"unify the mainland? This side of the world means a lot to me, and so do you. Without the abyss, the power will weaken. Although the vast mainland is not suitable for us. "

Deep blood emperor shook his head. "But there are too many bugs, and it really annoys me to clear the surrounding area."
A group of nobles knelt down and knocked on the leader’s life. Although they didn’t know the meaning of the deep blood emperor’s work, there would be no doubt.
After the deep blood emperor ordered it, he stopped talking, but looked at the corners of his mouth in the south direction and evoked a smile that no one could see. "Only boarding taboos is what I want."
In the vast land, the birds are singing and the flowers are fragrant in the Xuan Nv ethnic group, and there are women walking out of all the forest cabins.
They looked at each other and saw each other’s eyes seriously. "It’s the secret blood power. I’m afraid there won’t be other creatures who can reach it."
"It should be Emperor Wu. His physical state is not high, but he broke out with such strength. The elders of Lingkun should be defeated. There is no suspense."
"This is the secret blood power? Or is he so talented that he can cross so many realms to defeat the enemy? "
The oldest patriarch of Xuan Nv, Lao Xiumei, is slightly wrinkled because she heard the patriarch say something about the ancient past. Although the secret blood fighters are strong, they are just in the same situation and have many advantages.
Even if you can fight across ranks, you shouldn’t be so outrageous.
"Are you going to capture Emperor Wu? The secret blood power has flowed since ancient times, although it is unknown, but it is forbidden to have it. Maybe there is a secret of Lingzhu League that cannot be mastered by his race."
An Xuan Nv patriarch used to say that her name is Xuanshuang, and now she has lived for more than 100 million years, which is regarded as one of the strongest people in the family.
"Frost, you are not much better than Elder Xukun, and you can’t beat Emperor Wudi when Elder Xukun ends up like that. Besides, even if Emperor Wudi is encircled by the Lingkun clan or tian hu clan and finally falls into their hands, we can also fight for it without being in a hurry."
Another elder said that her name Xuan Ye was older.
"Yeer said that Emperor Wudi’s strength is absolutely high. Even if we start work together, I’m afraid we will be injured. The situation in Zhanbuzhou in southern Canada is complicated. Our cross-border trip is easy to be countered by tian hu people."
Another Xuan Nv strong awakening hair way
Several of them nodded and saluted her as "Elder Sun".
The Xuan Nv clan has the best standing environment, and the strong people in the East win over Shenzhou. There are not a few vertices. The naming of natural phenomena in heaven and earth is all-encompassing.
The oldest elder in the row, Xuan Ri Xuan Ye, followed by Xuan Ying, Xuan Lian, Xuan Feng and Xuanshuang, represented spring, summer, autumn and winter respectively.
These six elders are all strong beyond the Shinto field and are not generally strong.
Everyone is approaching the current realm, and the pole is the same realm. At present, the elder Xuanri respects her with the strongest strength.
"tian hu patriarch has awakened, but she didn’t start work. It should be plotting something."
Elder Xuanfeng thought, "That old fox has always been sinister."
"It’s just sitting quietly watching Lingkun jokes. I can’t believe that when Lingkun is defeated, she will still hold her breath."
Elder Xuanlian said that the tian hu horse was about to be shot, and it was likely that the patriarch himself would directly suppress Emperor Wu with a thunderclap.
"Although Emperor Wu is strong, he is still beyond the realm of God, and he has no strength to fight back against the strong unless his soul can continue to climb."
Elder Xuan Ying analyzed, "If I were an old fox of tian hu, I would do it before the situation is complicated."
"Maybe she doesn’t have to do that, because Emperor Wu declared war on the mainland. All forces are now equivalent to his enemies. If she kills Emperor Wu, it’s nothing. If the only secret blood person is captured, then all major forces will make a conquest."
Elder Xuanye shook his head and said, "It’s really ugly. It says that the secret blood is unknown, but once it appears, everyone wants it."
"sentient beings are like this, especially for the only power that the strong people yearn for, there is the road to high taboos, and there are secret blood fighters and spirit beads in this world, and no matter whether they have them or not, no one will let them go."
Elder Xuanri said, "We are also greedy, because one race can’t sit back and watch the balance be broken. Once another race is strong, we will face an absolute disadvantage."
"Then what should we do? Do you want to catch Emperor Wu together? Strong first hand "
Elder Xuanying asked.
