"This is?"

"Is the writing of Pandora’s core ava language a bit familiar?"
"It seems to be based on this model for Android."
"But the ava language is produced by our company. Does Andy Rubin know ava better than Gosling? I think you will never send out Android! "
"Then what do you mean?"
"You are responsible for Pandora’s work. This is a walkman engineering machine. In the future, there will be a series of unified scenes such as mobile phones and brains waiting for you to expand your ability. This will show what the mobile internet represents. You must know better than me!"
Chapter ninety-four Ladder shock?
What does Mobile Internet stand for? The representative is the Internet of Everything, and the representative is a portable terminal! Represent a huge Internet market that is faster and more convenient!
Meyer certainly knows that this means that although the line is developing slowly, it has been growing continuously. Now the ratio of visitors is 2 to 2. What about the future? Can we get rid of the bulky PC and become more miniaturized?
According to Moore’s law, this is the future trend, which is almost certain.
"Have you been tempted? What’s the point of just searching? Controlling the traffic entrance from the tour side is bound to be the focus of future competition. Don’t tell me that Page doesn’t think so! "
"He bought Andy Rubin’s team because he thought the same thing as you," Meyer nodded. "Obviously you have to go further than him."
"So now you understand why I want to buy so many companies?"
"With such a small and handy walkman, you can become a mobile brain at any time, while orange entertainment is the foundation of manufacturing, email and search. ARM is the hardware tour support, so cars, MP3 players, mobile phones and so on are the tour terminals. You want Pandora to unify the core to create a closed-loop Internet ecosystem! !”
"That’s right, the summary is very in place." Chen Bo couldn’t help applauding her. This woman is very clever. From a simple operation system, she can see that so many are indeed indispensable executives of Google.
"I …"
"Don’t say anything, eat first!" When she didn’t say it, Chen Bo insisted on forcing her to make a statement. Now she wants to say it, but she won’t let her say it. It’s like how uncomfortable it is to have thousands of spiders scratching in her heart.
The fat boss then brought two steaming black pepper steaks and a dozen beers.
Chen Bo didn’t even bite her teeth directly and handed it to Meyer.
"Why don’t you drink?"
"Me? Soda is enough to get a car. You need wine more now. When you wake up after drinking, you will forget your heart. "
"What fallacy?" Although the mouth said so, I still took it and held the bottle directly. It was urgent and fast to pour it.
A thoughtful person definitely needs alcohol to stimulate Mayer. That’s how she feels now. She and Google are like a lover who has gone through a seven-year itch, and Orange is the object that is tempting her to have an affair.
Since I can’t sort out any clues for the time being, I might as well paralyze myself with alcohol.
However, the more you drink, the clearer it is. By the sixth bottle, Chen Bo had already grabbed the bottle.
"It’s almost enough to drink until you’re drunk. That’s alcoholism and it’s harmful to your health. So is the management of the company. Too much control is too much. It’s impossible for everyone to be as capable as you. You see, I don’t know much about technology and education, but I work with Stanford excellent students."
"Maybe you are right, but I must be wrong?"
"If it is the start-up stage, your practice will be appreciated by the boss, but now Google has entered a mature and stable development mode, and everything is step by step. Your practice has been unbearable by more people. Since it is so painful, it is good for everyone to let go!"
"Is that what you said about Shirley?" Meyer smiled cunningly, and her beautiful eyes glistened.
"No, I told her my plan and I can make her realize her self-worth."
"Oh … what about me?"
"You? I’m just saying, how can you leave me for so many years since you graduated from Google? He has joined Yahoo Geoff Wehner, my brother at Wharton Business School. You also know that the management is chaotic. He is also brought by Semel and will naturally be squeezed out by the elderly. He has promised to come to the orange company, and Yang Zhiyuan has no complaints. "
"How could you!" Meyer was in a hurry. "He’s not a professional engineer. It’s not appropriate for him to be in charge!"
"Then who do you think is suitable?"
"I …"
"But you didn’t nod. Are you sure you can leave Page and Google to meet new challenges?"
"You don’t provoke me! I’m telling you, I really took this job! "
"But Jeff has already agreed!"
"I’ll call him! !”
Chen Bo immediately took out his mobile phone to find the words in the address book and handed them to her. "Come and fight!"
