Of course, it’s consumed and put by you. I don’t

Luo Xiu’s words finally made the woman talk. If her strength hadn’t been weakened to the extreme, it would have been difficult to control the roller. After all, the leitian rank is too low, which can’t be completely compensated by equipment.
Seeing Luo Xiu’s jealousy, the woman was afraid that Leitian would really listen to this little woman’s words and directly kill herself, pretending to be indifferent and tough, and calculating the terms in her heart. Now she has forgotten the woman’s hurriedly pleading.
Leitian heart praise Luo Xiu is congji lead a head, she will know how to cooperate with such a scare that woman is to lower herself and beg for mercy at once.
It is true that the longer you live, the more you are afraid of death.
Bai Qi smiled. You need to know your own value. You know all the information. Tell me Luo Xiu. I will reincarnate you in The six great divisions in the wheel of karma. Although I can’t erase the traces of your death, I will shelter you from this catastrophe if you enter our door.
The woman twitched slightly at the corner of her mouth and saw that she didn’t believe it in her heart. It looked like a smile and said no sarcasm.
Maybe I’ve even had a hard time this time. It’s ridiculous for a fake fairy to say such a big talk, but have you seen any fake fairy move weak water power?
Let’s say that the woman suddenly became enchanted. Even in ancient times, her strength was the strongest among false immortals, and her foundation was very strong.
In this way, the false fairy is also the training object of various sects.
Moreover, many traces of this false fairy body have been erased and robbed. If this person is still robbing, he will definitely not want to know his secret, but will kill himself to gain direct power.
I smelt the magic gun with seven stars. It is said that the Chinese Emperor Zhong Tian and the Chinese Emperor Zi Wei cultivated me with the power of the stars. It is really not enough for you to tell me.
For the sake of white, the woman coned directly and ordered not to discuss the tone.
The woman nodded in her heart, and she had already resigned herself. It was difficult for this man to say that he was going his own way, so that he did get a chance to go the way.
The woman hesitated. Let’s talk about the Star King. In ancient times, the Chinese Emperor spent a major robbery in the Yuan Dynasty, occupying the central star field of this universe and regaining its peak strength. The Chinese Emperor sat on the Star King for hundreds of millions, among which he could spend a major robbery with him, and he could be nearly a thousand.
Leitian, listen to this woman’s unbelief. The strength of the Chinese Emperor is beyond your imagination. He lives in the three walls of the stars. In the end, each of the three walls of the stars has their own way, and the stars can work together to tide over the disaster.
What about them now?
Let’s go and look for the Emperor Ziwei of the Archaean Fairyland. This time, we want the universe to survive the catastrophe of the universe, but we must have the core of the universe, that is, the fairy land at the beginning of the world’s birth.
Seeing leitian, I still don’t believe in women’s ways. I’m a tiny star in the throne of the Chinese Emperor. At the peak of my life, I was just a pick of the golden fairy. But I still dominate a star field. There are still three stars in this star field. I’m telling you it’s true. There is no star king living in Sanyuan now. If you want to survive, maybe you can take a chance.
Is there no danger?
Even if you practice the seven-star magic gun and don’t reach the realm of true fairy, you will be killed instantly. The stars in the Three Walls are so powerful that it is like my exhibition attack on you. In that place, equipment can’t protect your life. It is the minimum requirement to rely on your physical strength to enter the Three Walls True Fairy.
Hum, you want to go to Sanyuan to be reincarnated, right? Luo Xiu is in the next socket.
This can’t be done for nothing. I haven’t known how many years it will take to practice to be a true fairy. You have occupied the position of the tiger symbol, and I will have a lot less means when I meet the enemy again.
I feel the power of the meteorite sea in you, but you can make a gold man, and I will put my soul in it and you will fight.
What, you figured it out?
If I can’t be reincarnated in Sanyuan, I will be born to die after all. You are not white. My life is already a Chinese emperor. The woman looks lonely and will not continue this topic here.
Leitian also nodded and promised that this material, Meteor Sea, was on hand. Although it was precious, it could get a powerful thug to make up for the loss of Qin Huang Jin Ren.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-four Sword spirit Bai Jie
I can’t count things, which proves once again that if I write like this, I may never reach 300 chapters. I decided to count the number of chapters in one chapter every day, which may surprise everyone.
In the next few decades, I practiced the astrology, which is also a magic. The main reason is that this Zhou Yuan did not flourish. After the disappearance of the celestial world, the immortals in the celestial world followed the Chinese Emperor to find the celestial world, trying to refine the biggest abode of fairies and immortals, and took people and this cosmic material through the robbery of the Zhou Yuan.
This idea is crazy, but for an immortal like Emperor Ziwei who has spent many generations, it is meaningless to continue cycling. If he changes in his life,
This woman awarded Leitian the body-building skill of Zongxingfu magic gun, which can be combined with the seven-star fu magic gun. She is not in a high position, but she can also enter Sanhuan. She has seen the power of the seven-star fu magic gun, and the Chinese Emperor said that Xing Jun listened and talked about this gun skill.
It’s that women are not strong enough to understand, but for white sake, a pick Jin Xian’s gun-solving skills have far exceeded his needs
This woman’s strength fell, but she kept her original memory.
She fought on the edge of the cave in Qingcheng Mountain for more than a million years, and she never lost. In a few years, she surpassed a magic weapon in his hand.
There are many ways to live forever along the road, but few people can live forever. Immortal means to survive the epoch catastrophe. Even if you fall into the epoch catastrophe, you may be reincarnated in a epoch, which means that your soul will not die.
Leitian practiced the alchemy of the stars, and by the way, this alchemy of the stars, that is, the alchemy of the gas refiner, didn’t do it. Don’t do it. This alchemy of the stars will refine the sword box again.
I promised the student to teach this swordsmanship, but I didn’t say that if I had my own strength, I would have to go through physical sacrifice before I could rest assured that the power of Wanxian Sword Box was strong enough, but it was easily taken away by people.
The woman was surprised to see Leitian do this, but she didn’t stop Leitian from reducing the self-cultivation sword box by half in the process of refining it, which finally made it easier to carry.
It’s another hundred years of Leitian, so I’ve been refining the sword box. Although I haven’t been able to form the Leitian Star Art, I’ve achieved a little success.


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