Yi Yu indifferently looked at God Camel B and said, "You and I are not enemies, and now we will be doomed by Xiao Sumi Mountain. In the future, we are also in the same boat. Cold calyx is my lover. I don’t want to hear this again, which may make her feel uncomfortable in Situping …" Said Situ Pingyu with a cruel look. "As the saying goes,’ Killing a wife’ means killing first and then taking a wife. It seems that I was a little soft-hearted in the past and I will solve him once."

B Hugh looked at Yi Yudao coldly. "If you want to be like …" If you want to know the funeral, please look back at What.
What’s the 210th time?
Don’t listen to Yi Yure’s story. He said, "Kill people and take away their wives". "What do you want? !”
Yi Yu glanced at the wing road flyover GengKun andao "what’s this old guy? What is he waiting for? And it seems that this old camel, Hugh B, is not in a hurry. He is still in the mood to talk nonsense with me here. The demon corpse, Guchen, is not in a hurry, but he has to wait for Mrs. Bao Xiang to take off the disaster … That Zheng Gu and Zhuge Jing still don’t leave after I have done something. It seems that they are waiting for someone, and the three immortals in Emei didn’t show up today. It is reasonable to attract people like Hugh B and Guchen. Can the three immortals in the East China Sea really not be tempted? What are they waiting for? "
Although thinking in my heart, Yi Yu still smiles at Yi Xiu. "I want to resolve the contradiction between us! And you … are creating contradictions. "
B Hugh light a smile "SiTuPing that little good is very to my appetite …"
Yi Yudao "You want to protect him?"
B Hugh indifferently "good! I just want to protect him! "
Yi Yu light say with smile "ah! It’s a pity that it seems that our beam is broken. Then you’d better let the younger generation stay in your hole, or else … Hum! "
After that, Taoist Geng Kun waved his hand and smiled. "Geng, it’s your turn. Today, you two are the protagonists. I’m a walk-on. Don’t watch! Fight! " Say Yi Yufei and jump to Zhuge Jing’s side.
Zhuge Jing, I looked at Yi Yudao as if it were nothing. "How dare you talk to a real person like this?"
Yi Yu smiled and said, "Why can’t he call me a granduncle if it’s dirty?" Then he looked at Zhuge Jing and Zheng Gu and said, "You both have to call me granduncle!"
A listen to Yi Yu’s joke that Rao is as peaceful as Guanyin, and Zheng Gu couldn’t help being angry with Zhuge Jing. I was a wry smile. "Yes! Shen Wei and Yin Su-tang alone should be able to win the game, and even worse, the ghost spirit and the green-tailed fox are also good players! You naturally have the strength but are not afraid of him … "
Looking at the meat thoughtfully, Zhuge Jing and I Yi Yu laughed. "Brother Zhuge, you haven’t really seen the dirty strength! How about it? "
Zhuge warned me to be stupefied and said, "How about what?"
Yi Yu laughed. "Don’t you think I have a bright future? Take refuge in me! "
Zhuge jing I laughed "this discussion is good! But although your strength is good, you are still too young. There are some things here that you can’t understand. "
Yi Yuxiao laughed "I knew you would say that! Well, can you tell me what they say that’ thing’ is? According to the current situation, you must be hopeless. I believe you have never thought about getting that’ thing’. Why don’t you just tell me and let me learn from it? "
Zhuge Jing laughed at me. "Do you want to get involved?"
Yi Yu shook her head. "It’s not time yet. It’s just curiosity. Besides, if that thing is really important, the master will naturally make moves. What’s the hurry? If his old man’s house doesn’t make moves, I’m afraid I have to weigh my weight. "
Zhuge Jing I listened to Yi Yu’s words and laughed. "You are honest. In this case, I won’t tell you the details. I don’t know much about it. I know that Qin Yu always gave it to Mrs. Bao Xiang before he died. It’s not clear what it is." Said Zhuge Jing, I took a look at Zheng Gu and said, "Sister Zheng once experienced this. She may know more, but she will never tell you."