"Hit it! Who’s afraid of who? !”
Meyer grabbed it and pressed the call button … After two beeps, a man’s voice sounded. "What can I do for Vincent? I just watched the Oscar ceremony. Aren’t you enjoying a romantic date with Marisa at this time?"
"I am Marisa!"
"Well …" Said divination in front of others and was directly debunked. Even if you can’t see his expression, you can imagine Weiner’s embarrassed face.
"Are you leaving Yahoo for Orange Company?" Meyer ignored and then asked
"I didn’t expect Vincent to even tell you this," Weiner continued to tease.
"I am more suitable than you to inform you that you are coming!"
"What?" Weiner wondered, "Are you going to be in charge of LinkedIn in Orange?"
"What LinkedIn I say Pandora …" Mayer didn’t realize that when he was cheated, he immediately looked up and stared at Chen Bo. "Shit! You bastard, how dare you lie to me! !”
"Hello … hello? Marisa, are you still there? What do you mean by what you just said? "Weiner shouted at the other end without hanging up.
"Nothing, I wish you find a’ good’ boss! ! ! Goodbye. "
With a bad smile, Chen Bo took Meyer’s words, "You promised just now, so hurry back and go through the resignation formalities."
"Bah, you want to dig me in the past? What about the salary? What should I do in Google? "
"Rest assured that these are without you! Don’t forget that there is no market for oranges. "
"I really shouldn’t have volunteered to go to Pengcheng a few years ago, otherwise I wouldn’t have met you and Google wouldn’t have ended up like this." Meyer was sad and sad, but it happened in a blink of an eye and added, "I’m tired. Take me back to the hotel."
After leaving two hundred dollar bills on the table, Chen Bo took her to Marmont Hotel.
The hotel is not far away, but it will take a while to get there.
A little tipsy Mayer was already a little shaky when he got out of the car. What’s more, the beer was quite strong.
Just after crossing the hotel lobby and drilling into the wooden ladder with the flavor of history and antiquity, Meyer jumped into his arms.
The small mouth of the warm cherry touched his lips, and two jade hands groped for him.
Chen Bo held her sweet shoulder and gently pushed, "You’re drunk."
"Don’t you like it?" Breathing hot air all the way from his cheek to his ear, the charming voice whispered, "since you don’t take the initiative, I’ll do it myself!" "
"I already have a fiancee and a girlfriend." Although Chen Bo is full of blood at the moment, he still sends a rejection signal.
"Cute, you are so conservative …" Mayer teased and painted her nails in rose red and brushed his face gently. "I didn’t ask you to marry me or date me. What are you afraid of?"
"I’m not just anyone."
"I literally up is not a person today you from the old niang …"
"… the amount?"
"Many female headhunters like to capture men like this. Since you are so eager to let me come to your company, you have to pay me a deposit, right? Stop nagging and release your animal nature quickly. Did Angelina suppress it after pregnancy? " As Meyer said this, he reached out and grabbed him by the evil little hand.
I’ve been beaten by geese all day. Chen Bo said in his heart that it was molested by female hooligans.
Moreover, Meyer has clung to him like an octopus with soft claws at the moment, and he can’t get rid of it until his mouth vomits. It’s a pity. He said with a bitter face, "Is this a ladder?"
"What’s wrong with the ladder? You haven’t tried, have you? I haven’t tried it either. Hurry up! "
As soon as "Ding" sounded, Chen Bo set her up and rushed out of the ladder. You can’t play such a wild move without Scarlett’s courage.
Hit the door as quickly as possible and throw Mayer directly to the soft big bed. Dare to eat old tofu. Today, I will let you know who is attacking and who is suffering … The amount is not right. It’s not a man. What are you talking about?
At this moment, the picture should be the most classic lines in BGM. The rich baritone sounded. Spring has come, the ice and snow have melted, and everything has recovered. It is mating season, and the breath is filled with hormones …
The strong woman in Silicon Valley has already turned into a spring water at this moment, accompanied by the music room of life "pa … pa … pa", which releases the animal energy and the most original impulse like a wildcat outside the window.
At the same time accompanied by some strange lines.
"kneel down! Call dad … "
"Dad, I still … want to …"


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