Marilyn, a famous business talent, smiled indifferently if she couldn’t guess his mind. "It doesn’t matter if I let them get the data ready."

Well, I’m so stupid. Isn’t the mandala wheat cake chain Marilyn’s family property owner? In a word, there will be no problem with credits
Although it wasn’t long, the old hag was modest and the staff of the wheat cake shop were nice. Seeing that he was leaving, everyone was somewhat reluctant. Before he left, his colleagues prepared a table for dinner.
Lan Yunpeng attended, of course. It is surprising that he brought a female companion. When the beautiful Miss Marilyn appeared, she expressed people’s shock in French. For most mandala chamber of commerce employees, Miss Gui is like a goddess, and now they are eating at the same table!
This is all because this unreliable deputy manager in the chain store knew that they were classmates, but he didn’t expect it to be so good. This guy is more mysterious than he looks.
There is still a period of time before the end of the internship. They are not in a hurry to return to Bauhinia College. They chose land instead of taking the goblin airship. Of course, they are not the only heirs of Marilyn mandala Chamber of Commerce. Compared with the princess, they are not inferior to bodyguards and maids. The whole team looks like a tour group from the outside.
The mandala chamber of commerce and the sacred alliance have always been on good terms, but the mandala chamber of commerce hopes that no one will be difficult and no one dares to go.
"Miss tired, rest early!"
"Good" Marilyn’s face hung with a faint smile like a fairy in the moonlight.
Ai Jiani quietly retired and looked at the camp. The old witch has been very close these days, but her smile has also added a lot. She doesn’t know whether it is right or wrong to develop like this. However, since Miss likes herself, she will hide her feelings. Although they are masters and servants, they are better than mother and daughter. I hope that Miss Li will always be beautiful and wise. This vision is also true.
The night is hazy and obscure, and the bonfire licks the firewood gently. Only a few sparse stars twinkle in the quiet night, and the moon hides in the dark clouds. The sky is not very good, and it is a remote place, and it is more than 100 kilometers away from the nearest town.
The swordsmen who are in charge of the vigil at the camp are patrolling. Although few people are willing to provoke the mandala chamber of commerce in the mainland of Sderot, as the saying goes, beware of big mistakes and today seems to be unlucky. The front post sounds an alarm. A group of people from different origins are approaching quickly and there are still many of them.
Suddenly, the tense atmosphere is filled with anger. The swordsmen and wizards are ready. Although the other side may not be malicious, it is too remote and the young lady is not allowed to be careless in the team.
Generally, mercenaries are different from mandala chamber of commerce guards, and the troops are not inferior to them. They are calm, fast and well-trained, but this is not enough. The other party will soon appear in visual distance, and it is indeed a thief and the array is very fierce.
"What’s the matter?"
Noisy noise into the camp, even worse, Miss Marilyn didn’t fall asleep at all.
"Miss, a few little thieves are not worried."
Aijiani said and looked at the maid next to her. "You take care of the young lady."
"Yes" several seemingly weak girls face no panic. Of course, they are not ordinary girls. They are all hand-picked by the family, and their skills are not inferior to those of the top bodyguards.
Lan Yunpeng naturally woke up and frowned. He was woken up just after sleeping, and went out in a flash. He also wanted to see which group of thieves ate bear heart and leopard bravery. There were more enemies than expected, but the most shocking thing was that their quality was that thousands of people gathered together without any disorder and discipline was as if the flag of mandala Chamber of Commerce was flying in front of the military camp, but the other side turned a blind eye.
Aijiani frowned, and the situation was a little wrong. According to magic, it rose and lit up half the sky, and the enemy’s appearance was also panoramic.
"It’s not good to be a blood sacrifice thief." A well-informed guard cried, and his voice was faint and somewhat fearful.
Its people’s faces have also changed. The mandala chamber of commerce is rich and bodyguards are also unusual, but there is still a certain gap compared with the army. They are not afraid of death, but at the moment they are facing the most terrible fugitives
I’m afraid there are few people who haven’t heard of their notoriety when they look at the mainland of Sderot. It is said that it has been more than 200 years. Red Hu thieves and ocean pirates say that the three most vicious thieves in Sderot are rampant in the sea, robbing businessmen on land and traveling like the wind.
Not long ago, the perverse behavior of Honghu actually threatened the safety of the sacred alliance, and was wiped out by the Griffin Army led by Julianne. I didn’t expect to meet one myself today. No wonder even the mandala Chamber of Commerce didn’t look down.
Lan Yunpeng frowned. I’m outnumbered. It’s too remote here. I’m afraid I can’t wait for help.
"Miss, why are you here?"
Ear to exclaim LanYunPeng back Marilyn face calm slowly before like moonlight fairy, she nodded to LanYunPeng turned to face Aijiani.
"Miss, you are quick to go back here and we will handle it."
Marilyn didn’t obey and leave. This beautiful and weak woman showed admirable courage in the face of thieves. Guo Yi said that she was not afraid of cheating at all, but she didn’t know how much she encouraged morale in this situation.
