Not only that, but both of them have reached the Golden Wonderland.

They soon saw the chains and the dead road.
Li Qianqiu’s eyes were cold. "Sure enough, someone stole the throne. Who is so bold?"
Yan Guhong looked around warily. "No one can deal with the theory of respecting others. Let’s check the situation first."
Li Qianqiu nodded his head, and their bodies disappeared instantly.
The reappearance has reached the periphery of hades.
Since the Shinto City in hades has become a garrison office, several small towns have been built outside the city where nine monks live, and each one is more prosperous than the original Yinxian City.
Although they were surprised in their hearts, they did not move into the city. After some inquiries, they knew that the subsequent process made them dumbfounded.
"It has turned upside down in just a few hundred years."
"It’s incredible that Marshal Wang is really extraordinary and makes people prosperous. It’s also an achievement in the virtual environment …"
It’s a relief to learn that Terran Shang is two people.
Yan Guhong looked at hades and frowned. "The bodhi old zu has become a heady general. Shall we meet each other?"
Li Qianqiu’s eyes flashed a trace of pain. "How can the bodhi old zu be driven by evil spirits? It’s just that it’s not good for the time being."
"Where is Marshal Wang?"
Yan Guhong sink a way: "He has achieved the virtual realm now. If he can help, he can avoid the catastrophe."
On reflection, Li Qianqiu shook his head and said, "We can’t gamble because people are changeable in a hundred years."
"Let’s find the treasure ship first."
Say two people then a shake hemp fiber feathers flashing disappeared in nine deep and remote …
Chapter six hundred and sixteen Beichen Dijun Temple fog gradually dispersed
Kunpeng, everyone with consternation.
As soon as I crossed the passage, I saw a strange star.
The starlight seems to be condensed and slowly moving to form a circular arc, which makes people dizzy.
There are also large areas of stardust, as if the world had not yet formed into various bizarre shapes at the beginning of the world.
There are also giant shadow Kunpeng, dragon and giant tortoise … wrapped in colorful stardust like embryos.
It seems that it becomes empty when it is solidified.
Even though the Kunpeng has set sail, the sun is really on fire, but the snail is moving slowly.
Strangely, all the people on board were not affected.
"Marshal, the rules here are weird."
The king of Sanyang looked around warily and somberly.
He is already at the peak of Jin Xian, and he may break through at any time to reach the virtual realm of mixed elements after he has won the honor of Yang Tianxian Emperor.
Even so, I feel some kind of bondage
Like a fish out of water and becoming an ordinary monk again.
Others are even more unbearable as a mortal.
Wei Tingshan shook his fist and ran the star evil spirit unexpectedly.
Only Wang Xuan is unaffected.
He runs Candle dragon’s eyes, and the golden awn shines in the pupil, and the scene suddenly changes like a kaleidoscope and layers of glass are constantly superimposed.
"It’s forbidden by heaven"
Wang Xuan suddenly knew and praised, "This law is not the kui is a congenital god who arranges the rules of heaven and breaks all laws."
This thing is familiar to him.
It’s a bit like a five-color robbery, but it’s heaven and earth
"Look over there, my Lord!"
Wei Tingshan suddenly pointed to the left side
They turned around and saw a floating boat docked there. It was very old in shape, but the dusty charm had already dissipated.
On the deck sat a skeleton in rags, surrounded by bones.
You can tell what’s going on at a glance.
And some floating boats can be seen further around, all suspended in virtual silence.
Wang Xuan mused, "It seems that many people have strayed into this place for thousands of years."
MoQing soft some worry took his hand.
"Don’t worry, we can’t be trapped here."
Wang Xuan smiled and looked ahead, and suddenly a spherical virtual shadow appeared in his hand, which was the embryonic form of the small world evolved from the mixed stars.
With a wave of his hand, the small world expands instantly
Blink of an eye and wrap the entire Kunpeng
They were surprised to find that the feeling of being bound had disappeared, and the mana was running smoothly, even the Kunpeng accelerated.
"This is …"
The three-eyed king looked at the small world around him with the highest eyes, dumbfounded, and his eyes were full of horror.
He knows what the general mixed virtual environment looks like, so he can better understand the potential of this small world.
See all curious eyes Wang Xuan also not much explanation cast Candle dragon eye probe life Kunpeng, speed forward.
This time, a different scene appeared.
The surrounding starlight was instantly forgotten as if it had crossed hundreds of millions of miles in an instant, but it was still here after stopping.
Wang Xuan complexion also became dignified.
The rules here have been completely changed, and many formations have similar effects, but they are completely qualitative changes.
He meditated and looked at the huge glassy sails in Candle dragon’s eyes that suddenly made the insect-eating sails.


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