At 2: 00 noon, the whole Xuanyao Gate was filled with hot water.

After burning hot water for a whole hour, I watched the water in the water tank burn out. Tang Luoling was relieved and poured the last bucket of hot water into a huge pool.
There are holes in the bottom of the pool on all sides. These holes are actually bamboo risers.
In this pool, hot water quickly flows along the bamboo ladder and into the reservoirs of various houses in our school.
Tang Luoling didn’t know how to do this huge project, but later he found out that it turned out to be a fierce day. It was because he came up with this method that he didn’t carry hot water to send hot water to every room every day.
At the ugly moment, Tang Luoling simply made some rice porridge and fried a plate of wild vegetables.
"Brother Yun had lunch!"
It took Yunlie a day to put away the dry firewood, which was to burn firewood tonight. It took him an hour to chop it up.
Just after washing your hands on a cloudy day, I heard a roar like thunder. "Cloudy day! Tang Luoling! Get out of here! "
Tang Luoling’s heart tightened and he quickly came out of the boiling water room. He found that Yunlie was sitting in the wooden chair and eating his own food leisurely, and he didn’t even bother to give a look to the newly emerged Wanshida.
Tang Luoling wry smile cloud fierce day is really unruly!
Had to meet her to ask what happened "brother! You don’t usually come here to burn mountain peaks. Why are you so angry? "
Wan Shida a fruity stare at that pair of small eyes "Tang Luoling! Who told you to boil some water today? Don’t you know that our master entertained a distinguished guest today? He just went to see Brother Hu, so Brother Hu immediately asked me to boil the water peak and let you boil it again quickly! Hurry and send it to your guests! "
Yunlie hook lip sneer at a supercilious look flew past "guests? I have never heard of it! Even if the guest wants hot water, he can wait for two hours, because there is no water in the pool. You can’t help it if you want me to hot water. Wanshida wants me to say that the guest is really in a hurry for hot water. Why don’t you send it with hot water from your room? Ami, have you done less flattery? "
Wan Shida immediately pointed to Yunlie Day and cursed "Yunlie Day! Are you still a talented martial artist who was shocked in the south of Zhou Dynasty? You are a genius, but who knows you are a waste of talent! If you weren’t a waste of talent, you wouldn’t have been left in this boiling water peak! "
Yunlie smell speech directly put the bowl on the desktop table and a pair of ink eyes are as heavy as ice "Wanshida! Say it again if you have the guts. I want to see if you can walk away from the boiling water peak? "
He is not a waste talent. He will never admit that he is a waste. Chapter 7 Tang Zu
Wan Shida saw the rage in his eyes and got a fright. "Hum! Just wait for Master Hu to punish you! "
I’m afraid to die, but I still have to try my best. Finally, I watched Wanshida be defeated and fled in a cloudy day.
Tang Luoling looked at Yunlie’s face and found that his eyes were cold and she didn’t know what to say.
The mainland of martial arts is a master of martial arts and a pharmacist.
If a martial artist is born and cultivated to the eleventh level, he can join the army and fight at any time, and he can change from a civilian to a member of the national team, and the state sponsors silver subsidies every month.
If a pharmacist comes from an excellent pharmacist, he can enter the National Dan Medicine Hospital to refine Dan medicine. There are all kinds of Dan medicine in the national warehouse!
These two roads are the most promising in mainland China.
"Lorraine, what are you still doing? Why don’t you eat your porridge?"
Yunlie looked at Tang Luoling wrinkly to knit the knife-shaped eyebrows. The little girl was in a daze again.
"I’ll eat it!"
Tang Luoling looked up at the dark face and went to drink his porridge and wild vegetables without saying anything.
Yunlie Day put six barrels on the cart with the wooden wheel and then left the hospital with the cart. "Come to the mountain stream for help after eating."
Tang Luoling nodded his head speechless with food in his mouth.
After Yunlie left, she ate quickly and then washed the dishes and chopsticks.
I walked into my room and picked it from the medicine gizzard today. Shanzhi held it in his hand and looked around to make sure that the person turned around in the same place. Tang Luoling disappeared.
And this time Tang Luoling appeared in a carry-on, which was printed by Tang Zujia.
At this time in the park, there are warm flowers, green grass and a lake not far away.
There are towering peaks and a waterfall in the distance from the grass!
There are two wooden houses beside the lake.
One is to rest, and the other is to put a lot of Gudan medicine in it.
In Tang Luoling’s eyes, this is more like a paradise. Why does she finally understand that the seal of Tang Zu’s family will always be given to future generations? In fact, I want to find a predestined relationship to give the east and west here to my future generations.
One of them was planted in the ground and watered with some lake water.
When I was about to leave, I suddenly thought of a cloudy day.
What will he change from a genius to a waste? If we don’t figure out why, even if she has a pile of Dan medicine, she can’t give it to Yunlie. She can’t let him eat all the Dan medicine here, can she?
In that case, the fruit cloud will definitely be unbearable and eventually die suddenly.
Maybe she can ask Yunlie Tian when she is in the mountain stream to see what the reason is.
Think of it, do Tang Luoling flicker and leave, and then go to the mountain stream.
Haven’t go to the mountain stream position far away heard someone screaming in pain, Tang Luoling was surprised. Isn’t it that Wanshida came back with a comeback to calculate the cloudy and fierce days?
I ran to the mountain stream and found that Yunlie fell to the ground and he cried out in pain because a blue snake as thick as a thigh was violently attacking Chapter 8. That deserved it.
Tang Luoling looked at directly picking up the stone and smashed it in the blue snake head.
I don’t know if her diabolical eyes actually hit the snake at one stroke. After being hit, the blue snake fell to the ground and died.
Cloudy days are scared, sitting on the ground gasping for air. There has never been such a ferocious beast as the blue snake in this mountain stream.
"Brother Yun, how are you? Are you all right?"
Tang Luoling hurried to his side and looked at his situation and found that his hands and neck were bitten by blue snakes.
Blue snake teeth are extremely toxic.
Looked at Tang Luoling Yunlie day "I …"
Before a word was finished, he fell to the ground and passed out completely.
Tang Luoling said that he quickly got out the tail of the south snake and then made it into minced meat and forcibly fed it to Yunlie Day.
Generally speaking, the blue snake venom is powerful, but the tail of the snake is detoxified.


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