Yi Yu also looked at her face and looked a little ugly. Zheng Gu smiled and laughed. "I don’t have to know that I can’t talk about it anyway. If I have to wait until the morning, Mrs. Bao Xiang will take off everything naturally! Presumably, those who have already appeared and those who have not yet appeared are waiting for that moment. "
Zhuge Jing sighed a wry smile and said, "Yes! You are fine to see that there are others. "
Yi Yu shrugged his shoulders. "What’s so hard to guess! Since the demon corpse Gu Chen, the god camel Yi Xiu and the Taoist Geng Kun on that wing can join in the fun with that’ thing’, it must be extraordinary. Since that’ thing’ is extraordinary, the two factions in Qingcheng Mountain in Emei, which were most closely involved with Mrs. Bao Xiang, will not move? And the magic teaching new complex is need to do a few dozen waist-high things to revive the wei is nothing here, I’m afraid they will come and make a noise. "
Zhuge Jing nodded and said, "Today will be a very lively night, so let’s watch."
Yi Yu laughed. "It seems that there are some blustery meanings. I really look forward to it!"
Looking at Yi Yu’s radical attitude, Zhuge Jing, Zheng Gu and I all smiled.
It is said that after Yi Yu left, Mrs. Bao Xiang left the camel B Hugh and the wing road flyover Geng Kun before hiding in the cave. Geng Kun looked at B Hugh, who also looked at Geng, although just now.
People are going to fight if they don’t agree with each other, but now Yi Yu’s departure is meaningless.
See the GengKun laughed "camel you today but let the little give up it will be so cheap? This is not like your stingy sex! "
B Hugh face a black hate way "or what can I do? Don’t beat him to death with a palm? If you can find him unlucky, I don’t want to mess with that crazy bitch. "
Geng Kun joked and laughed. "You camel ghost don’t know how to say that woman … Then Shen Xian is also your wife’s uncle. How can you disrespect her like that?"
B take a listen to these words is angry, "what ShiShu! I thought that my Han Xiaoer was gentle and virtuous in those days. It took more than a hundred years for Xiao Sumi Mountain to be transformed into a little witch! "
The GengKun smile happily say "is it? I’ve never seen that gentle and skillful person in your family. If so, it’s really bitter! "
B Hugh immediately said angrily, "You old flat-haired boy, don’t sow discord here!" ……
These two actually chatted in front of the mouth of the cave, and there was no such thing as just now! It was only after they spoke for a moment that they heard a burst of laughter from the sea.
B Hugh and Geng Kun smiled at each other, and Geng Kun shouted at the dark sea in the west, "You old flower finally came! I’m still paying you back. This flower didn’t end up on the road. "
Geng Kun’s voice didn’t fall when he saw a tall but ragged middle-aged man named Hua, who was born in Qingluo Mountain in eastern Tibet.
Seeing the strange flower Ling Hun pointing at Geng Kun, he scolded, "You old flat hair are poisonous in the west, and you don’t come to see our old friend when you pass by the Qingluo Palace. It’s really heartless!"
Geng Kunyi laughed. "I’m not afraid that my sister-in-law will bother me with the smell of bird droppings."
Ling muddy cold hum a toward b Hugh way "old camel over the years you are willing to give up out of the hole! Presbyopia, if I return it, you will stay in the north for a generation and not come out. "
God camel b Hugh face a black just broken broken fell way "you this presbyopia also don’t scold! I am always afraid of my wife! "
This wing road flyover Geng Kun saw that he was going to beat a circle at once, but he didn’t wait for him to talk. He heard someone say, "There are people shouting’ Afraid of Wife’ outside these days, which seems to be shameless and anti-glory! It’ s really a day when people’ s hearts are not ancient! "
After saying his word, I saw a light-consuming row from a distance, and soon I stopped in front of the three people in B-Hugh. I saw people who were thin and withered, which is similar to Zhu Mei. It was just too high and not too high. A blue cassock was barely hung in the body, but this man, although short, had a very handsome face, thick eyebrows, long eyes, wide nose and delicate facial features. If he was not too small, he would really be a handsome man.


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