With the ladder, King Qin immediately walked down to please look at the princess. "Yes, yes, this leisure is really a bad wave. Wang has been here for so long, but I have also put a piece of heart disease and everyone is happy!"

Princess still cold hum a seems to have not cooled down. It’s difficult for Qin Ruwang to be embarrassed. Lotus Yan Jiing immediately looked at Dong Yuling for help after receiving her father’s help. He didn’t want to take care of it.
Dong Wei Lan understood this scene and immediately helped her sister to let Qin Ruwang have a ladder again. "Sister, can the saint really do any witchcraft?" So how does her tribe treat diseases? Wang Ye and Wang Hao should not be fake when they see everything! "
King Ruqin took a gentle look at Dong Zilan. He thought the little girl was really cute, and even more thought that Dong Ziling’s family was very sensible. It really deserved his own attention.
If Dong Yuling knew what Qin Ruwang was thinking, he would be in distress situation. This defection is too fast, isn’t it?
"I haven’t seen this with my own eyes. It depends on what Wang Ye and Wang Hao observed at the beginning?" Dong Yuling concluded that the so-called witchcraft was just a cover-up. In fact, it must still be a drug.
It is not clear whether there is witchcraft in this world, but it is absolutely impossible for carefree saints and phantom tribes to do so
At that time, the holy father helped the Phantom Tribe to resist foreign enemies and taught them to eat by the sea, and introduced a lot of seafood. At that time, the Phantom Tribe was just an ordinary people, not only poor but also poor.
This witchcraft? When do they all appear? Shouldn’t it be learned more after the release, and the tribal leaders will be more convenient to govern?
Generation after generation has grown, but they themselves believe it.
"This is also the place where the king can’t figure out the king, the princess and some people are all seeing carefree practices to treat people." Qin Ruwang interjected a discussion expression. "And although the princess was calculated at the beginning, it was really carefree practices before she got better! Didn’t see her do anything strange. "
"Are you? Your highness, why don’t you talk about it? Leisurely is the way to rescue? Or what diseases are those patients? " Dong Fengling finally got a little curious.
It should be a very advanced deception to make people so convinced!
I’m more interested in listening to the explanations of some genera of King Ru and Princess Qin, and I’m slightly disappointed. It’s nothing high. Sometimes it’s even more difficult to see the flaw by being direct.
"There must be something wrong with the divine water," Dong Yuling said otherwise. "What is there to cure all diseases on this day? The divine water must be carefree or tampered with by her. If it is troublesome, the patient must be exposed to good medicine in his daily life. "
"I think so, too." Lian Yan Jiing readily agrees that "since the carefree tribe is so powerful, it is easy to have eyes everywhere."
"It’s said that it would be better if the patient found himself ill unconsciously after drinking the water of God. It’s the credit of the virgin, but it’s just that he inadvertently came into contact with the good medicine." Dong Wei LAN understood it and felt a little incredible.
Who has nothing to do but try to lie all day? I’ve done everything I can to make myself more admired by coating myself with mystery? Is this how the people’s day of this mysterious tribe is spent?
"That’s true. I don’t know if the princess ever drank divine water at that time?" Dong Wei raised his eyebrows and said that it seems that this mysterious tribal belief has been controlled by people.
"Of course, after drinking it, it is said that the handmaiden who can cure all diseases with God’s water still left some for later use." Cui Yue immediately said that she was afraid to think about it.
The princess was at a loss. At that time, she was in a coma and didn’t remember whether she had drunk it or not. Chapter 46 General means.
King Ru of Qin didn’t know it at that time, so he said he wanted to do it, so he drove him out of the house and left Cui Yue as a hand.
"There will be kept? Hehe, insightful, "Dong Yuling praised," Take a look! "
The princess frowned. The thought of the water always made her feel a little sick. Did she really drink it?
"Good county Lord to …" Cui Yue handed a medicine bottle to Dong Yuling with a purse.
At this time, there is nothing to give up. Since this magical water is specially made for the princess’s illness, he can’t root it. If you mess around, there may be problems.
"Do you still have your body?" Dong Yuling wondered if there was such a treasure?
Cuiyue’s face turned slightly red. "Handmaiden thought that since this thing is so well prepared, it’s quite possible to meet it sometime!"
Dong Yuling smiled and sniffed, and then evoked the lips "Bi fruit and sea bamboo shoots can’t eat together, but there is one thing that can dissolve and neutralize the two."
"What is it?" Lotus Yan jiing very fit asked.
"Glass grass!" Dong Yuling raised his eyebrows. "This thing is rarer than sea bamboo shoots and grows in the sea. Besides, this kind of grass will give people a colorful crystal sense, especially the sunshine is beautiful and magical."
Generally, I don’t know what it’s possible for people to treat this glazed grass as water. After all, it looks unusual in all aspects.


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