body has reached the point of hard resistance to nuclear bombs, it can withstand the bombardment of hundreds of laser cannons.
Although Yun Fan’s physique is better than that of the five-qi peak, the unity of spirit and martial arts cannot be compared.
Hundreds of laser bombardment immediately sensed the danger of life and death.
The laser cannon is too fast, and the fortress is too small to dodge.
Da Luo Jing Lei Jianfa!
Yun Fan transformed his swordsmanship with a stroke of his empty hand, and cast a sword of great change and thunder.
When the sword is chopped, it blooms brilliantly. When the aurora collapses, several swords and awns dance like the same snake.
At the moment, the snake sword awn was densely covered with Yun Fan, and the whole main fortress was bombarded by this bright snake sword awn
The explosion in Lei Yin was deafening.
This sword is as powerful as a god’s outbursts, and it is more terrifying than the hundreds of laser cannons attacking this snake sword and bombarding it together.
As soon as the avatar comes out, he will know the enemy!


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