Elder Xuanri shook his head. "No, this is not the right time. Emperor Wudi is still a hot potato. Whoever captures him will undertake hostility of all races. If nothing can be studied, I’m afraid that his seven powerful families will join hands to die first."
"The virtual Kun elder also mobilized Shinto hosts to capture Emperor Wu himself?"
Xuanshuang elders puzzled way
"I’m afraid it’s a virtual Kun’s arbitrariness. Those guys of the Lingkun clan sleep more than the real dragon. I’m afraid the Lingkun clan bigwigs don’t know yet. Of course, those guys should wake up when they sleep and die now."
Elder Xuanri analyzed, "I guess there are two ways to deal with the Lingkun clan. One way is for the Laikun clan to take Emperor Wu personally, and the other way is to hand over the Emperor Wu to him for racial treatment. Finally, after all races are mixed into muddy water, they will enter the competition openly."
"What’s the point? Now they are the first to wait for his racial action? "
Elder Xuanye is puzzled.
Of course, it makes sense. As I said, whoever wins the battle for Emperor Wu will be targeted because they are the first to find and start work, but everyone grabs it, so the nature of the war will change, and the forces of the major races in the war will be consumed. Then, if you succeed in capturing Emperor Wu, you will not be besieged again.
Xuan, Japan and the United States looked at the south with their eyes. "Because everyone has learned a lesson from the pain, they will not start fighting again for a short time. It is simple and ridiculous, but all beings are stupid and will not stop fighting unless they go through this process."
"Emperor Wu has such great value! ?”
Elder Xuanying was a little shocked. I didn’t expect that there were so many roads here. Isn’t it true that big race horses are going to fight? ?
Just a Emperor Wu? Do you want to break the racial calm of the vast mainland for many years?
"You underestimate the ambition of the patriarch … or that the greatest desire of every yogi is like a deep blood clan emperor. If he sacrifices the whole world, he can set foot on taboos. It is estimated that his brow will not frown, and he will not care if his clan lives or dies."
Elder Xuanri looked dignified and said, "The road is contending for a forbidden throne. No one in heaven can stand this temptation. Since the universe has always lost the so-called opportunity, the secret blood is the first opportunity to manifest in a long time. Who will be willing to give in?"
"It seems that all races are thriving to the extreme. Is Heaven controlling fate and making us go uphill? Or rush to the sky? "
Elder Xuanfeng sighed with emotion, "It is rare for our family to have a goddess, and I don’t know if it is a blessing or a curse."
"As the elder said, should we plan something first? Make some preparations before arresting Emperor Wu?"
Elder Xuanlian asked
Xuanri is also silent. She thinks about how to deal with it. If they do nothing in Xuan Nv, I’m afraid they will be very passive, but if they cross the border, they will definitely be overcast by the old fox of tian hu.
When everyone is entangled, there is a sound in the valley deep in Xuan Nv that "there is more than one way to obtain secret blood, and it is not necessarily necessary to capture the face of Emperor Wu, which makes people fear and pay attention."
When the six elders heard this sound, they all respectfully bowed in the direction of the deep valley.
It is the residence of the patriarch of Xuan Nv clan, and its origin is mysterious. It is said that many secrets have been known before, and the blood clan emperors belong to the same era.
"I’m sorry if I don’t understand the true meaning of the goddess, so I can get mysterious blood without attracting attention?"
Elder Xuan Ye asked for advice. At present, the situation is that Emperor Wu’s body is not easy to grasp, and he will be attacked jointly by his race, but the secret blood person should have Emperor Wu.
Even if the secret blood can be given to ordinary human beings through the occult method of Jingxue, the weak and atavistic secret blood is not what they want to study, but the secret blood body is not mysterious, but can inherit the principle of secret blood constitution, and the powerful clans want to study the living body of powerful secret blood fighters.
"It’s easy to let the goddess go mysterious. The blood power is enough to make the Xuan Nv people taboo. Lingzhu we need to fight for."
Awakening in the deep valley made a decision.
"But … that’s an unknown power. How can I get my hands on that power in my veins, Xuan Nv gens? Will be cursed! "
Elder Xuanying exclaimed that she understood the meaning of Goddess. In the past 900 million years, there have been two goddesses in Xuan Nv. Is it necessary for this generation of goddesses to combine with mysterious blood people?
Chapter one thousand seven hundred and seventeen Lai Kun moves
The strong of all major races have awakened, and the situation in Nanzhan Prefecture is being watched, and the situation in the mainland is changing and the undercurrent is surging.


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