A thief leader with a big sword on his shoulder came out, "hand over the ocean heart and valuable treasures and let you go."
The other party’s words are very arrogant, and what is required is even more obvious. It is not a mistake to rob. It is said that people and money die, birds eat and die, and huge wealth lures these thieves. Sure enough, everyone dares to mandala Chamber of Commerce. Although they are businessmen and have their own dignity, they have no face to go back if they succumb to thieves’ threats.
There is only one life, but for the intelligent race, there are some things that are more precious than life. If we say honor and dignity, if we change them, they will choose to resist, even if everything burns, we can’t let thieves look down on it, but now the young lady is still in the team, which is the most deadly thing.
Marilyn Ann is the most important immediate situation. What should we do if we don’t win the fight? Now it is impossible to make a choice when we are faced with a dilemma.
"Miss, why don’t we …" Ai Jiani’s face was full of pain, but in the end she chose Miss Ann’s wealth, which is nothing but a shame, and one day it can also be washed away. They will regret what they have done today.
"We will never compromise unless Aijiani tells us to go."
"Miss …"
"Forget it, I mean well, but if we can trust thieves?"
The moonlight shines gently on Marilyn’s face. It’s not that she doesn’t know how to advance and retreat. The thieves have never had credibility. What’s worse, the mandala chamber of commerce will be hunted down and killed, so it’s very likely that they will kill her. This trip will bring fewer people, but it’s not hopeless to try your best.
I have made up my mind.
"I’ve made up my mind!"
"yes, miss!" Ai Jiani is still a bit lucky. She doesn’t agree that if there is a little hope, Miss should not be in danger, but she is full of appreciation for Marilyn’s decision. She is worthy of being the successor of the mandala Chamber of Commerce, and she is as calm as ever in the face of danger.
No one questioned the order to go to the accompanying guards, but it burned with a strong sense of war, because Miss Bai herself was with the swordsmen, and the array wizard read a spell.
There is a dead silence here, but the situation seems to be different as expected. The other side wants to fight for a larger foe instead of surrendering. Aren’t they afraid of death? Once in life, no one knows how to cherish it, but there is something more precious than life in this world.
The robbers don’t understand that the beautiful lady in the eyes of these swordsmen is like a goddess. They are willing to give anything, even their lives. The mandala Chamber of Commerce guards ordinary mercenaries. At this moment, they forget that the enemy is terrible and has a strong fighting spirit, and their hearts are burning.
"Boss, it’s not good to go like this!"
"The other party obviously wants to fight hard."
The head of the blood sacrifice thief group is also a headache and miscalculation. I didn’t expect the other party to be so hard to chew, and there was a flash of regret.
The mainland of Sderot also has developed media. Every time it happens, it quickly spreads to the ocean heart of the world. This is a priceless treasure. There are countless people with covetousness, but few dare to offend the mandala chamber of commerce.
I hope that the devil outlaws always have a blood sacrifice thief group, that is, the head of a blood sacrifice thief group is a wanted figure in various countries. The mercenary union blacklist is definitely in the top five, but it has disappeared for more than 20 years and is still chic and alive.
This time, I got the news that there are not only ocean hearts in the caravan of mandala chamber of commerce, but also the gorgeous talented woman, and there are not many accompanying bodyguards.
This is also a negligence of people to be the leader of the five major powers in the Holy Alliance. The public security situation has always been excellent, especially after Julianne destroyed the thieves in Hu-day, all kinds of dark forces have honestly divided many roads, and the night is not closed. Of course, it is an exaggeration, but it is true that thieves are not common, and family fame has never thought that anyone would dare to make a bad idea, and he was so careless that he was drilled.
It is unwise to provoke the mandala chamber of commerce, but the greater the danger, the greater the benefit. Let’s not think about Miss Marilyn, who is even jealous of beauty, and it is worth the risk.
The thieves decided to take a gamble. According to his plan, the other party would hand over the treasure first and let them go on the pretence of surviving. When they were relaxed, they suddenly launched an attack. It is not impossible to kill everyone except Marilyn.
Unfortunately, man proposes, God disposes, and the plan is always wishful thinking. Beautiful Miss Marilyn has not only wisdom but also admirable courage to face the vicious robbers. She chooses never to compromise.
What should the blood sacrifice thief group do now? Look at each other’s equipment, morale and quality will never be low. It is estimated that there are also a few strong people who can solve the battle in a short time, although the number of people on their side is dominant. If the battle drags on a little longer, in case someone finds out or someone escapes from the net and the thief group dies.
The mandala Chamber of Commerce must have pursued Miss Marilyn endlessly. They won’t quell their anger if they don’t kill her. You know, the richest man in the mainland, though money is not everything, there are not many things that money can’t do. It is conceivable that they will offer a sky-high reward to lure those troops, not to mention mercenaries. I’m afraid thieves will also catch them and reward them. At that time, there was no place in the world, and others once avoided it, lest the thieves who sacrificed blood would become attractive gold coins.
I shuddered at the thought of the head of these blood sacrifice thieves.


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